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Turning the page on trauma

What human on this planet hasn’t experienced some form of hardship in their lifetime, especially after living through 2020? Join Laura and Todd as they explore the impacts of trauma and everyday struggles with experts an

Samantha Berman - Registered ER Nurse and Voice-Over Artist

Season 1, Ep. 19
Today we are joined by the multi-faceted, empathetic Samantha Berman. Samantha is a Registered Emergency Room Nurse, as well as a Voice-Over Artist, but has had many other successful careers as a dancer, musical theatre performer, and even dabbled in baton twirling! In this episode, we talk about her unique career path, Samantha’s special niche as a dancer, and mental health in theatre. Most importantly, we talk about Samantha’s experiences as an ER nurse during the pandemic, her feelings on the way the pandemic was handled in the US, and how Los Angeles as a city prepared and dealt with Covid-19. We also discuss the struggles of working with difficult families, people refusing to wear a mask (or even accept they had Covid), and how front line workers went from being lauded as heroes to being treated sub-human post-pandemic. We get in to the psychological trauma COVID-19 caused (one of Laura's favorite topics!), Samantha’s personal experience with therapy, and how being a voice-over artist is a great escape from the stresses of Nursing. Finally, Samantha shares how she feels about fulfilling her purpose in life before we all answer the question of the day! You don’t want to miss this one, so tune in to hear all about how Samantha has always found the greatest happiness in helping others and so much more!Samantha BermanSamantha Berman on LinkedInSamantha Berman on TwitterSamantha Berman on FacebookSamantha Berman on InstagramSamantha Berman Email AddressCOVID-19: Keeping Los Angeles SafeLatest COVID recommendationsNPR article on monkeypoxRoll! by Goodyear voice overSwitch Blade reveal by Rogue CompanyGrouponNext Page Podcast4 Corners Productions

Sara King – Award Winning Broadway Performer

Season 1, Ep. 18
In today’s episode we sit down with the lovely Ovation Award Winning Broadway Performer Sara King, who is a fierce survivor of trauma in many forms. We talk about what it was like to play Cynthia Weil on Broadway’s Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and Carole seeing the show in full disguise. Outside of her performance career, we learn the heartbreaking story of Sara losing her beloved father to a pulmonary embolism when she was young, her and her siblings watching how her mom navigated the experience and then discovering her mother had a vicious form of cancer, that took her life far too quickly. Following the loss of her parents, many more members of her family began to pass away and the group discusses the effects of compounded grief and how it changes you, for better and worse. Laura and Sara bond over their shared experience of losing so many loved ones, as well as divorce and how it all can build resilience and fortitude, but also give you have a deeper appreciation for life. While the three of them get into some very heavy topics, everyone comes away with a deeper understanding of how hardship can ultimately help you stop and smell the roses! We had such a wonderful time talking to Sara and we know so many people will benefit from hearing her story. For anyone who has experienced loss or knows anyone who has, this is definitely an episode you do not want to miss!Sara King on InstagramSara King on PlaybillBeautiful: The Carole King MusicalWashington SquareAlbert FinneyMaggie SmithCarole KingCynthia WeilMultiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF)'Bereavement Overload: Coping with Cumulative Grief and Multiple Losses''Coping With Separation And Divorce'Next Page Podcast4 Corners Productions

Dr. Jennifer. Armstrong - Dermatologist and Real Housewife of OC

Ep. 17
If you’re a fan of Bravo’s hit TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you’ll recognize today’s guest as one of the smartest and most drama-free cast members who joined the show in Season 16. Please join us in welcoming the CEO of Advanced Skincare Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jennifer Armstrong! Born with a passion for both science and the arts, Dr. Jen enjoys helping her patients achieve their aesthetic goals through the use of injectables, lasers, and other non-invasive treatments. A prolific researcher at heart, she has published over 20 academic articles, written chapters for books on dermatology, and received grants for original research. She has also pioneered programs for children without homes and donates her time to underserved patients. Dr. Jen is currently expanding her ArmstrongMD product line and launching Armstrong Mind, a division of her practice that specializes in a unique magnetic brain treatment known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), which can help with anxiety, sleep disorders, emotional trauma, PTSD, autism, and more! In today’s episode, we get a glimpse into Dr. Jen’s life and practice as she shares with us some of the most memorable moments from her career and speaks candidly about the personal trauma she has had to overcome along the way. We also touch on fame, traumatic brain injury awareness, and her philanthropic work, as well as what patients and fans of Dr. Jen have to look forward to, plus so much more! Dr. Jen is highly accomplished and incredibly resilient, and her remarkable story is nothing short of inspiring. We believe that you’re going to get a lot out of today’s uplifting conversation, so make sure not to miss it!Dr. Jennifer ArmstrongMetagenicsArmstrong MindDr. Jennifer Armstrong on InstagramDr. Jennifer Armstrong on TwitterDr. Jennifer Armstrong on TikTokReal Housewives of Orange CountyMiracles for KidsHardcore Health: Live Young!#MoreThanMyInjury Brain Injury Awareness Campaign‘From filler to lasers: I let ‘RHOC’ star Dr. Jen Armstrong make over my face’ (Page Six) ‘Everything To Know About New RHOC Housewife Dr. Jen Armstrong’ (Bustle)Next Page Podcast4 Corners Productions

Lair Torrent, LMFT - Marriage and Family Therapist

Ep. 16
In today’s episode we’re joined by the illuminating Charleston Based Marriage and Family Therapist, Lair Torrent, LMFT about The Practice of Love, marriage counseling , holistic therapy & eastern medicine, and how trauma affects our relationships. Lair truly wows Laura and Todd with his insight on Trans-generational trauma, mindfulness and breaking the cycle, triangulation, and what happens when marriage counseling doesn’t work. The three also share quite a few laughs, and ponder the challenges of a thrupple and what they believe they were in their past lives. We think everyone, whether married, divorced, single or in between will benefit from this enthralling conversation with Lair and we can’t wait to have him (and maybe even his therapist/medium wife!) back on the show!Links Mentioned in Today's Show:Lair’s InstagramLair's WebsiteThe Practice of Love: Break Old Patterns, Rebuild Trust, and Create a Connection That LastsThe Helix CenterThe Body Keeps the ScoreBio: Lair Torrent is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) treating clients from a holistic perspective; meeting them where they are and helping them to know themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Lair sees clients individually, as couples or as groups in his private practice in Charleston, SC or via Skype and FaceTime, all over the world. In an effort to reach more people with his unique brand of mindfulness based therapy, Lair also writes on the subjects that come up time and again in his practice. He offers in-person workshops as well as downloadable versions of the same on the subject of couples healing, anger management and more. Lair has been sourced for his expertise by New York Magazine, Rolling Stone and NPR, among others. He is an avid surfer, spiritual journeyman and devoted father and partner. 

David 'Goldy' Goldsmith

Season 1, Ep. 15
Today's episode of the Next Page Podcast is an extra special one! Laura and Todd welcome producer, actor, director and comedian, David 'Goldy' Goldsmith to the show to share his amazing journey in the world of entertainment and beyond. In this episode Goldy reveals the complicated and, at times, estranged relationship with his famous father “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” Jonathan Goldsmith, as well as the unique upbringing he experienced with his playboy bunny mother, who is still dating at 91 years old! Goldy’s relationship with both of his entertainment driven parents set the stage for many future challenges and traumas that have taken many years of hard work to overcome. Goldy is so open and honest about his family life and the experiences that shaped him; delving into abandonment, being a “child actor” alongside Joaquin Phoenix, Fred Savage and Drew Barrymore, the impacts of narcissism and how being a parent himself has shaped his view of his own parents, as well as the world! Join us as we unpack Goldy’s relationship with his father (made most famous by his Dos Equis commercial campaign), the improv work that subsequently informed a lot of what he does now and how he has managed to rise above the hardships he’s faced throughout his life. As our listeners know, the process of overcoming trauma is a never-ending journey, and Goldy is such a shining example of the work that is necessary to truly heal and move forward. You really don’t want to miss this beautifully intense conversation, with the one and only David ‘Goldy' Goldsmith!Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:David ‘Goldy’ GoldsmithJonathan GoldsmithMorningstar/EveningstarStay InterestingNext Page Podcast4 Corners Productions