• Dr. Rob Silver: Mushrooms For Dogs

    Dr. Rob Silver joins us today on a deep dive into the emerging product landscape of functional mushroom supplements for dogs. Dr. Rob has teamed up with industry leading power players Real Mushrooms to bring a line of medicinal mushroom products for pets to fruition. Please rate, review, and share this episode if you find it compelling and interesting ( :
  • Shane Mauss: Psychonaut Comedy

    Shane Mauss is a stand up comedian with a decorated 20 year career in show business. He is one of the pioneers of stand up comedy for psychonauts, an emerging art form that provides context and nuance to the mainstreaming of psychedelics.Catch him on his never-ending tour by checking dates here: consider rating, reviewing, and sharing this episode.
  • Jason Ortiz: Last Prisoner Project 420 Unity Day of Action

    Jason Ortiz of Last Prisoner Project returns to the Mycopreneur Podcast to issue a call to mobilize in support of cannabis policy reform in the U.S. by way of direct action in Washington D.C. on April 18th, 2024.On April 18th, 2024, we will be mobilizing the largest bi-partisan coalition of cannabis advocacy, industry, and grassroots organizations in the U.S. to lobby in Washington D.C. for a 420 Unity Day of Action put public pressure on Congress and the President to take action to fully legalize cannabis, free those still in prison, and provide retroactive relief.We dive into a host of other topics around the plant, the people who love the plant, and the future of cannabis policy in the U.S. and worldwide.Please rate, review and share this episode if you find it compelling.
  • Dr. Jeff McNairy: The Rythmia Process

    Dr. Jeff McNairy is the Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia, a luxury plant medicine and ayahuasca retreat center based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Dr. McNairy has over 25 years of experience working in the medical field and draws from his background in psychology to help bridge the mystical nature of an ayahuasca experience with a medical framework and terminology that people from the western world can relate to and incorporate into their healing journey with plant medicines. For more information on Dr. Jeff and Rythmia, check out and
  • Lucas Aoun: Biohacking Testosterone Levels

    Lucas Aoun is the founder of Boost Your Biology and a globally recognized authority on Mens Health and biohacking. We met in Amsterdam at the Biohacking Summit there in October 2023 and I was inspired by Lucas' pragmatic and unassuming approach to optimizing men's health.Please rate and review this podcast wherever you're listening -
  • Rhana Hashemi: Know Drugs

    Rhana Hashemi is a drug educator and researcher who is the founder of Know Drugs, a paradigm-shifting purveyor of drug education for youth. She joins us today to shed light on her pioneering work in evolving the narrative around how we talk to youth about drugs. Please rate and review this podcast wherever you're listening ( :
  • The Meddling Mushroom

    The Meddling Mushroom is a widely respected mushroom cultivation educator and consultant who draws upon decades of experience in the field and a heart for service to uplift many in this emergent space. They join us today to share insights on the state of the mycology space, some best practices for streamlining your operation, and sage advice for how to be of service to others in the myco community.
  • Mason Marks: Psychedelic Law & Policy in the United States

    Mason Marks is the Florida Bar health law section professor at the Florida State University College of Law. At Harvard Law School, he is the senior fellow and project lead of the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation (POPLAR) at the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics, and he also writes an extremely insightful weekly newsletter covering the psychedelic space that's called Psychedelic Week.Today we get down to brass tracks on the ins and outs of psychedelic law and policy in the U.S. as well as a host of other interesting topics - Please rate and review the podcast wherever you're listening and consider sharing it with a friend.
  • Dr. Rick Barnett: The State of Psychedelic Education

    Dr. Rick Barnett is a licensed psychologist-doctorate and a licensed drug and alcohol counselor based in Vermont.He joins us today to discuss his participation in various psychedelic education programs and the state of the psychedelic therapy space in addition to other topics of interest.Please consider rating and reviewing the Mycopreneur Podcast wherever you're listening.