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062: Shift to Success with Brooke Write

Ep. 62

Brooke Write is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Wellness, Spirituality and coaching entrepreneurs on how to achieve their goals by shifting into a state of internal success. 

She focuses on guiding millennials on the topics of mindset reprogramming, emotional strength building, spiritual alignment, and wellness planning through workshops, online classes, public speaking, and monthly themed subscriptions.

Through her services, she works with entrepreneurs by teaching them how to manifest success through the alignment and power of their mind, body, and spirit because not only are you creating success on your terms but you are ensuring that you achieve that success by tapping into all

3 power sources of the human energy. 

Entrepreneurs cannot shift to a place that’s successful unless they work on their mind, body, and spirit because when you focus only on the external side of entrepreneurship and business,

it will make you feel incomplete and overwhelmed.

Certified as an Entrepreneur, Wellness Planner, and Mentor, Brooke is dedicated to encouraging millennial entrepreneurs to improve their personal and professional wellbeing by creating healthy thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and habits that increase their positive outcomes and achievements. This is done by helping entrepreneurs build their level of resilience, faith, and mindfulness to quickly overcome common entrepreneurial challenges and obstacles to achieve more and fail less.

Brooke's mission is to work with entrepreneurs beyond the basic elements of entrepreneurship and to guide them on living SUCCESSFULLY, both personally and professionally, from the inside-out.

On This Episode:

  • Brooke explains the benefit of a "Deadline/Debtline."
  • Tips for feeling comfortable on camera and building a YouTube presence.
  • Learn the importance of internal success.
  • Find keys to getting more positive internal energy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Figure out who you are first.
  • When it comes to writing, just be you.
  • Everyone needs to learn how to step into their power more.
  • No matter what you need to take action.
  • Lasting in the journey of entrepreneurship comes down to how you take care of yourself.

Brooke Write

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