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More Moss to the People

“It’s not just called DEATH CLEANING, It’s called LIFE CLEANING too.”

Season 3, Ep. 16

GUEST: Thomas Kindberg, my beloved husband

TITLE OF EPISODE: “It’s not just called DEATH CLEANING, It’s called LIFE CLEANING too.”


June 11th, 2024, marked a significant milestone for our family: Thomas and I proudly launched our Swedish Death Cleaning and Decluttering business, More Moss. Less Mess.

This dream has been a long time in the making, and now it's finally a reality.

Thomas prefers to stay out of the spotlight, shying away from public speaking and attention. Convincing him to join me on the podcast was a challenge, but I promised it would be quick and that I’d handle most of the talking.

My goal was to introduce you to Thomas, the other half of our business, so you could see what our team brings to the table.

Listening back, I realized I dominated the conversation, often speaking over him. While this is how we work—I’m more vocal, and he’s more reserved—I wanted to make him comfortable and keep the episode brief for his sake. Still, it was important for you to meet him again.

Our mission is to normalize Swedish Death Cleaning, turning it into a regular conversation rather than a daunting task. We aim to make the process of dealing with death less intimidating and more accepted as a natural part of life.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Åsa and Thomas


  • June 11th it’s a big day for us. Why? 
  • Reminder that I am taking July off from podcasting, RADICAL SABBATICAL.
  • Thomas is now working with me and Swedish Death Cleaning + DeCluttering. Where has he been the past 35 years? 
  • Too many people are unhappy in their work and their lives.
  • Society has changed very fast, what can that be based on? 
  • Thomas interests lie in the world, news, economy, geography. 
  • Åsa and Thomas disagree about how we can or can not make a difference.
  • Saw the beauty of social media in the initial intent for which it was created today.Community. People helping people.Thomas thinks it can be ego driven.
  • The ‘More Moss to the People’ movement and going back to a simple life. Western world problems, psychological stress, kids feeling like shit. 
  • Coming back to what’s important. We have to stop over consuming. 
  • 95% of wares in Sweden are recycled. 
  • Values. Our ground pillars. Feeling more versus having more.
  • Not pessimistic to speak about death, we consider it optimistic.
  • We leave no mess behind.
  • Having safe conversations about this. Circular economy, life cleaning not just death cleaning.
  • You can be 31 years old and do death cleaning.
  • Thomas is my Muscles from Brussels. He will be a big help with moving things down, out and around for our future clients.



The first time Thomas appeared on the podcast: Season 1, Episode 9


Certainly not on social media! Ha! You can find him via our website.

To find out more about working with us, reach out via our website here:

CONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli, Freelance UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer. 

Thank you so much for listening! 

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  • 17. Life after the Great Reassessment with Dr. Alexis Yamokoski

    GUEST: Dr. Alexis Yamokoski TITLE OF EPISODE: Life after the Great Reassessment. “There’s nothing very serious happening here”. SUMMARY OF EPISODE: Alexis is a beautiful soul who feels deeply. She has a gentle knowing of what’s to come and is confident that everything will work out.Even when caring for her dying parents, experiencing an anxiety attack while driving through the mountains of North Carolina with two children in the back seat, or bearing the burden and shame of her mother's alcoholism, Alexis maintains her faith and resilience.Join us as we discuss what Alexis' life looks like today. We'll explore her journey through shame, the importance of kindness, having hard conversations, embracing 'lightness,' feeling isolated, grieving alone, the impermanence of everything, finding joy in the next moment, and staying present.She is deeply connected to her highest truth, and the gentle stillness of her being is heartwarming.We hope you enjoy our chat.Xx,ÅsaIN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:Seeking lightness, finding peace, connecting to her true self. 3 years ago the Big Reset. Why? Slow. Grow. Flow. Glow. Alexis mantra.The ultimate awakening after her anxiety attack in the mountains of NC“Reflection of how I lived in the identity of my career.”Growth mindset. Change is uncomfortable, the outcome is outstanding.Tuning in to the prompts around change.Recognizing how temporary everything is.Grounding in authentically connecting with herself now.Her personal mission as a social change agent inspiring new perspectives.Defying social constructs, finding different ways of living. Bringing in hospice for her dad and tricking her mom, Alexis needed help.Shame and secrets around her moms death and the isolation Alexis felt. “Never talked about it.” Alexis is a firm believer of encouraging open, honest conversations.Having tough conversations, even through discomfort.Sandwich generation. Advocating for others.“There’s nothing very serious happening here”. Her fan: False belief: Life is serious and I need to be serious. New belief: “Being lighter feels good”. It’s possible to feel joy and sad heartache at the same time.“I don’t want her to carry the shame and secrets.” (her daughter) We are the chain breakers! MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Pauley’s Island is in South Carolina (I fact checked it. Ha). Dr. Brene Brown to Flow, CAN YOU FIND ALEXIS:LinkedIn: INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli, Freelance UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer. To find out more about working with Åsa and Thomas, reach out via our website here:
  • 15. “Travel. I didn’t know there was something I was meant to be afraid of.”

    GUEST: Kate ViscontiTITLE OF EPISODE: “Travel. I didn’t know there was something I was meant to be afraid of.”SUMMARY OF EPISODE: Meet Kate. A globe trotting entrepreneur who is living out of a suitcase. Literally.  She has no ‘home’ of her own, by choice. Saying she is living a paired down lifestyle wouldn’t give this sweet gal justice. Listen in as she shares her journey with us and why she chooses to be a digital nomad while being the BEST pet sitter anyone could ever ask for. All while running her international consulting company from wherever in the world she might be at the moment. Seeing the world through Kate’s eyes will OPEN yours. And I don’t know about you but I am looking more for points of connection rather than polarization.Join us on the ride, won’t you?  IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:-How we met.-Eternal enthusiast who is always seeking adventure. -The life of a true digital nomad.-Building resiliency, treating her experience like an experiment. -Learning so much about the polarization of the world-What has Kate discovered about how people load their dishwashers? -Finding points of connection. -Do you ever dream that all of your belongings will capsize on a boat and you have to start over with the insurance money too? :) -Kate is looking for a villa in Tuscany that needs a dog sitter. Perhaps you know of someone?-Five to Flow + Getting lost in nature. How are those two tied together? -Promoting how to help people be more productive by being out in nature more.-Working less time, having boundaries in place, taking breaks, breathing more, resetting the brain YAASSS! -Enjoy the outdoors, not just on vacation. -5 of Cups card in Tarot. What does the V (Roman numeral 5) mean to Kate. -Kate is also looking for a partner to share her life with. (I love that she mentioned this with complete unabashedness. She is a badass.)-What phrase does Kate ask her cab and Uber drivers to teach her? -“Living vicariously through me. Why vicariously?” -“I didn’t know there was something I was meant to be afraid of”. (traveling)-Why has Kate opted to stay longer in some areas the past 2 years? MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Huntington National BankTrusted House SitterDr. Susan Jeffers.Overseas Cheap Home on Instagram Otterbein UniversityWHERE CAN YOU FIND KATE?Her personal pages:InstagramLinkedInFacebookCompany:Five to Flow WebsiteInstagramLinkedInYouTubeFacebook
  • 14. Life’s too short to think too much.

    HOST: Åsa NilssonTITLE OF EPISODE: Life’s too short to think too much. SUMMARY OF EPISODE:As a self professed ‘overthinker’, I have been training myself little by little over these past few years to see things differently. To experience life from other perspectives and it has helped me to find MY joy. To re-member that FEELING IN will help me discover my truest purpose much quicker than over analyzing and ripping myself apart ever will. Mental wellness for me comes when I am not in stress. How do I keep myself out of stress? I live my life with my Top 3 Core Values front and center at all times. Peace. Freedom. Community. Do you know what yours are? If not, you also may be able to alleviate some unnecessary burdens in your life once you discover them and start living by them.And if you are feeling unwell, physically, emotionally, spiritually…. please get help. Ask. Reach out a hand and do everything you can to take care of YOU. We are not alone. Xx,ÅsaIN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:-Had my (our) first ever Sales Page designed and created for More Moss.Less Mess.-Komeil Asli, Arian Parsi of A/P Design -Mental Health Awareness month, May-I went to Stockholm for the day yesterday to help Ray for the final time.-Always have backups when doing death cleaning work. -Our sales offer, go check it out on our new sales page! Link below!-Google Podcasts going away in June. Go subscribe instead on Apple or Spotify or wherever else podcasts are found. -This summer, taking July as my RADICAL SABBATICAL from podcasting. Will be uploading previous episodes every week, top listened to, most watched, etc. -What does Mental Wellness look like for me? What makes you feel unwell?-My brain overworking. Stopping the stories. My needs. My wants. -Top 3 CORE VALUES of my life are Peace, Freedom, and Community. How does this all tie together? -Last week we had @20 people helping us to create all of the things we needed help with. I am learning to ask and ACCEPT HELP! -Moving my plants outside for the summer. Neat and tidy! -When I don’t act in accordance with my values, i am out of alignment and that causes dis-ease in me. -Thomas and I are now calling ourselves ‘Healers of the Clutter Wound’. :) MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:-Komeil Asli + Arian Parsi A/P Design Nässling, photographer Eriksson, Drone video, Health Awareness Month, May 2024 -Our new sales page can be found on our website under the More Moss. Less Mess tab. CAN YOU FIND ÅSA?Website: Offer: INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with us, email: Thank you so much for listening! 
  • 13. Therese Eriksson's journey to FREEDOM with her Full Time Female Solo Van Life

    GUEST: Therese ErikssonTITLE OF EPISODE:  Therese Eriksson's journey to FREEDOM with her Full Time Female Solo Van Life SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Therese is a Swedish videographer that packed up her life, split from her hubby, took her cat and jumped in her converted van and moved down to Spain. A year ago!! WAHH!! Therese stands for FREEDOM, PEACE, AND COMMUNITY. Just like we do here at ‘More Moss to the People’ and she has grown into a more ‘in tune’ and aligned version of herself this past year. You have to follow along  to hear why she chose to leave, how she chose to do it, what was the backstory and what is her life's dream that drives it all. You will see that not only is Therese creating from the vision she once only held in her mind's eye, she is now sharing it WITH THE WORLD on her beautiful YouTube channel so we can also learn about the lands and cultures and beautiful people she is getting to encounter. If you can’t find it, create it. YES!We are the lucky ones.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:What prompted Therese to move away? Everything she owns is in one car now. I am free. I haven’t missed any of my things Feels freeing to own less things. Not as much weighing her down. Gratitude comes from the small things, warm showers, peeing in a toilet.Less stress and anxiety, watching sunsets and sunrises with her new van friends.What does she and her van friends have in common? What difference in mentality has she noticed in the Swedes since returning? Feeling her feelings more now. More present and aware and allowing herself to take the time to process her emotions. Not occupying her mind while staying busy and productive and attached to what society considers valuable any more.Created a show on her YouTube channel where she shares her love and passion for traveling and other cultures. ”Today we are so polarized. In order to have peace we have to have understanding.””With understanding comes love and peace”. What is Therese dreaming of experiencing and where is she dreaming of traveling to next? Therese tips on reducing your time on social media. How does she reward herself after having a tough period? MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Therese has a new fabulous SHOW capturing her year in Spain on YouTube. Find her channel link below. WHERE CAN YOU FIND THERESE? YOUTUBE: @ThereseErikssonINSTAGRAM: thereseeriFACEBOOK: Therese Eriksson  (Tuss the Video Queen)LinkedIn: Therese ErikssonTIKTOK: thereseerik#vanlife #vanlifespain #spainCONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with us, email: Thank you so much for listening! 
  • 12. Foundational Estate Planning Documents with Angela Klemack Santos, Esq.

    GUEST: Angela Klemack SantosTITLE OF EPISODE:  Foundational Estate Planning Documents with Angela Klemack Santos, Esq.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:My guest of honor this week is my sister in law, Angela. Angela is a practicing attorney in South Florida who just happens to work with Trusts, Estates and Tax Planning! Wahh! You KNOW I love this kind of information and I wanted to invite her to come on and share her thoughts on what she feels are the Foundational Estate Planning Documents so we can begin preparing for our own end of life estate planning, NOW.Keep in mind… it doesn’t matter if you have USD 20,000 or USD 20 million… we all need the basic estate planning documents in place. We leave no mess behind. We get our ducks in a row. We speak to the people that can help us. We start to write our thoughts, wishes and wants down. We may buy a kit or we hire an attorney if we have a more complex situation but we get started NOW. The thought of a random stranger making a decision about MY end of life is a horrifying one.Let’s do this, OK? Let’s get started and PLEASE make your wishes known before someone else has to make the decisions for you. This is Swedish Death Cleaning, at it’s finest, my friend. You are never alone. If you need support, reach out a hand to me. I am but an email away. Xx,ÅsaP.S. This may be an episode you need to listen to several times as the information may be new to you. But PLEASE don’t give up because it’s new, it’s IMPORTANT. I would even say VITAL to your future. And even if you don’t want to do it for YOUR sake, please consider those that will have to clean up your mess when you’re gone. IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:-Who is Angela? -Foundational Estate Planning Documents (for the USA), what are they? -Designing an Estate plan, feeling settled now. Feeling peaceful now. -How to start? Decide what’s important to you. Your values. What things do you want to leave behind?-Last Will and Testament-Revocable Trust - Re-titling assets to it today in order to avoid probate-Durable Power of Attorney-Advanced Health Care Directives-Executors + Successors Trustees - what’s the difference-Living Will-What happens if you don’t have a person designated? What happens if you don’t have a Will written and you die? What happens if you have nothing prepared?-The time is now. The peace of mind once these docs are signed, and they can always be changed/updated! -What can be re-titled now even if you don’t have a Will in place? -Real Estate Deeds, with Right of Survivorship. Or a Lady Bird deed. -Financial accounts - Payable on Death or Transfer on Death-Retirement and Life Insurance: Beneficiary designationsMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Katz Baskies &  Wolf in Boca Raton FL.  Angela’s views and comments are hers alone and do not represent the firm.  Suze Orman INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. Like and Follow on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with us, email: Thank you so much for listening! 
  • 11. What do you think DIARRHEA and DECLUTTERING have in common?

    HOST: Åsa Nilsson TITLE OF EPISODE: What do you think DIARRHEA and DECLUTTERING have in common? ‘The Great Purge’ of my body AND my business.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:What do YOU think diarrhea and decluttering have in common? Probably not a question you’ve ever asked yourself but it’s a good question to ponder.Our bodies purge poisons naturally (thankfully) and when something is out of whack or off kilter, the body attempts to remedy itself. A magical machine.Well, knowing me, I will, of course, always question anything that is happening inside of me so today I went to a medical specialist to hear what is going on after 2 weeks of this happening. Diarrhea, that is. He stated that there is simply a bug inside of my system that needs to pass through. HA! I knew it! My Spirit Team was right! Yes, I check in with some of the best there are and I KNOW so much is happening in the Universe right now AND I wanted to still speak with a professional who specialises in belly problems.  I am spiritual, not naive.So my friend… do you agree that the time is NOW for ‘The Great Purge’ of things that no longer ‘suit’ us. Whether that’s our bodies purging out whatever poisons don’t belong, purging papers and old ideas and thoughts for my business and starting with a new fresh slate. OOOH, I just LOVE new beginnings... I always have. Do you? Xx,ÅsaIN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:My body is decluttering itself right now.Shedding weight like I have done in the past. Stop focusing on it and it will happen. Who am I losing weight for?Now I am shedding whatever remaining poison is in my body and I am thankful for it! Fish, veggies, chips and wine. Meal of champions. Past 2 weeks I have had diarrhea. Not sure what caused it but will go to a specialist today. Julie Poole tarot reader on YouTube. What in YOUR life is coming to a head?Starting new, starting fresh. Brings me to the decluttering of my business too! I may have jumped the gun saying Thomas was joining me on day one. Business blank slate. I love blank slates, do you? I report to myself and God. No one else. I’m taking over as the breadwinner. Feels good and scary. I am ready for this.Previous goals were all based on monetary goals. Not now. Now my passion projects INCLUDE my life and my love of working with people and helping them with their pivot. Not leaving a mess behind.Re-writing my business plan with GOD as my partner in crime and how we want to serve in the highest and best. Swedish death cleaning my business!Auditing my life, spending, shed and shred what? Getting rid of years of notes feels so good!!!! Asking myself What if I did something different this time, reach out to build a community of professionals that are in alignment with my work? Ex. funeral directors, attorneys who work with estates (like next week's guest!!!!). I do believe in Spirit AND medical professionals. Thankful for the diarrhea, rather out than in, I say.  HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: www.moremosstothepeople.comYouTube: @AsaNilsson Instagram: @AsaNilssonSwedenFacebook: @asajnilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Weight Watchers. Poole Tarot INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. 
  • 10. “I am…”. The breakup before the breakthrough.

    HOST: Åsa Nilsson TITLE OF EPISODE:  “I am…”. The breakup before the breakthrough. SUMMARY OF EPISODE:I had a bit of an epiphany this week when Thomas said one simple line to me over breakfast, “I am not the star Åsa, you are.” This set me off on a downward spiral of weird reactions and over the top ‘not enoughness’ so much so that I contemplated shutting everything down that I have created over these past 7 years on my social media feeds and the podcast movement. In the matter of one simple statement from my husband. Hmmmm, something is off. Or maybe something is RIGHT? Pay attention, Åsa.Asking myself, who am I to speak about all of these topics on social media? Maybe I should shut this all down? I am spending my life on social media posting and writing content and sharing my heart and my life and what if no one actually cares? Or even worse, what if I am embarrassing myself and my family and I don’t even know it? I was brought back to a memory of myself as a young person who didn’t feel like my voice mattered and that I needed to stop asking so many questions. Stop talking so much. ‘Stop being who you are’ essentially.Who do I need to break up with so I can fully integrate into my uplevel that IS occurring right now? The break up HAS to occur so the breakthrough can occur. An old version of myself that still believes that lie needs to go. Now. Facing my shadows.“I am… “everything. And so are you.If you don’t have people around you supporting that thought, or even if you YOURSELF don’t support that thought, then I am guessing you have some breaking up to do too. IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:Thomas' aversion to being on the podcast.I have a need to share my heart and my voice. I don’t want to be embarrassed about that. “You’re the STAR Åsa, not me”... and then the spin out that occurred.Circle of Ugh, the pattern I have been following for the past 7 years.What is my discomfort? Talking too much? Being too much? Shameful to the family? Embarrassing myself? Is this what others are thinking about me? Is this what happens when I am on social media that I begin to think that I am not enough??  Or too much? Should I shut this all down? “I am….”A next level upleveling. It’s happening in and around me and I am feeling unsettled. Creating a community. Finding my own voice. Sharing that.Childhood messaging of you are here to be seen not heard. Am I too much? Stop talking. Stop asking questions. Stop. Just stop. No, I will not stop. In fact, now I am going to double down.Who do you need to break up with so you can have YOUR breakthrough? Who is keeping you small? Who does not support your dreams? If you and I have those people in our lives then we need to see them for who they are today. Who WE are today.The STAR card in tarot. What does it symbolize? What can Thomas have meant? I am choosing a life of integrity. My integrity first. I am not sitting this life out.  HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: www.moremosstothepeople.comYouTube: @AsaNilsson Instagram: @AsaNilssonSwedenFacebook: @asajnilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Photo credit: The Star Card in the Radiant Rider Waite tarot deck. CONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. 
  • 9. “We leave our message behind, not our mess.”

    HOST: Åsa Nilsson TITLE OF EPISODE: “We leave our message behind, not our mess”SUMMARY OF EPISODE:I spent all last week working with my ‘Ray of Sunshine’ on Phase 2 of getting him completely moved out of his Stockholm apartment so he can relocate back to the US.The trust that Ray gives me, and the “free hands” to work in my own way to create the end result which he needed … makes me come alive. Makes me sweat too, don’t think it's all roses. There is an underlying pressure I still put on myself which I recognize when I “have” to rely on others. And when I start feeling like something is going sideways, how can I react in a way that is better suited rather than losing sleep over it? I can start with gratitude (and having back ups for everything!). Saying ‘thank you’ to those people and myself more. When I do this, I feel myself becoming lighter. I feel my energy becoming brighter. I can feel more creative. Immediately. Saying the words to myself, “Have fun with this, Åsa. It will all work out. Trust others to show up and do what they promised.” Trust. Trust. Trust. Working on it. #progressnotperfectionXx,ÅsaIN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:So much gratitude goes out to my VILLAGE of people that supported and helped me this week. Ray, Thomas,Tim, Mike, Thais, charitable organizations, Facebook Marketplace, TipTapp app.Swedish Death Cleaning versus Decluttering what is the difference?Ongoingness of Swedish Death Cleaning. Assigning names to things now.Don’t give your problems to someone else. “We leave our message behind, not our mess”. Follow up and follow through with people and organizations that promise to help you.Having back ups for everything and why that’s important.The BENEFITS of death cleaning and decluttering.Breaking ancestral chains by removing items that have remained due to guilt and shoulds.Your loved ones are not your things. I share some tips for starting this work yourself in your own home. HOST CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: www.moremosstothepeople.comYouTube: @AsaNilsson Instagram: @AsaNilssonSwedenFacebook: @asajnilssonMENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Charitable organizations: Stadsmissionen Stockholm, Myrorna Stockholm, Agape SecondHandFacebook MarketplaceTipTapp app for pick ups and drop offs in and around StockholmCONTACT INFORMATION for KOMEIL ASLI, my Podcast Production Manager: Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer. Like and Follow us on Instagram, @AsaNilssonSweden If you have any general questions or comments for the show, or you’d like to work with Åsa and Thomas with Swedish death cleaning + decluttering in your own home, please send an inquiry to Thank you.