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The Beauty of Balance and Belonging

Season 2, Ep. 5

Jenny Maxwell, Guest

Title of Episode: The Beauty of Balance and Belonging 

Summary of Podcast

Jenny is learning (again and again) how to balance her own time and energy. While having the best of intentions for creating a life she thought she wanted, by truly re-evaluating her own day (while being in LinkedIn jail) she was gently guided to the perspective she needed.  

Ahhh, life's journey. The journey of balance and belonging. Thank goodness we aren’t intended to do this alone!! 

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Facebook + Instagram: Jenny M Coaching


1.Jenny moved to the US from Dublin Ireland 11 years ago with her 2 sons and husband. She is also a Personal Development Coach. 

2. Re- discovering life's purpose though coaching changed her life.

3. Showing up a certain way on LinkedIn at first too, now realizes that she just needs to show up as herself and then people who like you will find you.

4. Jenny is fun and full of life and realized she can let go of people she isn’t fitting in with. 

5. Glitches in LinkedIn platform as of late. Was sent to LinkedIn jail.

6. The worries at first of not responding to posts or losing people by not posting. Slave to the algorithm. You don’t need to post every day. Stay true to yourself.

7. Jenny with her 3000+ followers on LinkedIn, felt she wouldn’t matter to the heads of LI when she tried to get clarity as to why she was jailed. Her son showed her she did matter regardless of her account size. ‘You can always write a bad review’. Smart kid.

8. Time away gave her time to reevaluate how much time and energy she was giving LinkedIn. Where's the balance? 

9. Her intention was good, to build something, no shaming, being gentle with herself. Evaluate and slow down. Don’t have to do ALL of this. 

10. You can choose or not choose to pay attention.What do you think is missing? 

11. What would I talk about if this was a post? Small changes make a big impact.

12. Futurescaping and in order to experience abundance we have to notice it. 

13. Jenny will keep her clover and her Irish flags in her LI name and risk being slung in the slammer again. :) 

14. Recovering people pleaser, does she feel the pressure to belong? Self imposed pressure. Constant comparisons of the kids starting at birth. 

15. Son didn’t sleep for 5 years, colic, postpartum depression for 18 months. 

16. Always feeling less than… (Girl!! Who can’t relate to this)?! 

17. Belonging, conforming changed when she started volunteering in her community and it became about what does someone ELSE need. 

18. Be yourself. We all belong. We are all worthy of happiness. 

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Friday, May 19, 2023

Why would a young woman need to hold on to her dreams like they were her life jacket?

Season 2, Ep. 20
Guest: Bella MillerSummary of Episode:  Bella already has a lifetime of experience in her toolbox. She teaches yoga, reiki, meditation, works full time in strategy management, is a published author, and, oh, by the way, did I mention she is 24? Put on your OLD PERSON FACE now … “Young people today… they are so entitled.. they are so used to getting everything they want, they have always been told they can have everything.” Queue eye roll. “Are these the people that are going to be running our country when we get into retirement age?!?!”If Bella Miller is any indication as to the complexity and genuineness of the young people's minds today, then I say we are going to be in safe hands. How can we encourage deeper discussions in order to understand ONE ANOTHER more? The disparity of the ages doesn’t have to be what separates us… it can be what binds us. Opening up the lines of communication with the younger generation will only serve to help us all. And man! These kids are smart! Much smarter than I ever was. They have the world at their fingertips, so what responsibilities come with that? Let’s let Bella speak. I believe her. You will too. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION: Websites:** Trigger Warning: The experiences and reflections in her book may trigger emotionally or physically traumatic experiences related to topics including, but not limited to, self-harm and suicide, sexual violence and rape, pregnancy and abortion, emotional and physical abuse, and toxic relationships. Please practice care as you read and take time to honor yourself and the experiences of others. Instagram: @bellamillerpoetry LinkedIn: OFFER FROM BELLA: All More Moss to the People listeners/viewers will get 15% off my book or presale for my ebook using the code MOREMOSS. (The ebook will likely be the more accessible format for those outside the US).TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE:What Bella learned with a 5 month stint in Australia when she was 18. Bella wrote a poem titled, "How can I be only 22 and feel this tired?" PREACH!Last year when her book was published, she felt she could finally slow down since she had the go-go-go pace since the age of 15.After graduating school and starting to work, Bella had no designated next milestones for the first time. How did that make her feel? Allowing herself just to be and not have to produce something. Has felt the pressure to do and be, finding a significant other, having an awesome job, to move.Bella’s life at 15, hit rock bottom. Depression. Went to bed and didn’t want to get up in the morning. Didn’t want to live. Trial and error for 8 years.“My dreams became my life jacket. What can help me dream and invite love into my heart and have hope in myself?” Pressures on young people today. “Not being enough is my biggest anxiety”. Bella recommends how we as elders can support the younger generations better: BELIEVE in them when they ask for support and want to share their dreams, wishes and wants. Offer a “Yes, I believe you. That makes so much sense. It's not going to be easy but how can I help you?”
Friday, May 12, 2023

Divorce was the gift I didn't know I needed.

Season 2, Ep. 19
Guest: Beth Lease Title of Episode: “Divorce was the gift I didn’t know I needed.” Summary of Episode: “Divorce was the gift I didn’t know I needed”. Stepping back, today Beth can see that her divorce was a piece of the beautiful tapestry of her life. Through hardship, therapy and creativity, Beth has found that her voice truly does make a difference in this world. And now she is helping other women to discover theirs as well… all through the medium of podcasting. Come listen in while we chat about tuning into the power of our own thoughts and how miraculous things can occur when we pay close attention to our bodies and our thoughts and to not allow divorce, life or ‘things’ to take away our voices. Isn’t it time you raised your voice too? Guest Contact Information:Podcast: So, I Got Divorced (I have since changed the name to Chase What You Love. This link goes to the trailer of So, I Got divorced)- LinkedIn: Join my Facebook Group for divorced women: FROM THIS EPISODE:Beth is a single mom, holding a full time job, doing all the things AND she is super kind and professional and easy to work with. “So, I got a divorce” was the name of her original podcast.Healing process, wants to support other women. Sharing her experiences with isolation and not having her own support when she needed it. Life coaching was a game changer for her. Big bummer to continue talking about her divorce. Thank goodness for therapy. What does the Five of Cups in Tarot have to do with the tapestry of your  life? Best ideas come while in the shower or driving.Now Beth is happy and proud of how far she’s come. Now helping other women find their voices through podcasting.Advocating for myself. loving myself. Tips to get more comfortable with your own voice.. tune into your own thoughts.  Mindfulness of the thought. Interrupt negative thoughts. Being gentle and paying attention to your body.Your voice does matter. “Everybody’s already heard all this. I don’t have anything new to say on a topic”. Not true. Nobody has experienced life like you through your perspective or voice. “Divorce was the gift I didn’t know I needed”. There is life waiting, come join my story. You're not alone. Contact Information for Komeil Asli,  Podcast Production Manager:Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer + front end Developer. 
Friday, May 5, 2023

What lie has to die for a truth to be born?

Season 2, Ep. 18
Host: Åsa Nilsson Title of Episode: What lie has to die for a truth to be born?  Summary of Episode: What if the work of self realization never stops? What if you think you have ‘this down’ only to find your truth is leaking out someplace else? Our truths always come out … either intentionally or unintentionally. Listen in while I share what I have now discovered about my own people pleasing ways and how it's rearing its head in my podcasting. I promise. I will keep revealing my truths to you so that you KNOW you are not alone. None of us are. We grow together and this movement is for all of us. Host Contact Information:www.moremosstothepeople.comTAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE: Thank you for listening and being along on this movement/ journey with me. Here I am… people pleasing, showing all signs of codependency, back bending, self abandoning… AGAIN! I thought I was done with that! HA!Time to re-read ‘Boundary Boss’! My codependency has re-surfaced in another way now, my podcasting. You need my help? Magical words to me. Me looking at the time and worrying about you, the listener, not having the time to listen in on a long episode so I push along and think I know what your needs are when I have absolutely NO IDEA what your needs are. Only YOU do. The behaviour pattern of co-dependency. “Our family, like many families, was a perfect storm of covert communication and emotional dysfunction. My parents both came from families that avoided open discussions about anything painful or problematic. And there’s the heart of the matter: ineffective communications skills lead to weak or disordered boundary skills.” - Terri Cole, Boundary Boss, pg. 17. I grew up and still am the peacemaker. Over compensated for the lack of effective communication the only way I knew how, by distracting and deflecting the problems. “My cracks are being revealed to me”.  “I therapized myself.”“ This podcast is helping me to heal”. How to feel and become free?  What am I willing to give up in order to be free? I don’t have the answers. Nope, I sure don’t. What do you KEEP saying you’re going to do, ‘one day’. That day is now. Speak the truth. “If I have a truth, will I dare to share it?” Only you can answer that… as much as I’d like to answer it FOR you (haha) but I truly do want you to discover that for yourself. Then share it.Mentioned in this episode:Boundary Boss, Terri Cole. Information for Komeil Asli,  Podcast Production Manager:Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer + front end Developer.