Season 1, Ep. 23

Today we have the absolute privilege of hosting the Founder of the Church of the People For Creator and Mother Earth -- Shane Norte

Shane is a member of the Morongo Band Native American Tribe and he is also a National Board Member for the Decriminalize Nature organization

Today we talk about his work facilitating healing ceremonies on tribal land using psilocybin mushrooms, and doing so free of charge for the members of his church.

We touch upon what ceremony means from an indigenous, ancestral perspective -- we talk about land autonomy and what the 'land back' movement looks like in the context of the 21st Century billion dollar tribe -- we talk about the American Indian Religious Freedom Act passed in 1978 that recognizes Shane’s and other indigenous healers legal right to continue the sacred ceremonies and practices they have employed for thousands of years before the occupation of their lands by the United States government --

And we're talking’ bout macro dose mushroom experiences! So buckle in and let’s get down to business ! 

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