cover art for Ousia Labs: Taking Down Big Tincture


Ousia Labs: Taking Down Big Tincture

Season 2

The Ousia team joins us today to pitch their Ousia Fountain at home CO2 extraction tabletop extraction equipment. Though this product and company are in fact real, we pitch it in a satirical skit aimed at taking down 'big tincture.'

This unit is available for pre-order at for $899 - the first 200 orders will receive $200 off.

We hope this podcast is as educational and entertaining as it is commercial, and I welcome people to connect with the team at Ousia to find out more about what at home CO2 extraction looks like with the Ousia Fountain.

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  • Jonathan Schecter: Blue Magic Alchemy

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    Shadi Ramey is an acclaimed mushroom entrepreneur leveraging the incredible vitalizing power of fungi to help customers and clients streamline their path to vitality through food. She has prouduced team-building events centered around fungi for major international companies such as Hewlett-Packard, and regularly functions as a private chef channeling her Persian roots to provide vitalizing food with an ethnic inspiration for events. She also walks us through the product design process for several of the offerings from Vital Fungi, which can be found at rate and review this episode ( :
  • Cesar Marin: Cultivating Wisdom

    Cesar Marin is the radiant and energetic Founder of Cultivating Wisdom and Microdosing Over 50. He draws from his extensive professional background as a producer for CNN to help evolve the perception of psychedelics and mushrooms among people in his demographic - corporate executive types who have avoided psychedelics for years due to societal stigmas around them. At the age of 55, Cesar overcame career burnout and exhaustion by discovering the power of mushrooms, and now he travels the country educating people about the potential benefits of microdosing and intentional psychedelic consumption. Check out Cesar's brand new book herePlease rate and review this episode wherever you're listening ( :
  • Joni Kamlet: Veterinary Applications for Medicinal Fungi

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  • Cody Shandraw: Investing in the Psychedelic Movement

    Cody Shandraw is investing in every vertical of the psychedelic space, with particular regards to the real estate needed for clinical infrastructure as psychedelic medicines start to get rolled out in the near future. We discuss his approach to due diligence, the overall state of the psychedelic medicine landscape, and why you can't truly blind a psychedelic clinical trial.
  • Dynasty Electrik: Pleiadian Sound Healing

    Seth and Jenny from Dynasty Electrik join me today to discuss their multi-decade career as musicians and sound designers, charting their course from playing night clubs in New York City and Los Angeles to scoring major corporate campaigns to their current iteration in Nova Scotia where they host sound healing retreats and channel the music of the Pleiades. Please rate, review, and share this episode if you find it compelling ( :