Masters of the Matrix - with Greg Em


My Truth on Misinformation

Season 2, Ep. 2
Hello Masters.Welcome back once again to another episode of Masters of the Matrix.In this episode I tackle the popular term "mis/dis information", from a psychological and spiritual perspective. In these times we must be extra vigilant in discerning what is Truth for each of us, otherwise, we can be quickly lost in the wave of imbalanced social programming. In order to have an accurate perspective, we have to know the cause (as in the cause and effect) of information in the highest sense possible. How can we do this? By looking at nature, not reacting to, just watching, observing. Looking at the stars above and the earth below, and everything in between. The answers are there if we just listen and watch. Our own bodies, as they are a product of nature, can also teach us so much, if we just listen and watch. If you watch the patterns in and around your life, you can become a master of it if you just observe without reacting. It is easy to get caught up in the emotions and thought patterns of the human collective, so it's incredibly important to know when we are reacting instead of observing. Being in this state helps you think and act out of a place of balance, a place of wisdom. Why am I thinking this way? Why am I feeling this? If you listen and watch close enough, you will find the answers within.For anyone who is screaming they have an answer probably doesn't have the answer. On the other hand, anyone who is silent and claims nothing, probably has the answer.