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  • A Star is Born Part 2- Remastered Holiday Bonus

    In honor of the recently passed Joan Didion, writer of the 1976 incarnation of A Star is Born, we present a remastered version of the second part of the A Star is Born series, focusing on her work in that version and the most recent 2018 version of the film. Special thanks to Dave Finn for cohosting. Enjoy!

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  • 200 Motels

    Aaron Conn, host of Albums Uncovered, returns to the show to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Frank Zappa's zany cult film 200 Motels. The film is racy, wild and hilarious and Josh and Aaron have a blast discussing it at length.
  • Live Forever

    Join Mike Drew and Josh as they talk about the 2003 Rock Doc, LIVE FOREVER: THE RISE AND FALL OF BRIT POP. The film and their discussion focuses primarily on the rivalry between Oasis and Blur, but also also gets into the history, impact and staying power of the movement. Enjoy!
  • 16. Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage

    Josh welcomes Eric Layton from the Hall Watchers podcast to talk about the HBO Max documentary Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage. Eric attended the ill-fated festival and brings a lot of insight and experience to the episode. It is a very candid and intense discussion about everything that went wrong with Woodstock 99 and how the film offers a disturbing look into the scene of the time.
  • 15. End of the Century: Story of the Ramones

    Josh welcomes director and editor Jim Fields to the show to talk about the documentary film End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones. Jim shares the process and challenges of making the film, behind the scenes stories and his love for the seminal punk rock band. Do not miss this very special episode!Here is a link to movie if you have not yet seen it, as it is only available on Vimeo and DVD.
  • 14. Staying Alive

    Jon Lamoreaux and Michael Bagford return as co-hosts for a special roast of one of the most maligned sequels in history, Staying Alive! While the team agrees that the movie is not good, mileage varied as to its entertainment value and social insight. Take a trip into Satan's Alley and enjoy this episode!
  • 13. Saturday Night Fever

    Philip Bergman returns to talk about the 70s disco phenomenon Saturday Night Fever! The film is iconic for its glossy disco sheen, but it's also extremely frank and raw in its depiction of city life in the 1970s. Philip and Josh dissect the film's messages and influence. Button up your leisure suit and hit the dance floor with this great conversation!