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Energy Shifts to Increase Success with Lisa Gornall

Ep. 9

A little woo and a little strategy mixed together to create energy shifts that help you create a more successful life and business. This is exactly what Lisa Gornall and I chat about in this episode. Plus, Lisa walks us through a simple practice you can implement right away to start shifting your energy today!

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Cultivating a Mindset for Success with Kristen Franey

Ep. 75
We’ve all heard about the power of the mind. But harnessing it and maintaining the right mindset is the challenging part. In this episode, I have coach, strategist and “rule breaker” Kristen Franey to talk about cultivating a powerful mindset and staying the course so that we can grow into the best version of ourselves.So, what can you expect from this episode? Kristen and I talk about…Overcoming imposter syndrome as a coach onlineAsking yourself “What are you afraid of?” to uncover mindset blocksHow a simple and effective system that aligns with your values and vision changes EVERYTHINGGoing deep and understanding the subconscious beliefsThe YCW Coaching Call RoadmapHere are the resources mentioned in this episode:Instagram: GIFT: The YCW Coaching Call Roadmap - Kristen FraneyKristen Franey helps purpose-driven coaches and entrepreneurs grow their business with an unshakable mindset and operating system that works for them with customized and intuitive support. She is a coach, strategist, mentor, and rule breaker.Connect with Me and the Created For More PodcastThis show was created for you, my dear listeners who have big dreams and know that you were created for more. I don't want you to miss out on the latest episodes so why not subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app [ ]And I would appreciate it if you can also rate the show and leave a review on Apple Podcasts [ ] I also want to connect with you on Instagram [ ] Let's continue the conversation there.