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Nash Holos Nanaimo 2021-0728 Hour 1

Interview with Paulina Zelitsky, about her 2-volume autobiography The Sea is Only Knee Deep which tells the story of her life growing up in soviet Ukraine, her harrowing defection to Canada from Cuba in 1971, her accidental discovery of the 2nd Cuban Missile Crisis and her concerns that we may be on the verge of a 3rd Cuban Missile crisis • Ukrainian Proverb of the Week • Other Items of Interest • Great Ukrainian Music!Hour 1 of this edition of Nash Holos Nanaimo is hosted by Pawlina, in English. (Part 2 is hosted by Oksana Poberezhnyk, in Ukrainian.)Ukrainian Roots Radio airs in Nanaimo on Wednesdays from 11am-12:30pm PST on CHLY 101.7FM, broadcasting to the north and central Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, northwest Washington State and Greater Vancouver listening areas. Hosts: Pawlina and Oksana.You can hear the Vancouver edition with Pawlina on Saturdays from 6-7pm on air at AM1320 CHMB and streaming live at the CHMB website. well the International edition airs in over 20 countries on AM, FM, shortwave and satellite radio via PCJ Radio International.In between broadcasts, please follow @NashHolos on Twitter and Like the Nash Holos Facebook page. If you'd like to support the show by buying us a digital cup of coffee, check outour Patreon page.Buy The Sea is Only Knee Deep on Amazon: (Affiliate link – support the show!)Vol.1Vol. 2Video links:Arturo Sandoval, Cuban-American jazz artist's rendition of Miles Davis' Seven Steps to Heaven in 2016 at the Alfa Jazz Fest in LvivUkrainian singer Helena Androsova's Sea Shanty Wellerman in Ukrainian

Knyzhka Corner Book Review - Orphanage 41

Although Victor Malarek has written six non-fiction books, Orphanage 41 is his first novel. It tells the story of 19-year old Mykola Yashan, who is forced into a voyage of nightmarish self-discovery.After the sudden death of his parents in an automobile crash, his entire world falls apart, “Because everything I’ve been told, all I’ve ever known, has turned out to be a big lie.” (p. 48)Mykola leads a very sheltered life. He is a third year student in civil engineering at the University of Alberta.As an only child, he is the “centre of his mother’s universe,” (p. 12), but he has a very complicated relationship with his father, Dr. Stepan Yashan, “a respected scholar in the expat Ukrainian community.”Mykola cannot understand why his father resents him so much. After his parents’ death, Mykola discovers a shocking secret. He was adopted from an orphanage in Ukraine. This discovery forces him to start a search for answers about his past. ...Full transcript here.Book available at here.(Disclaimer: Affiliate link. Buying with this link will support Nash Holos at no additional cost to you. Щиро дякую!)Join me - Pawlina - for the Vancouver edition of Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio—every Saturday at 6pm PST on AM1320 CHMB and on Wednesdays from 11am-12:00pm on CHLY 101.7FM Nanaimo followed by a half-hour of outstanding Ukrainian language programming with Oksana Poberezhnyk.Podcast feed atour website.In between broadcasts, please check out ourPatreon siteand consider supporting us!