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The Neoborn Caveman Show

The Parvus Plan: The Crime That Changed the World

Season 6, Ep. 11

This is a departure from Neoborn Caveman's usual satirical takes on the world - a more somber, serious exploration into one of history's darkest chapters. In this hard-hitting special episode, NC doesn't hold back as he exposes the chilling "Parvus Plan" - a devious scheme during World War I that dramatically altered the course of the 20th century.

He tells the less known story of Alexander Parvus, the shadowy revolutionary who masterfully engineered the facilitation of the Bolshevik Revolution by secretly funneling German cash to Lenin and his comrades. From the clandestine "sealed train" that smuggled Lenin into Russia to the ruthless establishment of the brutal Gulag system, NC lays out the far-reaching repercussions of Parvus's twisted ambitions.

But perhaps most chilling is Neoborn's exploration of how this authoritarian ideology seems to be rearing its head again today through forces suppressing dissent, eroding national sovereignty, and centralizing control. NC issues a stark warning - we must stay vigilant against the specter of totalitarianism creeping into modern society, whether through enforced ideological conformity, censorship of free speech, or the gradual erosion of individual liberty.

With his signature blend of historical insights and current events analysis, NC reminds us that the struggle for freedom is eternal. 

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