The Napping Wizard Sessions


NoP: Field Recordings

Season 4, Ep. 1

On October 05-06 from 7pm to 7am at The New School of Social Research, I was invited to participate in The Night of Philosophy. Rather than do something live, I chose to record the 12-hour evening. The night hosted 50 philosophers and 50 artists in multiple venues at the New School scheduled in half-hour shifts. I couldn’t be everywhere at once, so the Field Recordings I play are of what I was able to hear. Other attendants certainly had different experiences.

Samples of lectures in this 30-minute episode come from, in no particular order: Philosophy as Radical Innovation by Markus Gabriel; Forgetting the Holocaust by Omri Boehm; Domestic Bliss: Philosophy and Family by Meghan Robison; Army of Ravens by Drucilla Cornell presented by Benoît Challand; A Feminist Social Imagery: A New Topography of Space by Maria Pia Lara; Do We Perceive the Same Colors? by John Morrison; Human Rights: On the Foundation of Ecological Socialism by Jay Bernstein; The New Age of Reputation by Gloria Origgi; Racial Justice by Charles Mills; Nothing New by Jack Halberstam; Black Existentialism by Lewis R. Gordon; The Usage of Words by Cia Rinne; Commitment to the Bit: On Andrea Chu by McKenzie Wark; Onkalo or the Contamination of Eternity by Nicolas de Warren; Realism, Objectivity and Evaluation by Justin Clarke-Doane.

Multimedia performances included: Musicircus (John Cage’s work presented by the College of Performing Arts directed by Blair McMillen and performed by students in the New School creative community, includes vocal, keyboard and saxophone); Bowie Singalong and Dance (presented by Simon Critchley and DJ Zenon Marko); Nightclub (DJ sets accompanied by a full reading of the first volume of Vernon Subutex, a French novel by Virgina Desppentes, concept by Meriam Korichi, excerpt with Vanessa Place); Collective Task (international group of artists and poets developing networking as an art practice excerpts with Vanessa Place and others); impromptu piano solos by Lewis R. Gordon; Wilhelm Reich’s The Emotional Plague (performed with two pianos, two voices, cello and audience participation with Morgan Bassichis and Ethan Philbrick); Sunrise Raga (Ehren Hanson and Jay Gandhi).

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