Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth is the official podcast of American Moment, a Washington D.C.-based non-profit that seeks to identify, educate, and credential the young Americans who will implement public policy that supports strong families, a sovereign nation, and prosperity for all. Learn more by visiting

Moment of Truth is hosted by Saurabh Sharma, President of American Moment, and Nick Solheim, Chief Operations Officer of American Moment. Email the show at Moment of Truth is recorded at the Conservative Partnership Center, produced and edited by Jared Cummings.

Saurabh Sharma

President & Co-Founder @AmMomentOrg • Co-host of Moment of Truth • Member @AmerCompass • Fan of Mighty Causes • Ecclesiastes 1:9

Nick Solheim

COO and Co-Founder — @AmMomentOrg, Founder — @WallaceInst, Biz Dev — @Nativ3Digital