The Napping Wizard Sessions


One Song: Even A Fool Learns to Love

Season 3, Ep. 7

Even a Fool Learns to Love, now that’s a David Bowie song that most people haven’t heard of. We also didn’t know there was a link between Life On Mars? and My Way. What? Frank Sinatra and David Bowie? Or is it Paul Anka and Claude Francois? Or maybe it’s Barbara Streisand and Sid Vicious. It gets confusing. In this episode I unravel how David Bowie made Life on Mars? as a parody and a revenge song of My Way.

This episode includes found footage of David Bowie and Paul Anka interviews, various samples of Even a Fool Learns to Love, Comme d’Habitude, My Way and Life on Mars?, also Maya Beisler, Seu Jorge and Barbara Streisand performing Life on Mars? The end features Elise Ald covering Comme d’Habitude, Nina Simone covering My Way and AURORA covering Life on Mars?

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