The Nightfly with Dave Juskow


The Whole World Lost It's Head

The Go-Go's made it (thank god) to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and let's kick things off today with their rather prolific song, which I titled the podcast today. So I guess when the dumb Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gets it right, everything else gets it wrong. Oh, it's another week of madness with nonsense and people continuing to get cancelled and everyone just worried about all of the wrong things - when it's so clear why you would want to listen to this week's podcast. Because getting mad at your friends who don't know how to use a credit card at a restaurant or the people from Grub Hub telling you to take a breath -- is so obvious what you'd prefer to hear. Am I right? Well then this podcast should not disappoint. Also, the great Butch Vig and the origin of Sushi. I promise, it'll be more entertaining then it sounds. 😉

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