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Dillan DiNardo: Mindstate Design Labs

Season 3

Dillan DiNardo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindstate Design Labs - A Y Combinator-incubated psychedelic drug development company designing altered states of consciousness for mental health therapeutics.Dillan joins us today to talk about his journey to the forefront of the psychedelic drug development space, as well as to provide insight on the immense arena of untapped potential that exists within lesser known classes of various molecules synthesized by the likes of legendary chemist Sasha Shulgin and much more.

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  • Ousia Labs: The World's First Tabletop Extraction Unit

    Nick Gay joins us from Ousia Labs to drop intel on the Ousia Fountain, the world's first at home tabletop C02 extraction unit for distilling pure essences out of plant and fungal inputs. This is Nick's third time on the podcast and he provides updates on the ins and outs of producing such a unique product, which has found an unanticipated market with high end chefs and mixologists.Please rate and review this episode ( :Thanks for riding with me!
  • Ryan Paul Gates: Terrestrial Fungi

    Ryan Paul Gates of Terrestrial Fungi is a world-renowned Cordyceps breeder, cultivator and educator. He joins us on the podcast today to share insights from his decade plus long journey at the vanguard of Cordyceps research in North America and to offer a window into the life of a mushroom geneticist.Please rate and review this episode wherever you're listening ( :
  • Marko Randelovic: Memes For World Domination

    Marko Randelovic is a content creator and social commentator who has quite literally seized the memes of production and taken over the world. this prolific digital creator maintains a growing suite of "Metaverse Quest" accounts that offer astute and biting hilariously deranged commentary on idiosyncrasies in niche demographics around the world; from Bali to Thailand to Serbia to the UK to the global village at large. We get into what it means to be a socially-conscious digital creator and color commentator in the 21st century global digital status quo, why humor is a means to it's own end, and how brands can leverage meme advertising to connect with hard to reach audiences. Please rate, review, and share wherever you're listening ( :
  • Lee Carroll: Ergothioneine in Mushrooms

    Lee Carroll is an Australia-based medical herbalist who is an integral part of the Real Mushrooms team. He joins us today to elucidate upon the qualities of Ergothioneine, an amino acid contained within mushrooms that has a range of impressive functions which are largely unknown to the general public. We hear about Lee's work with Real Mushrooms in educating the public about the best practices in adopting a mushroom supplement routine as well as to learn about Lee's 'Gourmet Ape Theory' he has proposed.
  • Zach Leary: How to Vet an Underground Facilitator

    Zach Leary is a journalist, psychedelic facilitator, and the host of the MAPS Podcast. He joins us today to share observations from a lifetime of experience at the forefront of underground psychedelic culture and his current experience as an integral part of today's psychedelic mainstreaming. Zach has a live online 8 week Psychedelic Studies Intensive Spring '24 Cohort course kicking off June 5th and running through August 1st, which we talk about as well as other fascinating topics like the Grateful Dead as a form of western ritual, the gap between demand for psychedelic experiences and legally available psychedelics, and the pivot from psychedelic initiation as a form of 'spiritual seeking' into it's medicalized framing today.Please consider rating, reviewing, and sharing the podcast with a friend ( :
  • Matt Zorn: How to Beat The DEA

    Attorney Matt Zorn has had an outsized impact on the evolving drug policy landscape in the United States. Through his successful litigation against governmental agencies like the notorious DEA and the DOJ, Zorn has been victorious where few have even dared to tread. On today's episode, we unpack his guiding ethos and some of the strategy employed in his approach, as well as our fortuitous meeting over a decade before the current moment in psychedelic mainstreaming has reunited us. Please rate and review the podcast wherever you're listening - sharing it with a friend would be very cool as well ( :
  • Mitchell Gomez: DanceSafe

    Mitchell Gomez is the Executive Director of DanceSafe, an organization dedicated to health and safety in music and nightlife settings.DanceSafe is legendary for their on site harm reduction services at music festivals, raves, and many more types of settings via drug testing, education outreach, and advocacy. Mitchell shares intel on a vast repository of research chemicals, the status quo of the drug culture in North America, and the state of drug policy reform. Please rate and review this episode wherever you're listening.
  • Everyday Dose: The Inside Scoop

    Jack from Everyday Dose mushroom coffee joins us to share intel on how he built the world's greatest mushroom coffee enterprise. We hear about the early days of raising funds from friends and family, the hockey stick growth of the first three months of the business, and the realities of scaling to a multiple 8-figure functional mushroom business in the Wild West of the supplement industry.Please rate and review this episode and share it with your mycopreneurial friends.