The Napping Wizard Sessions


Feature: Marie Duprat

Season 2, Ep. 10

In this show, I’ll walk you through the piano compositions of a friend of mine, Marie Duprat. She composed Variations Kervilahouen after a two-week visit to Belle-ile-en-mer in France in 2006. I’m playing versions mainly from a recording she made at Gennevilliers Conservatory in 2007, but I also mixed in a few – under my narration and the main one from La Pointe du Talut – from a recent concert at L'Atelier du Plateau in Paris in 2019. If you want to listen to just the music, without my commentary, I’m including a Part 2, so you can go there before or after listening to this one.

Marie was born in Strasbourg, in the Northeast of France. She studied music at the Strasbourg Conservatory and later moved to Paris to get her piano degree at Gennevilliers Conservatory. She continued her studies, this time in philosophy, history and literature, at the Sorbonne. She was on track to become a professor of philosophy when she was offered a job as an assistant at France Musique to conduct radio interviews dedicated to jazz and classical music. For the next ten years, she immersed herself in the music of others. In 2004, after what she described as exciting years, though filled with anxiety from time away from her own music, she left this job. In 2005 she allowed herself a self-imposed sabbatical to turn back to the piano, singing, writing and finding her artistic center. It was in June 2006 that she went to Kervilahouen. After that time she participated in a theater project in Rome with the comedians and authors Luisa Merloni and Fiora Blasi in Cabaret Hypocondriaque in 2007-2008. In 2011 she composed the music for a film documentary of the structural anthropologist Jean-Pierre Vernant by director Emmanuel Laborie and also composed stage music for a production dedicated to the poems of Arthur Rimbaud titled Vies ou les courants de la lande. In 2013, she realized a project titled Partita based on the No. 2 for piano of Johann Sebastian Bach with dancer and choreographer Laetitia Angot. Next it was her 2008 experience with comedians that led her to again collaborate with Fiora Blasi on Never Mind the Words where the two play the roles of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and Marie recomposed much of the music of the films from the two comedic actors’ catalogs. Her most recent project is another collaboration centered on the allegory of Plato’s Cave. You can find out more about her here: and here:

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Interview: Moo Kwon Han

Season 3, Ep. 1
In this episode I talk with multi-media artist Moo Kwon Han about his recent exhibition, DRUM, at the Gyeongin Art Museum in Seoul, Korea. To make this work, he was granted access to multiple power facilities, many of them nuclear, all in South Korea. In our conversation we unravel the works in the exhibition, from the initial inspirational image of a detail of yellow drums containing radioactively contaminated clothing – a mere fraction of the total drums in this facility – all the way through to a final musical score that encapsulates both the path and the contents of the exhibition. When we see artworks in museums and galleries, it’s like looking at a lightening strike. We’re amazed by the instantaneous moment and evidence of what was created, but we really don’t understand what went into its making. In our conversation, I draw out the creative path Han followed in constructing Drum. I encourage you to look at his website before listening: Han was born in Gyeongju, Korea, andcurrently lives in New York. He has had solo shows at Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul (2017,2020 forthcoming),Doosan Gallery New York (2009), CUE Art Foundation New York(2009), and Gyeongin (Kyung-In) Art Museum, Seoul (2000, 2019). Han’s work has been included in group exhibitions at Cube Museum, Seongnam;NYMedia Center (2017); The Fondazione Filiberto Menna, Salerno, Italy; Galeria U Jezuitow, Poznan, Poland; Bund18 Creative Center, Shanghai, China; Coreana Museum, Seoul, Korea; Nation Centre for Performing Art, Asia Society Mumbai Centre, Mumbai, India; Metropolitan Pavilion, NY; David Zwirner Gallery, NY; Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery/ Asia Society Museum NYC; Unit B Gallery, San Antonio: Hoam Gallery and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.​Han received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts NYC (2006), attended the Skowhegan School (2008) and participated in residencies at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (2015-16), Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture (2013-14), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Program (2011-12), LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island (2010), Art OMI (2009) and CUE Art Foundation(2008) and was a Smack Mellon Hot Pick. He was awarded a Korea Hydro Nuclear Power, Co. andGyeongju Cultural Foundation Grant (2020),Puffin Foundation Grant, and New York Foundation for the Arts Artist Fellowship in Digital/Electronic Arts (2009) and joined as a review panelist (2014/2017).