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060: Petite2Queen with Lynn Whitbeck

Ep. 60

Lynn Whitbeck is the founder and CEO of Petite2Queen. Building on her 30 year successes and experiences as Vice President of Business Development and COO of direct consumer technology start-ups, Lynn transitioned to executive consulting providing strategic expertise for the development and management of client programs. With this real-world background, Lynn brings marketing, sales, business development, and operations management cross-sector experience to Petite2Queen.

At Petite2Queen, she is focused on identifying and evaluating opportunities for women at work, helping them define their personal roadmap in the long-, mid-, and short-term. She dedicates herself to delivering tangible and sustainable tools and insights to women, embracing visualization of the big picture, and identifying and implementing the minutiae of detail. Lynn’s goal is to share the lessons learned along her journey and enable positive uplift for women.

On This Episode:

  • Lynn shares how she developed resilience and a desire to help others at an early age.
  • Find why you should be extremely comfortable with pivoting.
  • Discover how to be the "driver" of your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • "Be completely cool with being uncomfortable."
  • "Instead of thinking about what I’m giving up, I focus on what I’m going to get in return."
  • "Imposter syndrome is like tying both hands behind your back."

Lynn Whitbeck:

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