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Jane Dowden :: Mum and a Mic

Season 2, Ep. 6

This week Harriet is chatting to actress & writer Jane Dowen, also known as Mum and a Mic on social media where she has taken the world by storm with her reels & hilarious skits. Jane chats about motherhood to twins and working in the creative industry as mother, as well as reflecting on how she has created a platform via social media.

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  • 9. Mama Still Got It :: Louise Boyce

    This week, the final episode of season 2, Harriet is going to be chatting with Louise Boyce, better known as Mama Still Got It on tiktok and instagram. Louise is a model, mother of three and the founder of Push It Out Campaign which she set up to get brands to disclose the use of prosthetic bumps on models for maternity wear after she was told she would no longer be able to work as a model after she became pregnant.
  • 8. Laura Goodwin

    This week Harriet is talking to model and mum to be Laura Louise Goodwin about all things pregnancy, home renovation, body confidence and self love during pregnancy.
  • 7. Tova Leigh

    This week Harriet is talking to writer, podcaster and content creator extraordinaire Tova Leigh. They chat about Tova's upcoming book 'You did WHAT?!' and how feminism has impacted their career. Tova is known for her honest, hilarious and judgement free style which shines through everything she does.
  • 5. Nkateko Dinwiddy

    This week Harriet chats to the inspirational Nkateko Dinwiddy about her unshakeable positivity, self love through movement and her business Rocking in Heels.
  • 4. Hayley "Sparkles & Stretchmarks"

    This week Harriet chats to the wonderful Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks about parenting a transgender child, her experiences of navigating the ups and downs whilst supporting her daughter and her journey with body positivity.
  • 3. Kiran Rahim :: The Munching Medic

    This week Harriet chats to the fabulous Kieran Rahim, otherwise known as The Munching Medic. Kieran has a wonderful platform on instagram where she uses her paediatric training to share her knowledge, as well as sharing her life as a mother to three little ones and one on the way.
  • 2. Alison Perry :: Not another Mummy

    This week Harriet is chatting to the lovely Alison Perry author of OMG It's Twins and podcast host of Not another Mummy Podcast. They talk candidly about IVF, secondary infertility struggles and having larger age gaps, as well as twin life and postnatal depression.
  • 1. Ola Pelovangu

    Welcome back to season 2! This week Harriet is chatting to the phenomenal social media expert and content creator Ola Pelovangu, and wow did they cover some big topics/crack open some taboos to open the season! From living your life online with kids (from 1:05mins) to pregnancy (from 8:45) to a really deep chat about severing ties in toxic relationships with their own parents and mothering without a mother (from 29mins).