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  • 10. Inspiring children to save money and the environment

    With the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021, Money Heroes have developed resources to encourage children to consider the connection between money choices and wider issues affecting the planet.In this episode Young Enterprise’s Director of Programmes & Services, Russell Winnard speaks with Chief Executive Officer at Zellar, Peter Charlesworth on bridging the gap between financial education and climate change and we give you exciting ideas to inspire children to be sustainable at home.Read the new climate change eBooks here [hyperlink:]Register at to access free activities, resources and the Young Money Primary Planning Framework.

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  • 9. A Year of Money Heroes

    Over the past year, Money Heroes has provided impactful guidance, tools and resources to parents and teachers to increase children’s confidence and ability to develop their financial capability as they get older.You’ve also joined us while we heard thought-provoking advice about tackling financial education at home, from our financial education experts and parents.This episode brings the ‘top tips’ and ‘did you knows’ together in a quick-fire summary to help you continue developing healthy money habits in your household over the summer break and for the new academic year.Register at to access free activities, resources and the Young Money Primary Planning Framework.You can also request free copies of the storybooks via your dashboard.
  • 8. Using research to develop meaningful financial education at home

    Research shows that most parents commonly begin engaging their children with money skills when they're about eight years old. In this episode, our host Jonathan Hart is joined by Prof. Tina Harrison, Professor of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption at the University of Edinburgh to discuss developing meaningful financial education at home and the positive impact of introducing financial skills at an early age to prepare children as they grow older. Register at to access free storybooks, activities and guidance.
  • 7. Creating opportunities to develop money skills at home

    Money Heroes continues to support the development of children’s financial capability through exciting and engaging resources, tools and guidance. Money Heroes Programme Manager, Sam Kennard speaks to our host, Jonathan Hart, about the positive impact of the activities and storybooks available to access now (and hints at games coming soon). Sam also answers some of your burning questions…In this episode we also launch our latest storybook; Super Stories for Money Heroes, by Emma Norry, published by Scholastic.Children’s learning becomes permanent and leads to the development of skills and knowledge when they have an interest in the activity or topic. Super Stories for Money Heroes author, Emma Norry, speaks about giving children the opportunity to lead the learning, teaching them in ways that holds their attention and interest.Access Super Stories for Money Heroes at hereYou can also request physical copies at at to access free activities, resources and the Young Money Primary Planning Framework.
  • 6. The role money plays in our lives with Dame Sarah Storey

    As adults, we know how significant a role money plays in our lives and the wider community: it’s rare to have a day go past when we don’t need to think about money. Addressing this with children helps them to understand where money comes from, and how we manage where it needs to go – from groceries and utilities to tax and national insurance.In this episode we welcome Dame Sarah Storey. The Paralympic cyclist, former swimmer and mum of two joins our host, Jonathan Hart to discuss her approach to financial education at home. Dame Sarah talks about how she makes learning about money fun, to keep her children engaged and help them understand how money works and the role it plays in our lives.Register at for a range of activities, guidance and the Young Money Primary Planning Frameworks. 
  • 5. Talking to your children about money with Sir Chris Hoy

    Financial education is not just about numeracy and being able to count coins and notes (though that’s certainly a part of it!), but recognising and responding to feelings and emotions around money. Having an open dialogue with children about money from an early age helps to ensure that they build healthy relationships with their money as they grow.Olympic cyclist, award winning children’s author and dad of two, Sir Chris Hoy talks to our host, Jonathan Hart about why he felt it was so important to  introduce financial education to his young children. Throughout the episode we discuss the value of storytelling to boost children’s motivation in a topic, and Sir Chris’s experience of engaging with the Money Heroes activities at home. Access Ed & Bunny Earn Some Money eBook here and the Money Heroes Parent Guide here.Register at for a range of activities, guidance and the Young Money Primary Planning Frameworks. 
  • 4. Learning about money through stories

    Children learn best when they are engaged in activities they enjoy. That’s why we worked with children’s author Matt Carr, and Scholastic, leading publisher of books for children, to create the brand new Money Heroes storybook, Ed and Bunny Earn Some Money. This episode, hosted by Jonathan Hart, aims to empower confidence in opening up conversations about money with your children. We talk about engaging children in this topic,  and developing their money management skills through interactive storytelling with our guest, author Matt Carr. Access Ed & Bunny Earn Some Money eBook here.Register at to access free activities, resources and the Young Money Primary Planning Framework.