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Andrew DeAngelo: Cannabis Around the World

Season 2

Andrew DeAngelo is a world-renowned cannabis and psychedelic entrepreneur, consultant, educator and writer who knows a thing or two about the state of the global cannabis industry. He returns to the podcast to share insights from his travels around the world to interface with key stakeholders in the cannabis space, and regales us with tales from the underground culled from his multi-decade career in the legacy cannabis market.

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  • Firstman & Steve DeAngelo: The Rastafari Connection to Plants & Fungi

    Firstman & Steve DeAngelo join me live in Denver to discuss the Rastafari Indigenous Village in Jamaica and their new venture called Life Is A Ceremony that helps people connect with the Rastafari culture and way of life. We learn about the cosmology of the Rastafari and how they view plants and fungi, and get a peek into life in an authentic Rastafari indigenous village in Jamaica.Please consider rating and reviewing the podcast. Thanks for listening!
  • Raad Seraj: There Is No Psychedelics Industry Yet

    Raad Seraj is a technologist, psychedelic medicine advocate, and angel investor working at the intersection of impact investing and mental health. He is the host of Minority Trip Report podcast and the co-founder of Mission Club, as well as an all-around truly amazing and empathetic human being. He joins me for the second time on the podcast to catch us up to speed on the investment landscape in the psychedelic ecosystem, and the globalization of psychedelics, and how he does due diligence on the companies he seed funds. Please rate and review the podcast wherever you're listening.
  • Jacob DeVecchio: Oklahoma Fungi

    Jacob DeVecchio is the Founder of Oklahoma Fungi, the premiere supplier of mycology products in Oklahoma. Today we tune in with Jacob to learn about the evolving mushroom culture of the Sooner State, and to hear about the forthcoming first Oklahoma Mushroom Festival that Jacob and his team are organizing. Please rate and review the podcast!
  • Tomas Garret: Mycozine

    Tomas Garret is the founder of Mycozine, a physical zine that maps out the mushroom entrepreneurs, activists, and current events in the United States myco community. He joins us today to talk about his path to building the Mycozine, why it might make sense for people to take a full time job and stack u while they're building their mycopreneurial venture, and how his experience helping to coordinate the influential Oakland Psychedelic and California Psychedelic Conferences have helped guide him towards the current path he's on with Mycozine.Please consider rating and reviewing the podcast wherever you're listening.
  • Brandon Deroche: Propeller

    Brandon Deroche is the founder of Propeller, a platform that harnesses social influence to create measurable impact. By partnering with the world's biggest musical artists and incentivizing their audiences to take action to help solve some of the greatest challenges of our era, Propeller helps create accelerate solutions to the most pressing problems facing our planet. We discuss the role of psychedelics in the lives of artists, how artists can leverage their platforms for social and environmental benefit, and how the pandemic changed the music industry among other fascinating topics. Please consider rating and reviewing the podcast wherever you're listening.
  • Nick Gay: Ousia Fountain

    Nick Gay of Ousia Labs joins us to talk about the new Ousia Fountain extractor. This impressive piece of hardware makes CO2 extraction affordablle and available to everyone - we talk about use cases, how the machine works, and why every gardener, chef, and small botanical or fungal business owner should look into the possibilities presented by the Ousia Fountain.
  • Alan Bergo: Minnesota Mushroom Regulation

    Alan Bergo joins us to spread awareness about proposed legislation in Minnesota that would functionally prohibit the foraging of mushrooms in Minnesota State Parks. We discuss the non-science backed excesses and oversights of the proposed legislation, and receive a call to action to campaign for inclusion of local Minnesota mushroom foragers and scientists in the arbitration process to create a more sensible and less ignorant policy than what has currently been drafted.To learn more, visit: consider rating and reviewing the podcast wherever you're listening.
  • Paul Nolan: Dissolve

    Paul Nolan is an internationally acclaimed music producer with a multi decade career in the music industry. He returns to the Mycopreneur Podcast to drop intel on his forthcoming release titled "Dissolve" , out July 28th through Microdose Music. Order the album today:
  • Gina Giorgio: Psychedelic Policy Reform & Advocacy

    Gina Giorgio is the Co-Founder of the North Carolina Psychedelic Policy Coalition and a policy and advocacy professional for NisonCo PR among several other notable roles in the psychedelic space. She joins us today to discuss her experience drafting and introducing House Bill 727 to fund the study of MDMA and psilocybin for PTSD and depression or anxiety respectively. Gina shares her journey from aspiring psychedelic professional to rising superstar in the emergent psychedelics industry, and also discusses her forthcoming launch of Smush, the home mushroom terrarium venture that she is expected to debut in the Fall of 2023.Please consider rating and reviewing the Mycopreneur Podcast wherever you're listening.