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$2B+ NFT Summer & What’s Next with OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer

Season 1, Ep. 20

In this episode we’re honored to have Devin Finzer, the Co-Founder & CEO of OpenSea — the largest secondary marketplace for blockchain-based digital collectibles. As of August 17th, OpenSea already had over $1 billion in NFT transactions in the first half of August alone and has become a go-to destination for NFT enthusiasts. OpenSea recently closed a $100M Series B fundraising round, which valued them at $1.5B. In this episode we dive into…

- What is OpenSea? What is the mission of OpenSea?

- Which verticals are most rife for explosive growth with NFTs after CryptoArt? 

- What have been some of the most exciting or surprising trends?

- How will the NFT market empower a shift in the creator economy?

- Similar to the crypto bull and bear markets, what’s his outlook on growth in the coming years? Does he feel it’ll have a similar cycle with NFTs?

- What does he feel are some of the key milestones in fostering mainstream adoption of NFTs?

- How does he feel the entertainment industry as a whole will adopt NFT’s in the coming years? 

- OpenSea announced cross-chain support along with the most recent round. How does he envision the future of NFTs being cross-chain (L1 chains, L2 solutions, etc)?

- How is OpenSea approaching curation and discovery to help users find NFTs they love?  

- What is most exciting about OpenSea’s roadmap?

- And much more!

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