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Season 3, Ep. 3

HOST: Åsa Nilsson



There is something happening inside of me and I am not sure what it is but it feels like freedom is knocking. A coldness is dissipating into a warmness. A shell is cracking open and a flicker of light is shining in and it feels good. It feels like love.

What would love do? Does this look like love to me? Does this feel like love to me? If I truly want to share my love and heart with the world, then I can’t compartmentalise it any more. 

Old patterns that are meant to be broken. By me and only me. Taking accountability for myself and my actions and my stories. 

Otherwise they’ll be back yet again (and again).

What would love want to tell YOU today? 


- Good to be back in Sweden. Will I ever move back to the US?

- What is love? 

- Looking for the exit door.

- Disconnected from myself. Choosing to stay safe.

- I’ve been the difficult one. 

- Choose to show up with my heart wide open now. 

- Love, what do you want me to know today? 

- Responsibility to know everything. Have all the answers. Patterns.

- I am not enough, a recurring theme. Overcompensating.

- Helping people for free, that’s a self worth problem.

- How about embracing a beginners mindset instead, release the pressure valve.

- Stay curious. Ask questions.CEO actions.

- Trust that everything I need will be shown to me. It always has. TRUST.

- Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it.

- Allowing myself to accept love, be loved, process grief, hurts, shame, vulnerabilities.

- There’s no limit to love.

- Love myself first and most. THEN go out to the world and share from that place.


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JoAnn Higa @jhigacoaching

Elizabeth Gilbert , Letters from Love,

Tim Ciani @TimCiani_Hair

Anderson Cooper's podcast, ”All there is”.

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  • 13. Therese Eriksson's journey to FREEDOM with her Full Time Female Solo Van Life

    GUEST: Therese ErikssonTITLE OF EPISODE:  Therese Eriksson's journey to FREEDOM with her Full Time Female Solo Van Life SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Therese is a Swedish videographer that packed up her life, split from her hubby, took her cat and jumped in her converted van and moved down to Spain. A year ago!! WAHH!! Therese stands for FREEDOM, PEACE, AND COMMUNITY. Just like we do here at ‘More Moss to the People’ and she has grown into a more ‘in tune’ and aligned version of herself this past year. You have to follow along  to hear why she chose to leave, how she chose to do it, what was the backstory and what is her life's dream that drives it all. You will see that not only is Therese creating from the vision she once only held in her mind's eye, she is now sharing it WITH THE WORLD on her beautiful YouTube channel so we can also learn about the lands and cultures and beautiful people she is getting to encounter. If you can’t find it, create it. YES!We are the lucky ones.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:What prompted Therese to move away? Everything she owns is in one car now. I am free. I haven’t missed any of my things Feels freeing to own less things. Not as much weighing her down. Gratitude comes from the small things, warm showers, peeing in a toilet.Less stress and anxiety, watching sunsets and sunrises with her new van friends.What does she and her van friends have in common? What difference in mentality has she noticed in the Swedes since returning? Feeling her feelings more now. More present and aware and allowing herself to take the time to process her emotions. Not occupying her mind while staying busy and productive and attached to what society considers valuable any more.Created a show on her YouTube channel where she shares her love and passion for traveling and other cultures. ”Today we are so polarized. In order to have peace we have to have understanding.””With understanding comes love and peace”. What is Therese dreaming of experiencing and where is she dreaming of traveling to next? Therese tips on reducing your time on social media. How does she reward herself after having a tough period? MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Therese has a new fabulous SHOW capturing her year in Spain on YouTube. Find her channel link below. WHERE CAN YOU FIND THERESE? YOUTUBE: @ThereseErikssonINSTAGRAM: thereseeriFACEBOOK: Therese Eriksson  (Tuss the Video Queen)LinkedIn: Therese ErikssonTIKTOK: thereseerik#vanlife #vanlifespain #spainCONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with us, email: Thank you so much for listening! 
  • 12. Foundational Estate Planning Documents with Angela Klemack Santos, Esq.

    GUEST: Angela Klemack SantosTITLE OF EPISODE:  Foundational Estate Planning Documents with Angela Klemack Santos, Esq.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:My guest of honor this week is my sister in law, Angela. Angela is a practicing attorney in South Florida who just happens to work with Trusts, Estates and Tax Planning! Wahh! You KNOW I love this kind of information and I wanted to invite her to come on and share her thoughts on what she feels are the Foundational Estate Planning Documents so we can begin preparing for our own end of life estate planning, NOW.Keep in mind… it doesn’t matter if you have USD 20,000 or USD 20 million… we all need the basic estate planning documents in place. We leave no mess behind. We get our ducks in a row. We speak to the people that can help us. We start to write our thoughts, wishes and wants down. We may buy a kit or we hire an attorney if we have a more complex situation but we get started NOW. The thought of a random stranger making a decision about MY end of life is a horrifying one.Let’s do this, OK? Let’s get started and PLEASE make your wishes known before someone else has to make the decisions for you. This is Swedish Death Cleaning, at it’s finest, my friend. You are never alone. If you need support, reach out a hand to me. I am but an email away. Xx,ÅsaP.S. This may be an episode you need to listen to several times as the information may be new to you. But PLEASE don’t give up because it’s new, it’s IMPORTANT. I would even say VITAL to your future. And even if you don’t want to do it for YOUR sake, please consider those that will have to clean up your mess when you’re gone. IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:-Who is Angela? -Foundational Estate Planning Documents (for the USA), what are they? -Designing an Estate plan, feeling settled now. Feeling peaceful now. -How to start? Decide what’s important to you. Your values. What things do you want to leave behind?-Last Will and Testament-Revocable Trust - Re-titling assets to it today in order to avoid probate-Durable Power of Attorney-Advanced Health Care Directives-Executors + Successors Trustees - what’s the difference-Living Will-What happens if you don’t have a person designated? What happens if you don’t have a Will written and you die? What happens if you have nothing prepared?-The time is now. The peace of mind once these docs are signed, and they can always be changed/updated! -What can be re-titled now even if you don’t have a Will in place? -Real Estate Deeds, with Right of Survivorship. Or a Lady Bird deed. -Financial accounts - Payable on Death or Transfer on Death-Retirement and Life Insurance: Beneficiary designationsMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Katz Baskies &  Wolf in Boca Raton FL.  Angela’s views and comments are hers alone and do not represent the firm.  Suze Orman INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. Like and Follow on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with us, email: Thank you so much for listening! 
  • 11. What do you think DIARRHEA and DECLUTTERING have in common?

    HOST: Åsa Nilsson TITLE OF EPISODE: What do you think DIARRHEA and DECLUTTERING have in common? ‘The Great Purge’ of my body AND my business.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:What do YOU think diarrhea and decluttering have in common? Probably not a question you’ve ever asked yourself but it’s a good question to ponder.Our bodies purge poisons naturally (thankfully) and when something is out of whack or off kilter, the body attempts to remedy itself. A magical machine.Well, knowing me, I will, of course, always question anything that is happening inside of me so today I went to a medical specialist to hear what is going on after 2 weeks of this happening. Diarrhea, that is. He stated that there is simply a bug inside of my system that needs to pass through. HA! I knew it! My Spirit Team was right! Yes, I check in with some of the best there are and I KNOW so much is happening in the Universe right now AND I wanted to still speak with a professional who specialises in belly problems.  I am spiritual, not naive.So my friend… do you agree that the time is NOW for ‘The Great Purge’ of things that no longer ‘suit’ us. Whether that’s our bodies purging out whatever poisons don’t belong, purging papers and old ideas and thoughts for my business and starting with a new fresh slate. OOOH, I just LOVE new beginnings... I always have. Do you? Xx,ÅsaIN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:My body is decluttering itself right now.Shedding weight like I have done in the past. Stop focusing on it and it will happen. Who am I losing weight for?Now I am shedding whatever remaining poison is in my body and I am thankful for it! Fish, veggies, chips and wine. Meal of champions. Past 2 weeks I have had diarrhea. Not sure what caused it but will go to a specialist today. Julie Poole tarot reader on YouTube. What in YOUR life is coming to a head?Starting new, starting fresh. Brings me to the decluttering of my business too! I may have jumped the gun saying Thomas was joining me on day one. Business blank slate. I love blank slates, do you? I report to myself and God. No one else. I’m taking over as the breadwinner. Feels good and scary. I am ready for this.Previous goals were all based on monetary goals. Not now. Now my passion projects INCLUDE my life and my love of working with people and helping them with their pivot. Not leaving a mess behind.Re-writing my business plan with GOD as my partner in crime and how we want to serve in the highest and best. Swedish death cleaning my business!Auditing my life, spending, shed and shred what? Getting rid of years of notes feels so good!!!! Asking myself What if I did something different this time, reach out to build a community of professionals that are in alignment with my work? Ex. funeral directors, attorneys who work with estates (like next week's guest!!!!). I do believe in Spirit AND medical professionals. Thankful for the diarrhea, rather out than in, I say.  HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: www.moremosstothepeople.comYouTube: @AsaNilsson Instagram: @AsaNilssonSwedenFacebook: @asajnilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Weight Watchers. Poole Tarot INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. 
  • 10. “I am…”. The breakup before the breakthrough.

    HOST: Åsa Nilsson TITLE OF EPISODE:  “I am…”. The breakup before the breakthrough. SUMMARY OF EPISODE:I had a bit of an epiphany this week when Thomas said one simple line to me over breakfast, “I am not the star Åsa, you are.” This set me off on a downward spiral of weird reactions and over the top ‘not enoughness’ so much so that I contemplated shutting everything down that I have created over these past 7 years on my social media feeds and the podcast movement. In the matter of one simple statement from my husband. Hmmmm, something is off. Or maybe something is RIGHT? Pay attention, Åsa.Asking myself, who am I to speak about all of these topics on social media? Maybe I should shut this all down? I am spending my life on social media posting and writing content and sharing my heart and my life and what if no one actually cares? Or even worse, what if I am embarrassing myself and my family and I don’t even know it? I was brought back to a memory of myself as a young person who didn’t feel like my voice mattered and that I needed to stop asking so many questions. Stop talking so much. ‘Stop being who you are’ essentially.Who do I need to break up with so I can fully integrate into my uplevel that IS occurring right now? The break up HAS to occur so the breakthrough can occur. An old version of myself that still believes that lie needs to go. Now. Facing my shadows.“I am… “everything. And so are you.If you don’t have people around you supporting that thought, or even if you YOURSELF don’t support that thought, then I am guessing you have some breaking up to do too. IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:Thomas' aversion to being on the podcast.I have a need to share my heart and my voice. I don’t want to be embarrassed about that. “You’re the STAR Åsa, not me”... and then the spin out that occurred.Circle of Ugh, the pattern I have been following for the past 7 years.What is my discomfort? Talking too much? Being too much? Shameful to the family? Embarrassing myself? Is this what others are thinking about me? Is this what happens when I am on social media that I begin to think that I am not enough??  Or too much? Should I shut this all down? “I am….”A next level upleveling. It’s happening in and around me and I am feeling unsettled. Creating a community. Finding my own voice. Sharing that.Childhood messaging of you are here to be seen not heard. Am I too much? Stop talking. Stop asking questions. Stop. Just stop. No, I will not stop. In fact, now I am going to double down.Who do you need to break up with so you can have YOUR breakthrough? Who is keeping you small? Who does not support your dreams? If you and I have those people in our lives then we need to see them for who they are today. Who WE are today.The STAR card in tarot. What does it symbolize? What can Thomas have meant? I am choosing a life of integrity. My integrity first. I am not sitting this life out.  HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: www.moremosstothepeople.comYouTube: @AsaNilsson Instagram: @AsaNilssonSwedenFacebook: @asajnilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Photo credit: The Star Card in the Radiant Rider Waite tarot deck. CONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. 
  • 9. “We leave our message behind, not our mess.”

    HOST: Åsa Nilsson TITLE OF EPISODE: “We leave our message behind, not our mess”SUMMARY OF EPISODE:I spent all last week working with my ‘Ray of Sunshine’ on Phase 2 of getting him completely moved out of his Stockholm apartment so he can relocate back to the US.The trust that Ray gives me, and the “free hands” to work in my own way to create the end result which he needed … makes me come alive. Makes me sweat too, don’t think it's all roses. There is an underlying pressure I still put on myself which I recognize when I “have” to rely on others. And when I start feeling like something is going sideways, how can I react in a way that is better suited rather than losing sleep over it? I can start with gratitude (and having back ups for everything!). Saying ‘thank you’ to those people and myself more. When I do this, I feel myself becoming lighter. I feel my energy becoming brighter. I can feel more creative. Immediately. Saying the words to myself, “Have fun with this, Åsa. It will all work out. Trust others to show up and do what they promised.” Trust. Trust. Trust. Working on it. #progressnotperfectionXx,ÅsaIN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:So much gratitude goes out to my VILLAGE of people that supported and helped me this week. Ray, Thomas,Tim, Mike, Thais, charitable organizations, Facebook Marketplace, TipTapp app.Swedish Death Cleaning versus Decluttering what is the difference?Ongoingness of Swedish Death Cleaning. Assigning names to things now.Don’t give your problems to someone else. “We leave our message behind, not our mess”. Follow up and follow through with people and organizations that promise to help you.Having back ups for everything and why that’s important.The BENEFITS of death cleaning and decluttering.Breaking ancestral chains by removing items that have remained due to guilt and shoulds.Your loved ones are not your things. I share some tips for starting this work yourself in your own home. HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: www.moremosstothepeople.comYouTube: @AsaNilsson Instagram: @AsaNilssonSwedenFacebook: @asajnilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Charitable organizations: Stadsmissionen Stockholm, Myrorna Stockholm, Agape SecondHandFacebook MarketplaceTipTapp app for pick ups and drop offs in and around StockholmCONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with Åsa and Thomas with Swedish death cleaning + decluttering in your own home, please send an inquiry to Thank you.
  • 8. From Loss To Love: Overcoming Grief And Embracing Life After Losing A Spouse, With Dyann Campbell

    GUEST: Dyann CampbellTITLE OF EPISODE: From Loss To Love: Overcoming Grief And Embracing Life After Losing A Spouse, With Dyann CampbellSUMMARY OF EPISODE:Listen in to hear Dyann’s journey of losing her husband when she was 52 ... to not wanting to live or get out of her own bed … to now creating powerful programs for women to FEEL FABULOUS NAKED! From pulling herself out of the vodka laden fog, into singing to the music on the radio. By taking one step at a time, Dyann is now choosing to love herself and her life again.There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just hold on. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:-Sinead Fine and meeting in her online group, Tarot for Women.-Normalizing talking about death and dying.-Spoken openly about death and dying in with Eric before he was diagnosed.-Dyann works as a therapist and counsellor-“7 years ago I thought my life was over, I wanted it to be over”. -Dyann’s husband Eric died when he was 55. -What Dyan’’s life looked life after Eric’s death? A lot of Vodka, rubbish food and avoiding phone calls and texts. -Dyann realized she had to get a hold of herself or she would kill herself by choking to death on her own vomit. -She discovered who her friends were and weren’t. -16 months after Eric's death she found herself singing to a song on the radio. Turning point. -”Eric would want me to be happy”. -“I love myself. I love my life”. -The digital nightmare that you have to go through after a death. Tip: have these discussions beforehand. Like NOW. -Dyann moved into a new home and has been slowly getting rid of Eric's belongings bit by bit. Still has some things to move out, after 7.5 years. Note: -There is NO rush to do this work! -“I am ready for a new relationship. I'm ready now. I love myself and I want someone else to love me the way I want to be loved”. -Dyann explains about her upcoming new program for women to FEEL FABULOUS NAKED! WAHHH! This!! I love this!-“I’ve always been a hugger. Now I hug tighter.”I love Dyann’s parting thoughts. I hope you will listen in.  GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION: Facebook: IN THIS EPISODE:Sinead Fine, INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to advertise with us, email: Thank you so much for listening! 
  • 7. Staying in a beginners mind with Swedish Death Cleaning

    HOST: Åsa NilssonTITLE OF EPISODE:  Staying in a beginners mind with my Swedish Death Cleaning SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. At the end of our days, what do you think will matter the most? The stuff we chose to hold on to for dear life because it made us feel good to look at and remember the moments that we have created with them OR will we remember the family and friends (sometimes one and the same) that we love the most and who have continually shown up for us during the most difficult times in our lives? Even when the shit hit the fan. Especially when the shit hit the fan.This episode is a practical summary of what I found when I got to Houston to ‘do the work’ with my beloved eldest sister who had hired me to come in from Sweden to do Swedish Death Cleaning and decluttering in her home after her beloved husband Jay passed away on Christmas Eve.The best laid plans, my friend. I am learning that I need to remain flexible, open, empathetic to all sorts of emotions. I can have an itinerary or game plan that is written in pencil, let’s put it that way. Ahh, learning more and more every time. Pay attention, Åsa. Stay fresh in Spirit and open minded and hearted in order to learn new ways of doing old things. Hope you can learn something too.IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:I can not stand to be rushed.Relax into it, don't stress into it.April is the month of Aries, time to clean it up. The “Self”, After a major life change, don’t make any huge decisions for one year. I discovered more clearly how I prefer to work with death cleaning. I am perfectly fine with a set schedule.Started with administrative work: changing names as primary account holders, what accounts need to be cancelled, memberships cancelled. Auditing all your bills and bank statements every month.Add names on accounts today where possible.Making a priority list of where to start, what rooms need the most attention. I have no agenda on what rooms get completed first. In the end they will ALL make a difference (when selling a home). How do I tackle a large closet? I go through this process. Office re-organization for my sisters needs now. New chair. Getting rid of extra screens, etc. making it HER space. Working to ‘adult’ children's rooms.Guest room is now hotelled, new bedding, neutral, cozy. Character is always revealed. Who comes to your side when you're at your lowest? You will be surprised. Hold on tight to them. Decluttering ‘friends’ and ‘family’ is ALSO a part of death cleaning.I give some tips on how to help someone who has just experienced death. Don’t ASK them what you can do, just DO something. Talking with others. The process of discussing what we want and need moving forward.The client determines the pace and timing in their home. Surrendering to the stuff. Does it bring you peace or weigh you down? HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: www.moremosstothepeople,comIG: @AsanilssonswedenFB @asajnilssonYT @asanilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Margareta Magnusson, The Gentle Art of Death Cleaning, the book. CONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden and YouTube @AsaNilsson.
  • 6. Reckless or Bold? REVELATIONS from CHANIA, GREECE

    HOST: Åsa NilssonTITLE OF EPISODE: Reckless or Bold? REVELATIONS from CHANIA, GREECE SUMMARY OF EPISODE:After traveling to paradise (Chania, Greece) last week with my two girlfriends, I discovered something that has been elusive in my life as of late. Laughter. I mean, deep, soulful, tearful laughter. The kind that bubbles up so easily when you are with people you love and whose company you really enjoy. Experiencing such simple beauty in the local people, the delicious food, the time spent having deep and long conversations about important topics like dreams, life, hopes, love and family. What’s the most important thing in my life? My husband and our relationship. Spending time together choosing our happiness first. Choosing to live life now. Not one day. Not allowing others to determine our lives FOR us. No. Life is now. Swim in the sea. Eat the food. Open your eyes and your heart. Trust that everything will be revealed in its due course. It always has. And it always will.It’s my job to have the vision and to be clear, not vague or unconscious.I am now North Star clear. Are you? IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:Traveling to Chania, Greece with 2 friends, what was that like?When asked to go, what was my initial reaction? Patterns.  When the decision was made to go, all of the sudden everything became easy.Am I getting too stuck in my habitual responses? My husband is leaving his work in June. Is it reckless? “Well, I have a job and I really like my coworkers’. Is that enough?I have a Masters in Observation. Thomas is who I want to spend my time and life with, working together with Swedish Death Cleaning! Why not?!He’s my 2 meter tall man, my viking, he can move mountains. Becoming 100% North Star clear. Is everyone else deciding our lives for us?!Chania, the builder, the materials, pride of country, eat the food, swim in the Mediterranean. What else am I not doing, not exploring, not seeing?We perceive we are in a cage yet the door is not even locked. Feeling outside? Don’t belong, don’t matter? Not rich enough?Abundance is a frame of mind, not an amount of money in your pocket.Don’t judge a book by its cover.We must lead to show others that it’s OK to choose yourself. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION: www.moremosstothepeople,comIG: @AsaNilssonSwedenFB @asajnilssonYT @asanilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Jade Paunovich @jadefashionsherpaAngie Ward Nutter @angiewardnutterTim Ferris, YouTube @timferrissTim Ciani @timcianihairJade’s Builders Chania: Chania, HIGHLY RECOMMEND:
  • 5. “I hand picked all of this. I had to say so many goodbyes”.

    GUEST: Erica SöderbergTITLE OF EPISODE: “I hand picked all of this. I had to say so many goodbyes”. SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Meet my entrepreneur friend Erica. She has one of the most creative minds I know, runs her own company AND has made a bold decision to take a full time paying job! Why is this important? Erica is raising her son on her own, finishing up her studies and working on bringing in new business and watching her savings account dwindle. That’s tough on a single mother, let alone anyone! After 5 years, enough was enough. Erica’s nerves were shot and she needed some reprieve. Balance was needed and quickly! Erica finds herself de-armouring her old ways and creating balance through creating good routines for herself. All scheduled so she can “float” in between. Taking bold steps to create a life SHE wants… THAT’s so MOSSY of her! IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:-Erica feels she is in her head and yet still uses a lot of her creativity.-Finding balance has been a long process. From working in fashion for 20 years and having to be ‘on the game’, the stress was not far under the surface.-Erica has a strong soul led side that was pulling her in another direction. -Her own illness as a child, her sister and best friend dying, she had to search for a way to find a way to heal herself from the inside. -Son was born and then she crashed into a wall. Went into a depression and saw she had to slow down.-Darkness. She had to use all her tools to drag herself up. -Moving from a human DOING to a human BEING. What does that mean? -What does it mean for Erica to “Give Up”?-Helping herself and her nervous system with taking a paying job WHILE she runs her own business. Not either or but an AND.-Setting herself up with good routines and de-armouring her old ways.-She now surrounds herself with the people she really likes and wants to work with.-“I had to say so many goodbyes”. -“We walk each other home”. -Removing what is NOT you. -Letting go of parts of herself that she liked. Why? -“I feel like I have more when I have less”. -Energy medicine, what is it? -“You are the light. All of you. Just take away all the clutter”. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION: Mail: erica@flowes.seWebsite: Instagram: Erica's Offer:Free 20min Discovery call (to see if we are a match :)*20% discount on Shamanic Session (90-120mins) - also on the 3 times offer*20% discount on Coaching Call (60mins)* (Valid in February 2024)