Neil Markey: Beckley Retreats

Season 2

Beckley Retreats Co-Founder & CEO Neil Markey joins us on the Mycopreneur Podcast today to talk about the launch of the company's comprehensive psilocybin-assisted therapy retreats.

Neil shares the trajectory of his extraordinary journey through multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the U.S. military, on through his rise to C-level executive status in the corporate world, and through his eventual burn out and discovery of meditation and psychedelic-assisted healing modalities as a means of revitalizing his sense of purpose and direction in the world - which is eventually what led him to Co-Found Beckley Retreats.

In this episode we learn about the Beckley Retreats approach to psilocybin-assisted therapy, the day to day realities of running a new psychedelic venture in collaboration with one of the most celebrated pioneers in the space, and what can be done by the emerging psychedelic wellness industry as a whole to better serve the millions of people around the world who are turning to these tools for healing and vitality.

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