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Love Prevails In Us

Season 5, Ep. 52

Your go-to Purple Rabbit, Neoborn Caveman, opens his tea-house conversation first with how artificial light at night can mess up our sleep and health, and how the line between the virtual and real worlds is getting blurry. There is a strong opinion about the downsides of owning nothing, too.

Then NC highlights the importance of building strong communities and small circles to fight against the negative effects of modern trends. He also discusses how overprotective parenting and having fewer children later in life can lead to societal challenges and hinder the development of resilience and independence in children. After all, parents need to take responsibility for their children’s well-being, set boundaries, and be present in their lives.

Neoborn also suggests disconnecting from phones and technology before bed to improve sleep quality and reduce distractions - he's been doing that for years and still alive!

In an important segment NC brings up the tragic case of Bronson Bathersby to highlight the need for better support systems and vigilance in protecting vulnerable individuals. We need to look after each other and be aware of our surroundings to prevent harm and create a more connected society.

As usual, Neoborn Caveman shares his appreciation for emotional music and ends the conversation on a lighter note with humor. Yes, the Battle of Jokes.

This episode also features an Irish folklore segment by pMad and live reviews of the songs of Bonnie and the Jets and pMad.

Free speech marinated in comedy.

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  • 2. Mad, But True

    We've promised the quickies and this one fills up faster than a restroom at a university! Neoborn Caveman is back and talks about the ecocide in Gaza, another falsity by the EU bureaucrats and how the Kiss sells out, this time their soul. Also he reviews some new songs.Musical guests tonight:pMad: MissingBig Bus Dream: The Other SideFree Speech marinated in comedy!....................
  • 1. Crazy We, Right?

    Neoborn Caveman is back and opens Season 6 with a slightly updated format you may like now with more quickies. Yes, those ones. No, not those ones.From Venezuela to England and Wales and America this episode is not letting you dry - neither with humps or humors (we welcome back Andia to some short extent). Free speech vs Overlords? Hot Fuzz vs missing cars? Common sense vs creating more socially unfit young ones? You'll get them and more!Musical guests tonight:Mala Frank: That's Bad, Right?pMad: MissingFree Speech marinated in comedy!....................
  • 61. Too Hot To Candle

    Neoborn Caveman is back with a whole new unedited and untamed news commentary, social critique and music reviews and introductions - all with a strong upbeat spirit and satire.Helping out with what not to watch? Neoborn is here for you!Checking in with history and humanity and unwanted technocracy? Neoborn is here for you! (Even if he loses his tongue or just twists it...) Don't let Chinese taking over - especially with robots and AI...Fighting back the Chinese from your own backyard where corrupt politicians invited them in? Neoborn is here for you!Food poisoning you even in Chick-fil-A after they started to chicken out and now that's overpriced trash you can buy from them? Neoborn is here for you!Delirious woman with high expectations and no action or brain except her plastic regularly inbuilt? Neoborn is here for you! (Lads, this is a fun part...) Vanity is not that important metric after all...Will NC be able to keep it together all along? (of course not, we all know it by now) Musical guests today:ZomB: Home; You - with live reviewsBonnie and the Jets: Illusion Missing Look In The Mirror - speech marinated in comedy!Support the show in its Patreon: - extras, early birds and specials!............
  • 60. Life is Worthy

    In this more laid back episode Neoborn Caveman continues to find help for the ones struggling through the everyday life - with some lighter, practical advice. Also he invites Johan Erle from Probioform to talk about gut health, its effects and the freedom inside and outside and living in a more natural way of life in the 21st century. With a unique appearance of the one and only pMad from Ireland in the cultural segment.Special music guest isBig Bus Dream with their song Tell Me You Love Me.Free speech marinated in comedy!Support the show on Patreon: !Supporting Purple Rabbits!..........
  • 59. What, Are You Human?

    Neoborn Caveman is back with all the Roadhouse Disco energy! Well, the real one, not this afterburner straight to streaming wannabe copycat - and there is NC's famous rant about it!And of course, no government is safe from the insights and unveiling in the news commentary section, should it be the looting Britain from the times when Ghana was the Golden Coast, or the Californian democrats who think full control will bring Chinafornia even closer to reality - this time with driving. But hey, there is some good new: Neoborn found a politician who seemed to keep her word and now kids might be happier, healthier and the upcoming world a better place - all in Poland (watch and learn public school system!). Probably the most important part today is the farmers: no farmers no real food - and why do we need those freakish middlemen pricing out the real farmers and getting richer on the back (and wallets) of the everyday people (not to mention how the super-rich still wants to take advantage on the customers with the self-checkout tills)? There is a solution! And as the Brave New World meets 1984 in the West in America more and more, just another issue what a full surveillance can cause - and how impossible to battle back for one's right and the blatant truth. Plus some more. Yes, music and jokes as well!Will Neoborn Caveman be able to keep it together all along? (of course not, we all know it by now) Musical guests today:OCB: Look In The Mirror - The Architect: Raw Flesh Is Hard To Digest - www.avalanchethearchitect.comFree speech marinated in comedy!Support the show in its Patreon: - extras, early birds and specials!............
  • 58. Tonight with Jim McMurtry for Canada

    Swing by as Neoborn Caveman hangs out with Jim McMurtry in this free spirited episode. Jim's big on learning and revealing the real deal, packed with some serious knowledge bombs.They're tackling everything from the tricky stories around Indigenous schools in Canada to the big question marks hanging over free speech because of new laws.Here’s the scoop from their chat: - They dig into how Indigenous schools are portrayed in Canada, and let's just say, it’s not all adding up, shaking up how we see some major institutions. - The chat gets real about Canada’s online harms act. Looks like free speech is hitting a bit of a snag with this one, especially on social media. - Communism’s making waves in the West, including Canada, and it’s doing a number on how we see history and each other. - They don’t shy away from the big issues - like how freedom's taking a hit and why it’s super important to keep speech and thoughts free and clear of too much control. Respect and dignity for everyone, that's the goal. - Understanding where we come from matters big time if we’re going to get a handle on today and make tomorrow better. - And yeah, there’s some tough stuff on the table too, like how kids are getting the short end of the stick and Indigenous peoples aren’t always getting the fair representation they deserve. If you’re into deep talks and want to hear more, hit subscribe on your go-to podcast app for the Neoborn And Andia Human Show. Want to dive deeper into the conversation? Swing by our Patreon and consider chipping in:
  • 57. Who Is Coming To Dinner

    In this dynamic episode titled "Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner," Neoborn Caveman and his guest co-host, pMad, dish out a feast of wit, irony, and insightful banter in the show's signature open tea-house style free conversation. From harder topics on history and education to finding a working solution for the failing power dynamics of society, NC and pMad challenge each other with thought-provoking ideas.Neoborn and pMad start to climb through the labyrinth of modern living, touching on the detrimental effects of processed foods and the disconnect from nature. After all, the prioritization of profit over well-being by food and medical industries and the erosion of genuine leadership are anything but good for majority of the humans - or at least for those who still have some functioning brain cells for thinking.A slave owner needs more the slaves than the other way around, still, wide-spread changes in society are yet to come - and only that could help on the recent state of the illusion of ownership; or the shenanigans around the designed failure of plastic recycling, the overwhelming greed, narcissism - there are things to learn from the past to make the present better and more liveable. The episode continues the show's traditions to introduce new and worthy music from all around the world and genres with musical guests like pMad the Band, Project Rod Williams, The Revolt, and Shelby Lentz.Tune in to this intellectually stimulating and refreshingly humorous conversation as Neoborn Caveman and pMad serve up a veritable feast for the mind and soul. And don't forget to embrace their motto: "Free speech marinated in comedy."Support the Neoborn And Andia Human Show on Patreon to join the conversation and help shape future episodes: show is available in every podcast platform, for example:Apple/Itunes:"Over the counter medicine for laughter" - Neoborn And Andia Human Show..................
  • 56. Tonight with Raduan

    Tonight's guest is Raduan, founder of Vibrer, the new platform for musicians and music lovers that aims to revolutionize the music industry by providing a stage for artists and connecting them with fans around the world.He and Neoborn Caveman talk about their genuine passion for music and a desire to help artists succeed, without the focus on personal gains. They believe that music has the power to heal and change the world.Vibrer aims to create a community where artists can collaborate and support each other, while giving fans the opportunity to discover new music and connect with their favorite artists. NC discovers that the platform is designed to be transparent and balanced, with an algorithm that promotes a variety of artists and genres.Vibrer also plans to offer additional features such as live streaming and support for artists in their creative journey, an important goal for Raduan and Vibrer is designed as a helping hand with the new opportunities it provides, and its vision as a global festival. The best is the genuine nature of Vibrer and its focus on supporting artists without hidden agendas. Raduan also shares his personal wishes and the challenges of on-boarding artists and fans.Discover Vibrer: the show on Patreon where rarities and specials are waiting for you and your nanny: are a few key takeaways for you:Vibrer is a platform that aims to revolutionize the music industry by providing a stage for artists and connecting them with fans around the world.The founders of Vibrer have a genuine passion for music and a desire to help artists succeed, without the focus on personal gains.Vibrer aims to create a community where artists can collaborate and support each other, while giving fans the opportunity to discover new music and connect with their favorite artists.The platform is designed to be transparent and balanced, with an algorithm that promotes a variety of artists and genres. Independent artists often have day jobs and little time for their music.Vibrer aims to be a helping hand for artists, providing support and opportunities.Vibrer is not meant to replace other social media platforms but offers a new perspective and opportunity for artists.Vibrer is like a global festival with an open mic, allowing artists to showcase their work to interested people.Vibrer is driven by a genuine desire to support artists and provide a platform without hidden agendas.The challenge for Vibrer is onboarding both artists and fans to create a thriving community.Slow and steady progress is key to Vibrer's success in building a strong artist and fan base.Join this open tea-house, bright-spirited conversation!Supporting Purple Rabbits!..............
  • 55. Tonight with Johan Erle

    Johan Erle invites Neoborn Caveman to the realm of healthy lifestyle and probiotics. First they discuss the perception of Sweden in the media and the calm mentality of the Swedish people. Johan also shares his experience of creating an eco-village in Värmland and the benefits of collaborative living. It is easy to agree on the emerging need for a balanced life and questions the official narrative pushed by the media and school systems. Then, in the main segment Neoborn asks Johan about the importance of probiotics in sustainable farming and the decline of soil microbiomes. They aren't shying away from discussing the spiritual agenda behind industrial agriculture and the significance of real food and gut health, plus the relationship between water and health, the dangers of chemicals in water, and the need for sustainable wastewater systems. NC and Johan go on highlighting the power of meditation and music, the connection between fear and gut health, and the importance of minimizing exposure to radiation and talk about the benefits of real food and the dangers of fake food, the relationship between chronic illness and deprivation, and the potential for a sustainable and healthy future.Johan talks about this type of probiotics: is for this open tea-house style conversation and be a part of the people who choose to live healthier - some keys are in this episode.Did you know you can join to our Patreon for more and for some specials - while you can support the making of the episodes? It's here: Supporting Purple Rabbits!........................