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Season 6, Ep. 2

We've promised the quickies and this one fills up faster than a restroom at a university! Neoborn Caveman is back and talks about the ecocide in Gaza, another falsity by the EU bureaucrats and how the Kiss sells out, this time their soul. Also he reviews some new songs.

Musical guests tonight:

pMad: Missing

Big Bus Dream: The Other Side

Free Speech marinated in comedy!



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  • 9. Bananas Sovereign People

    Neoborn Caveman is quite alive in the studio, offering satire on the world and the unwillingly changing humans this week.The world is electing new leaders, but only one is the quasi-world chief. Therefore, it’s important to reapply the Founding Fathers’ ideology - for the whole planet. Democrats are dumbing down even lower than their leader, while San Diego has just banned yoga on the beach - instead of elected officials and taxpayer-funded organizations doing their job. The reality-impacted herd just tried to go after Star Wars, but this time George Lucas just shook them off with some truth. As Christians are still under attack, more missionaries were taken out in Haiti - offering peace and family is not what the brutes have in mind; still, the values should be upheld. It’s a good thing how Caitlin Clark had a classy answer to the naysayers and the vanity matrix fueling wannabes. Dave Chappelle raised some eyebrows once again - he doesn’t want to support genocide, but the Jews, while being a Muslim. Elon Musk has a better idea than the globalist elite as the AI-madness is taking over everything - his Universal High Income might be a long-awaited antidote to scarcity, poverty, and hopelessness. Also, it seems now that New Yorkers have finally started to stand up for each other and against the ones creating havoc in their lives - although the communism-leaning leadership branch still opposes them, they should serve instead.And we have a great song debut by Big Bus Dream, one that folks (you) should buy instead of supporting streaming companies. Get "American" straight from the artist: !Freedom of speech, marinated in comedy!................
  • 8. Tonight with Trespasser

    Neoborn Caveman is back with two new guests, Clay and Matt from the band Trespasser for a free-spirited interview.As their latest song, "Wasted Time", has come out, they talk about the band's origins and style, as well as what it takes to be a creative musician these days. With their passion for music, how can they manage to stay true without being a sell-out? Clay and Matt are gonna let us in on the band dynamics too - who's the driving force, who's the mellow one keeping it all together, and how their different musical influences all come together into that signature Trespasser sound. These dudes -who are living the dream- aren't just talented musicians, but straight up philosophers when it comes to life. And their personality comes through here and in concerts, too - freedom and good times through their music for themselves and others. But it's not gonna be all serious artist talk - they're gonna have some laughs too. And a special album announcement is in!Settle in and get ready to go tonight with Trespasser!Find Trespasser on their Instagram: here is their Linktree:
  • 7. What's Happening?

    Neoborn Caveman is fresh from the studio and shakes reality as it is: self-entitled Gen Z and the housing crisis? The naysayers of Caitlin Clark because she dares to be white and straight? The rigged election system and cultural overtake in the West? Microplastics in testicles? A university what knows what to do the best with a cat? Cars making you sick while you are in them? All in and even more!Nothing is safe from irony and sarcasm and witty thoughts.Well, maybe Neoborn Caveman himself...And who the heck is Big Mike?support the show: (you can also leave a good or even better review on your go-to podcast platform!)plus: NC's brand new song, "Enough Never Enough", is in it - at least for a few beats!..........................
  • 6. Changing the Show's Name

    We are changing the show's name and Neoborn Caveman talks about the whys and what are to come.If you think to join our team to some (or great) extent, reach us onX (Twitter): (changed already)Patreon: (changed already)YouTube: (changed already)e-mail: (this will change as well)Remember: you are worthy, you are amazing, you are one of a kind!..........................
  • 5. Tonight with Emanuel Arzumanyan

    Neoborn Caveman welcomes Emanuel Arzumanyan for an open tea-house conversation about music and life as Emanuel's brand new EP is about to come out soon. They talk about human existence, the role of art and music and what it takes to "make" it in today's world and how authenticity is more important than the vanity. Also, they don't shy away from social criticism and some philosophical pop-culture about the human condition. Emanuel also shares how he wrote his new EP and why.It is a worthy conversation.Check out Emanuel Arzumanyan's website: and his music!Free speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits!................
  • 4. Tonight with OCB the band of Paul and Travis

    Neoborn Caveman invites Paul and Travis, the original OCB from Boston for an open tea-house conversation, radio style, to talk about their returning album, We Ride At Dawn, success, struggles, life in this crazy world, what it takes to be a musician and a human being. They freely share their thoughts on values, ethics and have some fun over politics, too. Paul and Travis also guide us through how their new album was made and how it felt to put their lives into words and sounds.OCB "Closure" and "We Ride At Dawn" are available on all Digital Streaming platforms.Contact and Media Request: Links to Digital Streaming Sites: Music Authentic Album Review: JukeboxMind Review: and Travis play live, worthy to check them out!........................
  • 3. Spring Your Soul

    In this new quickie, Neoborn Caveman starts with the impact of technology on the younger generation's mental well-being including the perspective of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt and the rise in anxiety and depression among teens. What can be the reason and how can we find our own truth and the need to navigate the tangled realm of technology? Oh yes: more screen time more challenges on mental health especially for children. You know, returning to the basics and engaging in real-world experiences matter.Then, NC continues his crusade against tyrants and globalists with their hidden agenda, this time -once again- BlackRock is shown for its true colors and why we need to be skeptical of narratives, especially when their head, Larry Fink, declares how the rest of us who himself is taking advantage of should live. Namely: pass over before you can enjoy retirement... Well, after all we all can be recycled except "them", right? Or maybe we should just take care of ourselves more and not relying on the ones who stole the pensions.Neoborn visits the rabbit hole of accelerated aging and its impact on health. There is a rise in cancer rates and other health issues among young people. Can we talk about it at all or what causes it? One of the key issues is the negative effects of consuming chemical-infused food and the practical impossibility of making healthier choices. How can we find the way to take our health more seriously and the benefits of eating fresh, locally produced food?Musical guests and introductions:Safe Haven: Barry BandzThe Word66: How Will I KnowBig Bus Dream: The Other SideFree speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits!Give a good review on your go-to platform and support the show on its Patreon:
  • 1. Crazy We, Right?

    Neoborn Caveman is back and opens Season 6 with a slightly updated format you may like now with more quickies. Yes, those ones. No, not those ones.From Venezuela to England and Wales and America this episode is not letting you dry - neither with humps or humors (we welcome back Andia to some short extent). Free speech vs Overlords? Hot Fuzz vs missing cars? Common sense vs creating more socially unfit young ones? You'll get them and more!Musical guests tonight:Mala Frank: That's Bad, Right?pMad: MissingFree Speech marinated in comedy!....................