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  • 19: It's Georgia Kousoulou!!!

    It's a British reality TV crossover for the ages: 'Made In Chelsea' meets 'TOWIE', as this week Ollie and Gareth are joined by Essex's most popular agony aunt, Georgia Kousoulou.Georgia talks all about her family life with Tommy Mallett and their adorable boy Brody, as well as bravely opening up about her struggles with motherhood and the difficulties of trying for a second child.She also gives Ollie and Gareth lots of tips on parenting taken from her brand-new book 'I Wish I Knew', which is available to pre-order now.Instagram: @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: Kousoulou: Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.p

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  • 18: How to get your baby to sleep! Ft. sleep expert Heidi Skudder

    The NewlyDads are running on fumes... it's been sleepless nights with Cosima and Apollo, so they have turned to sleep expert Heidi Skudder from Positively Parenthood to find out how they can get their twins to fall asleep. Heidi explains how she got to the bottom of Ollie and Gareth's babies' sleeping issues, and shares her golden tips for getting your children to drift off peacefully. If you're a tired, exhausted, stressed out parent, then this episode is definitely one for you.Any experts online caught your eye? Let us know if you'd like to hear Ollie and Gareth chat to them on an episode via!Instagram: @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: Skudder: Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.p
  • 17: It’s time to face the music! ft Bach to Baby

    Ollie and Gareth are back once again, with returning special guests Cosima and Apollo. After a restless night, the dads weigh up just how to hackle their lack of sleep, and think up their dream lullaby… Slipknot, it won’t be you.Today, the NewlyDads are talking all about music, and are joined by Miaomiao Yu, the founder of Bach to Baby, to find out how classical music could help your newborn. Ollie and Gareth learn why the classics are so important for children, and for anyone struggling to get their baby to settle, they also find out what music can help your baby fall asleep. A lifesaver!And they brush up on their own musical skills and dust off their recorder… brace your ears for impact.If you have any questions or experts you’re interested in hearing Ollie and Gareth talk about on the podcast, then send them into!Instagram: @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: To Baby - Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.p
  • 16: “That’s revolting!!!!” The NewlyDads take on baby food

    Gareth and Ollie are back from Barbados, and hitting the studio to tell us all about their first big holiday away with Cosima and Apollo. The dads share their top tips of travelling with their babies, their holiday highlights, and the ‘boujee’ way they celebrated the twins turning six months old.The NewlyDads have also hit a new milestone in their parenting career, they’ve started the (in their words) ‘dreaded’ weening. They get into their dream baby food flavours, and Producer Ben also serves them up a welcome back treat: a baby food buffet. Find out which flavour cuts the mustard, and which they describe as “revolting”.Send in your messages to!Instagram: @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.p
  • 15: Eat these foods to boost your fertility! feat. Melanie Brown

    Men, we’re looking at you: it’s time to take your sperm seriously.Following on from last week’s listen, Ollie and Gareth are re-opening the ’NewlyDads’ classroom. They’re welcoming Melanie Brown, aka ’Spermy Spice’, for a masterclass on all things food and fertility. Melanie’s here to educate you on the foods you fellas should be eating to boost your fertility. She gives the top nuts to eat for your nuts, the foods you should definitely avoid, as well as explaining how weight can weigh in on your chances of having a child.If you have any questions or experts you’re interested in hearing Ollie and Gareth talk about on the podcast, then send them into!Instagram: @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: Brown: - Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.p
  • 14: You get paid HOW MUCH for your sperm?! All your questions about sperm donation answered!

    If you’re looking for a sperm donor, or just fascinated about the ins and outs of what happens when men donate their swimmers, then today’s episode of NewlyDads is for you.Ollie and Gareth are joined by Nicole Nel, Operations & Laboratory Manager from the London Sperm Bank to find out how sperm donation works, how much you can get paid, and all the other FAQs you may have about the process.Before jetting off to Barbados, the Dads also chatted about their excitement for the trip, with Ollie revealing his one big fear about taking the babies transatlantic: aeroplane toilets.Thank you for listening!xSend in your messages and stories to be read out by Gareth and Ollie to @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: Sperm Bank: -Credits:Podcast Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pAssistant Producer:
  • Happy New Year from the NewlyDads!!!

    Happy New Year - we hope you celebrated FABULOUSLY and we can’t wait to continue sharing our journey with you in 2024. We’ll be back to tell you all about our holiday madness very soon. Thanks for listeningLove the NewlyDads xxSend in your messages and stories to be read out by Gareth and Ollie to @newlydadsTikTok: @newlydadsEmail: Producer: @ben_johnsExecutive Producer: @jemimarathboneVideographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pAssistant Producer: