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What's Happening?

Season 6, Ep. 7

Neoborn Caveman is fresh from the studio and shakes reality as it is: self-entitled Gen Z and the housing crisis? The naysayers of Caitlin Clark because she dares to be white and straight? The rigged election system and cultural overtake in the West? Microplastics in testicles? A university what knows what to do the best with a cat? Cars making you sick while you are in them? All in and even more!

Nothing is safe from irony and sarcasm and witty thoughts.

Well, maybe Neoborn Caveman himself...

And who the heck is Big Mike?

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plus: NC's brand new song, "Enough Never Enough", is in it - at least for a few beats!



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  • 12. The Flag Day (live radio replay)

    An untamed replay of the latest radio show episode in which Neoborn Caveman starts to celebrate the good, satire the bad, learn from history and get lose on green tea in this weekly humanity-oriented news commentary and patriotic thought-sharing.Join and support on Patreon ( ), engage on X ( ).Remember: you are worthy, you are amazing, you are enough!..................
  • 11. The Parvus Plan: The Crime That Changed the World

    This is a departure from Neoborn Caveman's usual satirical takes on the world - a more somber, serious exploration into one of history's darkest chapters. In this hard-hitting special episode, NC doesn't hold back as he exposes the chilling "Parvus Plan" - a devious scheme during World War I that dramatically altered the course of the 20th century.He tells the less known story of Alexander Parvus, the shadowy revolutionary who masterfully engineered the facilitation of the Bolshevik Revolution by secretly funneling German cash to Lenin and his comrades. From the clandestine "sealed train" that smuggled Lenin into Russia to the ruthless establishment of the brutal Gulag system, NC lays out the far-reaching repercussions of Parvus's twisted ambitions.But perhaps most chilling is Neoborn's exploration of how this authoritarian ideology seems to be rearing its head again today through forces suppressing dissent, eroding national sovereignty, and centralizing control. NC issues a stark warning - we must stay vigilant against the specter of totalitarianism creeping into modern society, whether through enforced ideological conformity, censorship of free speech, or the gradual erosion of individual liberty.With his signature blend of historical insights and current events analysis, NC reminds us that the struggle for freedom is eternal. The Neoborn Caveman Show - igniting curiosity, safeguarding freedom...................
  • 10. Tonight with Lou Perez

    Neoborn Caveman welcomes Lou Perez, writer, actor, humorist and they take on the world, life and how to live as humans on this planet these days. Nothing is safe only the true human spirit they both try to save for the future - with real connection and building bridges.Check out Lou Perez and his books and comedy: Here are some key takeaways:Creating evergreen content allows for new audiences to discover and enjoy it over time.Separating the art from the artist can be a complex issue, but it's important to recognize the value of the work itself.Engaging in meaningful conversations requires open-mindedness and self-accountability.Cancel culture can hinder productive dialogue and prevent growth and understanding.Building connections and understanding between different perspectives is crucial for positive change. Skill and practice are important in sports, and those who are more talented and dedicated are less likely to resort to violence.Validation from influential figures can reinforce one's beliefs and provide a sense of relief.The future of technology and artificial intelligence raises concerns about human interaction and the potential divide between human and artificial relationships.Comedians have the ability to challenge people's thinking and provide lighthearted entertainment, but it can be challenging to stay funny and fresh.It is important to surround oneself with the right people and maintain a balance between being in a bubble and engaging with different perspectives.Free speech marinated in comedy!..........................
  • 9. Bananas Sovereign People

    Neoborn Caveman is quite alive in the studio, offering satire on the world and the unwillingly changing humans this week.The world is electing new leaders, but only one is the quasi-world chief. Therefore, it’s important to reapply the Founding Fathers’ ideology - for the whole planet. Democrats are dumbing down even lower than their leader, while San Diego has just banned yoga on the beach - instead of elected officials and taxpayer-funded organizations doing their job. The reality-impacted herd just tried to go after Star Wars, but this time George Lucas just shook them off with some truth. As Christians are still under attack, more missionaries were taken out in Haiti - offering peace and family is not what the brutes have in mind; still, the values should be upheld. It’s a good thing how Caitlin Clark had a classy answer to the naysayers and the vanity matrix fueling wannabes. Dave Chappelle raised some eyebrows once again - he doesn’t want to support genocide, but the Jews, while being a Muslim. Elon Musk has a better idea than the globalist elite as the AI-madness is taking over everything - his Universal High Income might be a long-awaited antidote to scarcity, poverty, and hopelessness. Also, it seems now that New Yorkers have finally started to stand up for each other and against the ones creating havoc in their lives - although the communism-leaning leadership branch still opposes them, they should serve instead.And we have a great song debut by Big Bus Dream, one that folks (you) should buy instead of supporting streaming companies. Get "American" straight from the artist: !Freedom of speech, marinated in comedy!................
  • 8. Tonight with Trespasser

    Neoborn Caveman is back with two new guests, Clay and Matt from the band Trespasser for a free-spirited interview.As their latest song, "Wasted Time", has come out, they talk about the band's origins and style, as well as what it takes to be a creative musician these days. With their passion for music, how can they manage to stay true without being a sell-out? Clay and Matt are gonna let us in on the band dynamics too - who's the driving force, who's the mellow one keeping it all together, and how their different musical influences all come together into that signature Trespasser sound. These dudes -who are living the dream- aren't just talented musicians, but straight up philosophers when it comes to life. And their personality comes through here and in concerts, too - freedom and good times through their music for themselves and others. But it's not gonna be all serious artist talk - they're gonna have some laughs too. And a special album announcement is in!Settle in and get ready to go tonight with Trespasser!Find Trespasser on their Instagram: here is their Linktree:
  • 6. Changing the Show's Name

    We are changing the show's name and Neoborn Caveman talks about the whys and what are to come.If you think to join our team to some (or great) extent, reach us onX (Twitter): (changed already)Patreon: (changed already)YouTube: (changed already)e-mail: (this will change as well)Remember: you are worthy, you are amazing, you are one of a kind!..........................
  • 5. Tonight with Emanuel Arzumanyan

    Neoborn Caveman welcomes Emanuel Arzumanyan for an open tea-house conversation about music and life as Emanuel's brand new EP is about to come out soon. They talk about human existence, the role of art and music and what it takes to "make" it in today's world and how authenticity is more important than the vanity. Also, they don't shy away from social criticism and some philosophical pop-culture about the human condition. Emanuel also shares how he wrote his new EP and why.It is a worthy conversation.Check out Emanuel Arzumanyan's website: and his music!Free speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits!................
  • 4. Tonight with OCB the band of Paul and Travis

    Neoborn Caveman invites Paul and Travis, the original OCB from Boston for an open tea-house conversation, radio style, to talk about their returning album, We Ride At Dawn, success, struggles, life in this crazy world, what it takes to be a musician and a human being. They freely share their thoughts on values, ethics and have some fun over politics, too. Paul and Travis also guide us through how their new album was made and how it felt to put their lives into words and sounds.OCB "Closure" and "We Ride At Dawn" are available on all Digital Streaming platforms.Contact and Media Request: Links to Digital Streaming Sites: Music Authentic Album Review: JukeboxMind Review: and Travis play live, worthy to check them out!........................