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"Love the life you have and live a life you love." - Marcie Hirschie

Season 2, Ep. 16

Guest Name: Marcie Hirschie

Title of Episode: "Love the life you have and live a life you love."

Summary of Episode: 

Meet the woman behind the concept that “meditation is falling in love with life”. The woman whose SUPER POWER it is to LOVE everyone in the room. The woman that collects hearts all over the world (what you look for you find, am I right)? 

Come meet this beautiful soul and let her re-mind you how precious every single day truly is and how to re-member that everything really does always work out for us. 

Guest Contact Information:

- Podcast: LOVE Your FACE

- Website: 

-YouTube Channel: @loveyourfacechallenge

- Instagram:@marciepartie


  1. Meditation is falling in love with life.
  2. Allowing the universe to court you with your senses. 
  3. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” - Abraham Hicks 
  4. Different types of ways to experience meditation
  5. Marcie and her sis help people find their super powers.
  6. Takes 18-254 days to break a habit. 
  7. “It is what is”… what does his mean to Marcie
  8. JoAnn and Marcie decided to move to Florence, Italy for 2 months, how did that plan become a reality?
  9. They set a date and made the ‘commitment’. That’s when the magic started to unfold. 
  10. Marcie’s super power is to love everyone in the room.
  11. Discuss co-dependency and not being able to decide for herself what she wanted to eat.  Worried about making the ‘wrong’ choice. 
  12. Wake up call… my thoughts create my feelings. This master thought that guides us. Practice it, show up and let go of the worry. 
  13. Marcie's 'Word of the Year' in 2020 was LOVE + the phrase, ‘Everything always works out for me’ (Abraham Hicks) changed everything.
  14. Choose to see how can I turn this into something positive? Reconnecting us to the power of choice.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • The Support System with Sheri Salata,
  • JoAnn Higa, the master connector, our mutual friend,
  • Abraham Hicks,
  • Yvonne Chung, “truth bumps”,

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  • 35. Do we have to HAVE more to BE more?

    TITLE OF EPISODE: Do we have to HAVE more to BE more? SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Åsa has now been doing her own version of Swedish Death Cleaning in her home and the best laid plans have gone to hell in a handbasket, and quickly. Proving yet again that a ‘plan’ is only a plan when the reality sets in to what kind of work and TIME it actually takes to do this process. So what’s a gal to do? ANYTHING. Start small. Even if it’s an hour and you only have a bag. HOST CONTACT INFORMATION:Web: www.moremosstothepeople.comIG: @AsaNilssonYT: @AsaNilssonIN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:-I like to organize and get rid of stuff. Move things around, in a methodical way.-The initial plan has gone to hell in a handbasket. What is the REALITY of how this is actually looking?-“What was I thinking”. -Why do I hold on to the things I hold on to? -The best laid plans. The kitchen was *supposed to’ be next. -Pulled a Tarot card, 2 of Cups, explanation of that card.-If a feeling of overwhelm happens, what to do? -Books, medicine cabinets, expired medicine, start intuitively. Just take action.-If you haven’t worn it in 20 years..-Head, heart, hands concept.-Start to create peace NOW. -Not leaving a mess for someone else.-Numbing out with stuff, more belongings, looking good for others. -Death cleaning is about evolving. Who am I? Changing, growing into my podcast. Or?-“Do we have to have more to be more”? -Upcycling, repurposing, donating. Encouraging sustainability and it’s eco friendly! MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Döstädning, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, by Margareta MagnussonSandy Michel (Stone) National Bank, Taylor Angiolini shoes from the 90's Tarot Cards: Rider Waite Tarot DeckKonMari Svensson, pictured in photo above, Designer, Fablab store owner- Stockholm, Katarina Blom, Psychologist Engström, Organizer
  • 34. “Be your own kind of beautiful”. A chat with Fashion Influencer Jade Paunovich.

    TITLE OF EPISODE: “Be your own kind of beautiful” .  A chat with Fashion Influencer Jade Paunovich.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Jade and I have known each other for over 21 years now and I have watched her grow from a commercial real estate broker into a fashion influencer in the online world. I have to share her with you because she is one of my closest friends AND she has some major wicked talents! Her passions are FASHION - BEAUTY - TRAVEL. And you will FEEL this when you listen in.This girl can pack an amazing amount of things into a carry on bag (go to her IG page and watch her pack).  She dresses and styles women in a way that they haven’t considered before, daring them to see what they DO love about their bodies and to try new things. She can put together an ensemble, head to toe in a matter of minutes for you and you will feel amazing, fresh and up to date.She does this with a huge heart and a deep passion for helping others see the beauty inside of themselves. I DARE YOU not to fall in love with her and her fabulous energy! GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION:Web: @jadefashionsherpa + @jadeingreeceFB: @jadefashionsherpa and jade.millerpaunovichTikTok: @MyFashionSherpaTwitter: @JadePaunovichIN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:Jade works with PERSONAL STYLING for women (and men) helping them to feel confident in their closet, dress for an event or pack for travel.She is a social media influencer and respects the responsibility behind this.She works with women to feel great from the INSIDE out.“We do not see what others see in us”. “When we feel good inside, we do good. We bring others up. We bring others in”.Struggle for women is dressing for their bodies today,Remember the things that others compliment you on.“I don’t dress to stand out, I dress to fit in. But I love to style a risk taker.”“Be open to trying new things, open to exploring, you are educating yourself when you try new things and having fun with it.”Over the years our bodies change, colouring changes, our likes and dislikes change, we need to have a coset that reflects who we are today.Jade helps her clients put together stylish outfits-ensembles for their trips which relieves stress and overwhelmShopping in your own closet. What does this mean? Jade’s STAPLE items that every woman should have in her closet. Jade’s viral video on her IG page where she shows how to put a cardigan on upside down. Have to watch! MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:North Carolina, Raleigh NYC:
  • 33. Does Curating a Life You Desire HAVE to Be Complex?

    Host: Åsa NilssonTITLE OF EPISODE: Does Curating a Life You Desire HAVE to Be Complex?SUMMARY OF EPISODE:“Åsa, are you depressed?” asks my cousin one day. No, why? Because you're spending all of this time on death cleaning. HA! No! I love that she asked me but no, I feel more alive and on purpose than I have in a very long time. Seeing the forest (and the moss) through the trees, getting clear in my home is the action I am taking but the CLARITY that’s unfolding before my very eyes is astounding.  Won’t you follow along?HOST CONTACT INFORMATION:Web: www.moremosstothepeople.comInsta: @AsaNilssonSwedenYouTube: @AsaNilsson IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:-60th Birthday shout out to my best girl Tammy Printy! -“With gratitude, optimism is sustainable”. Michael J Fox-Done is better than perfect.-The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, Margareta Magnusson, what I am discovering about myself.-Don’t come to the hostess with an empty hand. - Swedish custom-Åsa, are you depressed? Question from my cousin.-Change your behaviour, change your life. Change your habits, your life will change. -Dan Buettner's Netflix special about the Secrets of the Blue Zones.-Looking at creating + curating my social media feeds with things that make me say, Ah, I love him/her/them. -My death cleaning process: declutter, organize then clean. -The Lovers tarot card, Wheel of Fortune tarot card. -Ikigai/Purpose/Legacy-Please Rate + Review this podcast on Apple. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Michael J Fox Ferris Robbins Magnusson, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning Support System with Sheri Salata Buettner Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, Netflix specialWildwildwilli on Instagram Little Book of Life Admin Arkivet, Fonus Livsarkivet Share Your Love Family Discussion Guide from Equitable (you have to retrieve this from Equitable)Alana Matzkin
  • 32. Monica Poshman on Releasing the Mask of Identity

    TITLE OF EPISODE: Monica Poshman on Releasing the Mask of Identity.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:Monica has been stepping out of her SPIRITUAL CLOSET for some time now. Little by little she has been getting more comfortable showing up with her spiritual gifts in her career, not just her personal life.After working for years in the Financial Industry, Monica was so programmed to "do a good job" and she finally chose to open herself up to a fuller experience of her own life.Monica decided to change her own programming from ploughing and pushing to surrendering and trusting. 👏👏👏 YES!! Follow along on this interesting journey.GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION:Web: www.unfoldedmind.seInsta: THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:Josefine Wanner who introduced us.Today Monica is expanding her human experience, shedding more layers, taking off the armour. Facing her fears and her masks.Traumatic childhood, burned out at 30, journeying with her therapist brought her to start down her own spiritual path.How Jesus became one of her Master GuidesWorking in the Financial Industry since she was 26 and how that brought her to today.Today Monica works as an Esoteric teacher, Coach & Mentor, Reading & Managing Energy, She has visual & clear hearing, she's an Akashic records reader. She has also studied CBT, Trauma & PTSD, Shamanism and many other tools to heal and evolve. Girlfriend is gifted!!Coming out of her spiritual closet.She is an Emotional Projector in Human Design“This is not you” posted in front of her as a reminder. Following the signs.“I don’t need to push. It’s enough to just be here”. What does an animal reading look like? (dog, cat, horse)Surrender to what's coming. Don’t control.Trust - have trust in you and those who are helping you. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Josefine Wanner, Tolle Information for Komeil Asli, Podcast Production Manager:Komeil Asli Freelance UI/UX Designer + front end Developer. komeil.asli@gmail.comPlease RATE + REVIEW + SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts Thank you for listening. I so appreciate you following along on this journey.Xx,Åsa
  • 31. How did getting fired from 2+ jobs lead me to Tarot + Decluttering?

    How did getting fired from 2+ jobs lead me to Tarot + Decluttering? The roads we’ve travelled lead us to this exact spot and this divine moment in time. Have you ever taken the time to unravel your career journey to evaluate what your truest, highest skills and strengths are? That’s exactly what I did this week in this episode. This week is a stream of consciousness episode so be ready.This week I also pull tarot cards as I tell you my story and you will see how uncanny it is how the cards reflect exactly what I am discussing. So very cool. You might want to watch this episode on YouTube (@asanilsson) so you can see the cards. IN THIS EPISODE I DISCUSS:-Thank you to YOU for listening-Healing journey of podcasting-Why am I doing this podcast-Miscommunication is OUR problem. I know! I spent many years blaming others for my problems. -Doing shadow work-What have I seen of myself since starting this podcast 11-11-22?(Åsa starts to pull tarot cards as she speaks of her story, watch how the cards reflect exactly what she is talking about). Happenstance? I think not. -10 Pentacles. Abundance, happiness + joy. What does that look like for me? What’s next? Work to extend my highest self. Am I enough for you? -Choosing what we do for work. Look at my past careers, how to tie them together? -Journey started with graduating from The Ohio State University, 1990 -Seven pentacles comes up, tarot card. Laying the seeds. Watch them grow.-Relocate to Sweden, 2011, thought I was losing my marbles with the stress of work. Becoming unraveled.-Age of 50, 2017 started my own business. Find out why I chose Life Coaching. -Four swords came up. Stress was palpable.-The Hierophant tarot card comes up. The teacher. We teach each other.-The Emperor tarot card comes up. The ruler. The masculine energy of showing you where you are stuck, get unblocked. I can do that easily. -The Chariot tarot card comes up. It’s time to move. Time for action. -I access my answers through Spirit, my own intuition AND I interpret answers and next steps via the tarot cards.  Do this naturally and it makes me happy to share.-Is tarot a fluke? God,Spirit,Source is my copilot.-5 Cups tarot card comes up. Seeing what is lost but not seeing what is in front of you. -I’m coming to Columbus, Ohio Oct 8th - Dec 1st, if you want to work with me! -Judgement tarot card popped up. Drop the judgement of yourself and others. It’s time to rise, sweet love. -Getting your needs met. It’s time to get to work, as the next and final tarot card revealed,-The 8 of pentacles. HA! MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Diana (Bob) Kutschbach), my wonderful boss that saw my skills and didn’t fire meJade Paunovich and it is Given, Abraham Hicks
  • 30. Designing your EPIC END OF LIFE PARTY with Tammy Faulds

    Designing your EPIC END OF LIFE PARTY with Tammy FauldsGrief Coach + Death Doula Tammy Faulds understands the importance of designingyour own end of life party now. Why shouldn’t we? I mean, mic drop, you’re going todie, so why not be in charge of creating the most epic party you can imagine?A true reflection of YOU and who you are and how you lived and how you want it tolook. Not some sterile, boring, dark mood and dark music kind of send off.Imagine choosing to prepare, reframe, open up, and share what we want and howwe want it to look with our loved ones. The benefits of planning for your imminent demise now far outweighs the scrambling and stress that will inevitably happen if you don’t.“Love leads”, my friends. Love leads.GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION:Website: https://innertravelcoaching.comFollow Tammy online on Instagram or FacebookIN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS:-Tammy's comfort around discussing grief + loss took her from Life Coaching to Death + Grief coaching.-Doing death differently. Shining a light on traditionally dark topics.-Tammy diagnosed with cancer at 6 years old-40 different types of loss-Finding comfort in stories. Tammy shares an Objiway tradition and an Irish tradition-Feminising death, understanding more.-What are Living Funerals?-What is biophilia? How does this tie together with ‘More Moss to the People’?-Who is G.U.S.S. to Tammy? :)-With Tammy’s background in event planning, she’s working on creating THE idea for an Epic End of Life Party! Authentic, personalised. And, of course,Prince will need to be involved.-Starting a conversation with our loved ones, opening up for this starts with us.-How does Tammy get involved as a death doula?-”Love leads”.MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying, Albom’s Book, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’. Orr, @jefforrknows, last week's podcast guestPrince and the Revolution, “Let’s Go Crazy”, Tammy’s exit song. Wind & Fire, Åsa’s exit band.Some Extra Links from Tammy:Epic Exit Party - free email series that gets us thinking about how we want to go out What happens when we die? - my article that shares the spoken Objiway traditionMy Father’s Wake - the book by Kevin Toolis that shares the Irish tradition we discussedDiscovery Session - link for anyone who would like to chat/work with me. :)
  • 29. Decluttering, Organizing + Estate Clearing with Jeff Orr

    TITLE OF EPISODE: Decluttering, Organizing + Estate Clearing with Jeff Orr SUBTITLE:  The importance of discovering the connection between our ‘Self’ and our ‘Space’.SUMMARY OF EPISODE:  “I didn’t know your services even existed”. ”My house never looked so good”!Jeff Orr has heard these quotes a time or two in his career. By helping his clients organize, declutter and go through the estate clearing process, he often acts as a guide and a mediator. He not only provides his clients with the permission, authority and strength they need to make hard decisions, he does so with diplomacy and tact. Listen in while Jeff shares some gems that we can ALL take with us. Hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as I did recording it. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION:Website: THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: Jeff’s passion for helping others organize and finding contentment with their items. Especially while grieving or while going through a big change in their lives.Jeff runs in for tough conversations while most run away. Jeff likes to pull out what his clients need to do by asking them questions and drawing out what they want. “I’m here to support the fact that you get to choose”.  How does he help people who feel they are ‘supposed’ to know how to handle situations that they’ve never found themselves in before.Some tips for families and siblings with how to handle the death clearing after a family member passes.Laying out papers and photos and other items in a non emotional way helps his clients make decisions. Jeff helps to simplify the process.How does Jeff ground himself to do this type of work? Staged to Stay. What does that mean? What does Jeff mean by the “associated value” of peoples belongings? “Love them, use them but don’t hold on to them just because you think there’s a monetary value attached”. AMEN!!!!! “You can’t just donate your garbage to someone else”. HA! I love that! “Finding joy and love for a piece again that’s been sitting there the whole time.”Sentimentality in the belongings. Separating the memory from the item. This brings on progress! Jeff recommends asking “What does this item mean to you and why are you so connected to it”?  MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Tammy Faulds Lisa (“she’s not that pretty”. HA.) 
  • 28. The Conundrum

    Host: Åsa Nilsson So when is the ‘best’ time to speak of death, if not now?I have been ‘thinking’ about getting my important documentation started/ re-done for so long now that it’s quite embarrassing. I can blame it on the confusion of living in Sweden and still being a citizen of the US. But really? It’s time to have these uncomfortable discussions NOW and I’ll start it because I do NOT intend to leave my loved ones with a mess. Follow along as I decide how to tackle this death cleaning in my own home. Let's see how often I say to myself, "Maybe I should hold on to it... just in case." Ugh.Yeah, the time is now. For you too? Guest Contact Information: - Website: Instagram: AsaNilssonSweden- Facebook: Asa J Nilsson -YouTube: @AsaNilssonIN THIS EPISODE I TALK ABOUT:-Definition of a Conundrum.-The best odds of any bet. 100% of us are going to die. -Having the tough conversations about our final wishes, individually.-Taboo topic not wanting to deal with it, broaching the discussion.-Share my process of how I plan on death cleaning my home (even after I completed Konmari Tidying Up in 2017). -I am a “collector” of bowls, serving dishes, boots, coats and purses. -I can’t figure out how to find the Peacock Special that was aired in the USA about death cleaning. Can you help me?-My step by step process will look like this. Attic-basement-entry. Kitchen. Dining room. Living Room. Bathrooms. Bedrooms. Laundry Room. -Recycling Room. Garage. And finally creating The Most Beautiful Love Letter You’ll Ever Write. Your final wishes.-Update your beneficiaries NOW!!-Do you have children under 18, get documentation in place now on whom you want to take care of them. -Hire a lawyer, get help if you need to. Ask for help. Don’t take a chance or delay one more minute.-You are not alone on this journey. But you may need to go through it alone. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:-Boundary Bossöstädning, the Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson. 3 Swedish stars who went to the USA @svenson_johan, @katarinblom, @engsroom-KonMari Tidying Up Special, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning Orman
  • 27. Decluttering the Body, Mind, Soul AND Home

    After taking the entire month of July off for her Radical Sabbatical, Åsa has uncovered that her life has moved into the *next stage* where ageing parents and ailing siblings have changed her perspective on what’s important now.  The pieces of life’s puzzle are falling into place and the clarity and the vision of what is about to be the next stage of her very IMPORTANT LIFE'S work is being revealed.Decluttering our bodies, minds, souls and homes is a process, a journey, and to prepare ourselves for the inevitable is an honour… and it can be fun! “The Art of Swedish Death Cleaning”... it was MADE for Åsa!! She is Swedish, she has an uncanny ability to discuss taboo topics and she loves to organise others. Let the future unfold.Guest Contact Information: - Website: Instagram: @asanilssonsweden- Facebook: Asa J Nilsson -YouTube: @AsaNilssonIN THIS EPISODE I TALK ABOUT:-Some Aha’s from my summer RADICAL SABBATICAL-Yet another habit I don’t want to have, the computer-Update on my drinking less. Funny how AMNESIA works-My ‘Sliding Doors’ moment getting my hair cut off. Nothing to hide-My need for routines and schedule-When someone else tells you about a skill you have that you hadn’t given much thought to before because you thought ‘everyone’ was good at that. Ahem, pay attention.-Next stage of my life, ageing parents, ailing siblings. Life is changing and it's time to get honest and PREPARED! HOW?-Döstödning.The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, by Margareta Magnusson. It was like the heavens opened and I saw my life from a perspective of all the pieces of my puzzle falling together. A zipper.-What’s “The Most Beautiful Love Letter You’ll Ever Write”? -Having a simple conversation and what a difference it can make for your LEGACY.-Live in peace today. It's not about your age, you can do this work as a 40 year old! -Combination of Scandinavian practicality and the KonMari Method -It’s a bold and courageous move to take hold of your life. Now THAT’s LEGACY, not leaving your mess for someone else to clean up.MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Travel, Fashion, MakeUp Blogger: Jade Paunovich @JadefashionsherpaBook: Döstädning. The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. Margareta Magnusson. Method, by Marie Kondo.