Nice Girl CEO Podcast


Add Digital Products to Increase Your Income with Amy Jo

Ep. 52
It might be safe to say that we are all interested in making passive income. One of the many great ideas out there is to create and sell digital products. But how easy is it to do? In this episode, I have marketing strategist Amy Jo to talk about where to start in leveraging digital products, some misconceptions about it and how to do it right.Amy Jo is an International Marketing Strategist and Digital Product Coach. In 2010, she received the POP Scholarship Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners and has been corporately recognized for record-breaking sales.In 2018, she was a catalyst in the expansion of a local non-profit and was able to double the clientele in as little as 18 months. Her marketing strategies have been regionally recognized and have been utilized by multiple companies worldwide.She founded Her Own Magic, LLC in 2018 to help other women create and grow their online business utilizing the strategies she’s learned that have helped her and her clients market their message.Connect with Amy Jo:Website: Group [Digital Product Female Entrepreneurs]: [Her Course of Impact]: Gift:The 5-Star Course Roadmap

Use Your Time Wisely & Be More Productive with Tracy Morgan

Ep. 45
It's always nice to talk about productivity and finding more ways to use time wisely. In this episode, my guest Tracy and I talk about practicing value-based productivity so that we can build a business and reach our goals without taking away from the lifestyle that we've created. Stay tuned to the end for an amazing action step that's going to shift your view on your daily productivity.Tracy Morgan is a mama of two boys, a Productivity Consultant and Behavior Change Coach.By nature, she is an essentialist, a change maker and productivity obsessed. She is the founder of CO Motion Inc., a Change Management Consulting business and, an on-line lifestyle improvement brand that gives purpose driven parents the hands-on tools and support to design a day and life they love.Using her expertise in behavior change and productivity, she offers on-line programs and coaching to help busy moms resolve the daily overwhelm and frustration.She created a simple “Better Days” framework that uses a 6-step process to support moms to create days that work for them so they can get the highest possible value and quality from their time. For Tracy, it’s all about less but better.Connect with TracyWebsite: Group: GIFT:Profit Builder Blueprint >>