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NAB Morning Call

A Swiss Lead in the Central Bank Euros

Season 8, Ep. 145

Friday 21st June 2024

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Europe is in the midst of the group rounds of the Euros, but when it comes to central bank cuts Switzerland is already the champion, with Britain the favourite to cut next. JBWere’s Sally Auld talks through yesterday’s decisions by the Bank of England, the Swiss National Bank and the Norge’s Bank. In the US markets seemed unfazed by Neel Kashkari’s claims that hitting the Fed’s inflation target might take a year or two. Perhaps his views were surpassed by more soft data overnight, including another rise in jobless claims. New Zealand’s GDP was a little higher than expected, but it won’t last, says Sally. And tonight the PMI data-dump for Germany, France, the Euro area, the UK and the US.

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  • 164. Weekend Edition - 75 percent: The New Normal for Office Workers?

    Friday 12th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABNAB has been looking at a variety of high frequency data sources to see how quickly workers are returning to the office. In this edition NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the trend seems to have stalled at 75% of pre-COVID levels. Credit analyst Evy Noble says this is also reflected in occupancy levels, although there is a large variation from one capital city to another. Phil asks Michael Bush, NAB’s head of credit research, what this will mean for property prices and rental yield. Michael says the issue is exacerbated by new supply already in the pipeline. So how does the market evolve? Will companies try to tempt workers back to the office, or will they downsize and try and spread the days that people choose to work from home?The detail is contained in the NAB research note, The return to Office - are we now at the new normal?
  • 163. A quick response to slower inflation.

    Friday 12th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABBig market moves to a softer than expected CPI read in the US overnight. Bond yields are lower, the US dollar is lower and a big response in equity markets. Basically tech stocks have been hit hard, whilst industrials have climbed. Rotation is the key word for the day. The other word is Yen, which fell 1.8 percent on the CPI news. NAB’s Ray Attrill says there’s clearly been some opportunistic intervention by the Bank of Japan. Meanwhile Joe Biden gives his press conference at the NATO conference shortly, which is widely billed by some commentators as the make or break moment for his Democrat nomination for the Presidency. And UK GDP better than expected but lost on the British people who seem more obsessed with the outcome of a certain soccer match over the weekend.
  • 162. Where are the Descendants?

    Thursday 11th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABThe drive for Joe Biden to step aside continues to dominate the news cycle in America, with actor George Clooney, who held a fundraiser for the President only a month ago, now calling for him to step aside for someone younger. Incidentally, how many Clooney movies can you spot in today’s introduction?Meanwhile, markets are more focused on what Jerome Powell has been saying and whether the fed will squeeze in two rate cuts before the end of the year, while closer to home, the RBNZ struck a noticeably more dovish tone at their July meeting. NAB’s Taylor Nugent gives his interpretation of what’s said and how markets have responded. The biggest moves today have been in US equities, is that Fed related or jockeying ahead of earnings season?
  • 161. Powell says labour market is no longer an inflationary pressure

    Wednesday 10th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABJerome Powell has been speaking to the US congress and says the labour market is no longer an inflationary pressure. So, what does that mean for the timing of rate cuts? NAB’s Skye Masters says there hasn’t been too much change in expectations, with a September cut seen as most likely. With a light calendar today, a lot of the focus will be on the US ten year note auction early tomorrow morning and whether weaker demand could push yields higher. The RBNZ meets today with any expecting a fairly dovish hold. The hold is extremely likely, but dovish? Let’s see.
  • 160. Where now for Europe?

    Tuesday 9th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABIt’s been a lacklustre day for markets. Equities have moved a little ahead of earnings season which kicks off in earnest later in the week. NAB’s Gavin Friend joins Phil to talk about the new French government, which will take some time to form. Will it be one of such compromise that nothing will be achieved? But is it symptomatic of Europe’s future. German trade data showed a sharp fall in imports yesterday. The EU is set to impose fines of countries falling outside their rules on government debt. Is there rally much hope for a European recovery? They also discuss Powell’s testimony tonight – will he use it as an opportunity to signal a change in attitude for the Fed? And NAB’s business survey is out today. Hopefully it will be a little more positive than last month.
  • 159. No right turn in Paris

    Monday 8th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABFrance looks like it won’t be veering sharply to the right after a. The exit poll out this morning has Marine Le Pen’s party in third place, so it looks likely the country is heading for a hung parliament. Phil talks to NAB’s Tapas Strickland about how the markets will respond. There was plenty of reaction to the non-farm payrolls number on Friday. The headline number suggested a rise in the people in work, but the reality is it showed an easing jobs market which is reflected in raised expectations for a September rate cut. We also look ahead to the RBNZ this week and the question mark hanging over Jo Biden’s head. Will he make it as Presidential nominee for the November election? 
  • 158. Weekend Edition: More on Australia’s House Price Quandary

    Friday 6th July 2024Please note this communication is not a research report and has not been prepared by NAB Research analysts. Read the full disclaimer here.In June, according to PropTrack, Australia’s home prices hit new highs, rising for the 18th consecutive month. But, as Eleanor Creagh, senior economist at PropTrack explains, the growth is far from even. There are some cities where prices are falling. So, what are the factors driving prices up? And how can it be that prices have risen so much in the last year even though the RBA is pursuing such a hefty tightening cycle, pushing interest rates higher.Eleanor takes Phil through the latest PropTrack data and looks at the inevitable question, where to from here? If buyers have taken a longer-term view, buying when interest rates have peaked, does that mean we are less likely to see a spike in prices when the rates start to fall? Or not? Logic and house prices can be strange bedfellows.
  • 157. Election Fever

    Friday 5th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABThere are three big political stories today. First, the French election round two could still deliver a majority for Marine LePen’s party. But NAB’s Gavin Friend says markets are not viewing that as such an alarming outcome, saying there’s been a bit of a learning curve about what this new party could do. The UK is likely to face a change of government today, which could bring new optimism to a country that is clearly ready for a change. And, as Gavin observes, the challenge to Biden’s Democrat leadership hasn’t gone away yet. Data wise, today’s key number is the US non-farm payrolls. The numbers to watch are the employment rate and average hourly wages. 
  • 156. Weaker Services data pushes equities higher and bond yields lower

    Thursday 4th July 2024NAB Markets Research Disclaimer Financial Services Guide | Information on our services - NABThe S&P hit new highs as bond yields fell overnight. Markets clearly thought the latest ISM Services number, which came in surprisingly weak, is just the sort of slowdown indicator that will encourage the Fed to act sooner rather than later. JBWere’s Sally Auld talks through the numbers, the market reaction, and the diverse attitudes of Fed members displayed in the latest FOMC minutes. There’s also discussion on yesterday’s Australia retail sales, that came in a little stronger than the RBA might like, but it’s just one month and there are a lot of seasonal factors at play. Prepare for a quiet day today, with the US on holiday. But keep an eye out for the Bidden story. Could pressure be mounting for him to step out of the race, for someone younger who is able to finish sentences.