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010: Dana Earhart

Dana Earhart is a small business consultant. Businesses owners hire her when they want to add multiple six figures to their bottom line by streamlining and simplifying their structures, systems, and strategies. She helps business owners provides a road map of priorities, improve efficiency, and grow revenues without jeopardizing their quality of life or services delivered. She believes that business growth should not mean sacrificing time with loved ones outside of the office.

On this episode:

  • Dana shares about her early influences and how they shaped her mindset.
  • Hear how the stress of trying to be "strong and independent" 24/7 took a physical toll on Dana in her early thirties.
  • Dana charts her experiences working with teams of varying size both nationally and internationally.
  • Learn about the importance of going deep into understanding the mindset that drives you. 
  • Understand the correlation between your self-worth and your treatment of others.

Key Takeaways:

  • "Your business success will only go as far as the level you've grown yourself to as an individual."
  • "No growth happens when you're in your comfort zone."
  • "A team is only going to be as strong as its weakest link."
  • "Get comfortable being uncomfortable."
  • “Don’t sacrifice your happiness. You don’t have to.”

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