Nightmare Next Door

Nightmare Next Door is a true crime show that peels back the peaceful facade of small town America and exposes the dark secrets hidden behind its white-washed picket fences. Nightmare Next Door, the official Nightmare Next Door podcast from ID, dives i...

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  • Deadly Deception

    When 19-year old Danielle Davis is found dead in her college apartment, strangled with the cord from her laptop, Statesboro, Georgia, police know they'd better be quick and find this co-ed's killer. When they discover you can't judge a book by its cover.

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  • Nightmare Over the Rainbow

    Before single mom Lori Leonard settles into her upstate New York home, she vanishes without a trace and detectives don't know if she's dead or alive. Only when a couple of Average Joes make an extraordinary catch do they reel in the shark who did Lori in.
  • Trouble in Coal Country

    When 13-year old paperboy David Reed never returns home his hometown is devastated. How could one of their most familiar faces vanish into thin air? Two decades later, the case remains a mystery until police get an unexpected blast from the past.
  • Murder in Paradise

    When pretty Nags Head tourist Janet Siclari turns up dead on the beach outside her hotel, the fun comes to an end. When a hurricane blows leads out of town, police wonder if the killer escaped too. Only time can help detectives catch the culprit.
  • Where There's Smoke

    Joliet, Illinois, fire fighters are shocked to find 28-year-old Melissa Plut strangled to death when they respond to a fire in her duplex. Police search the nurse's love life with no luck until a 9-1-1 call unmasks her killer hiding in plain sight.
  • The Ties That Bind

    When the body of Christian Rojas is found battered, his friends in Bensalem, PA, are beside themselves with fear. Detectives are on the hunt for a savage killer but are surprised that it's one of Christian's friends that has become a murderous foe.
  • Murders Under Mistletoe

    Holiday cheer ends in holiday fear, when Jean Wholaver and her two daughters are murdered in their home on Christmas Eve. Detectives in Middletown, Pennsylvania, check their list of suspects twice and are shocked by the killer's true identity.