Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth is American Moment’s official podcast featuring prominent politicians, thinkers, journalists, and researchers on the American Right. Every show features a high-profile guest, speaking with our co-hosts Saurabh and Nick for over an hour about their background, ideas they are championing, and how to make political change. The signature in-depth nature of the podcast episodes — delving into deep policy topics from geopolitics to trade to immigration, Moment of Truth has become an indispensable part of DC staffers' weekly digest.

Enjoy the full backlog of podcasts, with over 100 hours of interviews with leaders of various political and public policy organizations, including Heritage's Kevin Roberts, Hillsdale's Dr. Larry P. Arnn, EPPC's Ryan T. Anderson, and more. Watch all 50+ hours of Season 1 of Moment of Truth, with guests including Michael Anton, Saagar Enjeti, Rachel Bovard, Blake Masters, JD Vance, Helen Andrews, Jeff Sessions, and Amanda Milius! Season 2 is now finished, and includes another 50+ hours of insightful content, with guests including Yoram Hazony, Dr. Scott Atlas, Wokal Distance, and Rep. Ken Buck. Interested in the executive branch? Learn more with former Trump administration officials, representing agencies from the Office of Presidential Personnel to the EPA to the State Department. Other major guests include Rep. Dan Bishop, Mark Meadows (Former Chief of Staff to President Trump), Raheem Kassam, Erin Hawley, Steve Bannon, and many more.

Stay tuned for an exciting new season! Moment of Truth only continues to grow —it has been cited on national television, in America’s biggest newspapers, used by donors to make giving decisions, launched thinkers into prominence, and so much more. The podcast serves an extremely important purpose for American Moment’s network: it gets them on the same page every Monday morning.

American Moment is a Washington D.C.-based non-profit that seeks to identify, educate, and credential the young Americans who will implement public policy that supports strong families, a sovereign nation, and prosperity for all. Learn more by visiting Moment of Truth is hosted by Saurabh Sharma, President of American Moment, and Nick Solheim, Chief Operations Officer of American Moment.

Email the show at Moment of Truth is recorded at the Conservative Partnership Center in Washington, DC. It is produced and edited by Jared Cummings.

Saurabh Sharma

President & Co-Founder @AmMomentOrg • Co-host of Moment of Truth • Member @AmerCompass • Fan of Mighty Causes • Ecclesiastes 1:9

Nick Solheim

COO and Co-Founder — @AmMomentOrg, Founder — @WallaceInst, Biz Dev — @Nativ3Digital