Justin Hanka: LSD Microdosing Clinical Trials

Season 2

Justin Hanka is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Director of MindBio Therapeutics, world leaders in microdosing of psychedelics,

Justin joins the Mycopreneur Podcast from his home in Melbourne, Australia to discuss the rigorous scientific inquiry and data collection that MindBio therapeutics is conducting in Phase 2 clinical trials assessing the medical efficacy of microdosing LSD to treat Major Depressive Disorder. 

We discuss the process of clinical trials, the data collected from MindBio Therapeutics Phase 1 clinical trials, what regulators need in order to approve psychedelics as a treatment model for Major Depressive Disorder, and the toppling data that is eradicating lingering stigma against psychedelic medicines in the medical establishment and society at large.

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