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Jacob DeVecchio: Oklahoma Fungi

Season 3

Jacob DeVecchio is the Founder of Oklahoma Fungi, the premiere supplier of mycology products in Oklahoma. Today we tune in with Jacob to learn about the evolving mushroom culture of the Sooner State, and to hear about the forthcoming first Oklahoma Mushroom Festival that Jacob and his team are organizing.

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  • Preeti Simran Sethi: Decolonizing Psychedelics

    Preeti Simian Sethi is a journalist and advocate for the decolonization of psychedelics. We dive into exactly what that means and what a more comprehensive and empowered global psychedelic ecosystem could look like. Preeti has written for New York Times, Wired, Double Blind, and more and is currently working on a series about decolonizing psychedelics to be released by Double Blind. Please rate and review this episode wherever you're listening.
  • Madison Margolin: Exile and Ecstasy

    Madison Margolin sits down with me to talk about her debut book "Exile and Ecstasy: Growing Up with Ram Dass and Coming of Age in the Jewish Psychedelic Underground". Madison is well-known as the Co-Founder of Double Blind Magazine and has written about psychedelics for outlets like Rolling Stone, Playboy and Vice among others. This episode was recorded live in Miami during Wonderland Conference.Please consider rating and reviewing this episode wherever you're listening.
  • Moudou Baqui: Mushroom Stewardship

    Moudou Baqui is a mushroom community steward and martial artist based in Detroit, Michigan. We discuss his ongoing work with Decriminalize Nature to impact policy change around mushrooms and other plant medicines in Michigan and beyond, as well as hear about his on-ther-ground research into mushroom traditions in Africa and his learnings from the legendary Kilindi Iyi.
  • Psilocybin SF: Microdosing Mushrooms Conference

    Alex and Milica of PsilocybinSF join me today to talk about their upcoming Microdosing Mushrooms Conference. With over 500 participants currently registered and some of the world's most renowned experts on microdosing, this conference is shaping up to be a very intriguing and impactful educational one day online event on November 19.. Please consider rating and reviewing the Mycopreneur Podcast wherever you're listening.
  • Jeff Chilton: Mushrooms vs. Mycelium on Grain Products

    Jeff Chilton is a pioneer of the global mushroom industry and the founder of Nammex, which is one of the world's largest purveyors of medicinal mushroom supplements. Jeff has been a commercial mushroom farmer for 50 years, and is currently finding himself having to explain to other mushroom industry stakeholders and the general public exactly what a mushroom is and *isn't*. We dive deep into this discourse today's episode, which is being released concurrently with a Rolling Stone article outlining some of the same key points and which also features Mycopreneur Podcast and quotes from the recent episode recorded with Jeff's son Skye Chilton of Real Mushrooms. Please rate and review this episode wherever you're listening.
  • Semantrix: Enchanted Incantations

    Rosalind Stone and Dr. Reanne Crane are the creators of Semantrix Sessions, an education and media platform that focuses on the interplay between psychedelics and language. The semantics of language are the machinery of meaning-making in our worlds, and we dive into this duo's unique framework for exploring and deciphering the linguistic structures coding psychedelic culture and the human experience.
  • Firstman & Steve DeAngelo: The Rastafari Connection to Plants & Fungi

    Firstman & Steve DeAngelo join me live in Denver to discuss the Rastafari Indigenous Village in Jamaica and their new venture called Life Is A Ceremony that helps people connect with the Rastafari culture and way of life. We learn about the cosmology of the Rastafari and how they view plants and fungi, and get a peek into life in an authentic Rastafari indigenous village in Jamaica.Please consider rating and reviewing the podcast. Thanks for listening!
  • Raad Seraj: There Is No Psychedelics Industry Yet

    Raad Seraj is a technologist, psychedelic medicine advocate, and angel investor working at the intersection of impact investing and mental health. He is the host of Minority Trip Report podcast and the co-founder of Mission Club, as well as an all-around truly amazing and empathetic human being. He joins me for the second time on the podcast to catch us up to speed on the investment landscape in the psychedelic ecosystem, and the globalization of psychedelics, and how he does due diligence on the companies he seed funds. Please rate and review the podcast wherever you're listening.