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Modern Madonnas

Kate Zubok

Season 1, Ep. 11

Kate Zubok, DJ, Producer and mother talks us through her world of sound and vibration and her love for finding the perfect harmony between music and her audience. She sees people like energies, and music as a remote control to these energies.

Born in a small town in Ukraine, Kate grew up playing on radio stations with her friends on the rail roads. As a teenage model in Europe, it was through the people and the experiences she

encountered that lead her to DJing. Kate takes us through her fierce and firm idea that the most important thing, is to follow our hearts and go for our dreams.

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  • 3. Dr Sara Kayat - Pre-Natal Care, Maternity & Motherhood

    Resident NHS GP and familiar face on ITV's This Morning, Dr Sara Kayat brings her expertise on general health and medicine to the masses empowering listeners to take control of their overall health and wellbeing. In this episode we share stories on the sometimes unexpected turns of motherhood and how to navigate pre-natal care and maternity. Dr Kayat offers refreshing advise for expectant mothers not only from her experience in medicine, but being a new mother with the release of her new book 'How To Have A Baby'.
  • 2. Milly Ellis - On Confidence Through Speech

    Voice Coach, Script Consultant, Corporate Leadership Trainer, and Confidence Expert Milly Ellis joins us on the podcast today. In this episode, we discuss her work with powerhouses such as Netflix, Pathé, White Cube and HBO as well as explore some useful techniques in elocution and elevating one’s self esteem through clear speech …I even undertake the embarrassing task of poetry reading ! It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re down to improve your voice and ward off those oh so common vocal ticks and nagging insecurities. 
  • 1. Poppy Cross

    London-based Co-Active Life Coach Poppy Cross and I discuss self worth and useful techniques she's learned to manage self-sabotage on her journey to authenticity. We explore the inevitability of pain and how to navigate healing through positive psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural psychology. Trained in neuroscience via Stanford Professor Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence Training Programme, Poppy also has a previous background in journalism working for The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, Psychologies and Tatler. Her coaching incorporates science and spirituality underscoring areas of personal and professional development.
  • 18. Janni Lima

    Sitting down with bodybuilder Janni Lima who last year became British champion, we discuss body ideals in relation to body dysmorphia and how others' perceptions can affect the view of our own bodies. Janni shares the euphoric feeling of being in control of her body and it's capabilities as we uncover how building a strong body becomes a tool for women to rise from suppression in taking control of their lives.
  • 17. Lianne Creemers

    This is the story about Lianne who 10 days ago rented a van to drive down to the Ukrainian border to help in any way she could. 72 hours later she found herself driving back with 8 women and children who had fled the Russian invasion of their homes. As we speak, these people are being housed in her friends' extra rooms as she prepares housing for new arrivals. Lianne does not wait for things to get better, she acts the right away. And for these 8 people she has made all the difference; a real force of nature.
  • 16. Maria-Krystyna Duval

    In this episode I speak to Maria-Krystyna Duval about her job as a climate and human rights lawyer for the Client Earth organisation.In honour of International women's day, we dive deeper into the effects that climate change can have on women's rights. We discuss the areas of climate change that needs the most attention right now and what you can do as a civilian entity, beyond recycling, to take part in the fight.
  • 15. Gloria Monfrini

    In this discussion with top UK Angel investor Gloria Monfrini, we demystify money and investments and explore why women still shy away from the topic in general settings. As a graduate from Harvard Bussines school, former analyst for Morgan Stanley and one of the first 500 employees of Uber, she believes it is vital for women to consistently participate in discussions about money. The more we talk about money, the more we understand how to manage it. Learning how to capitalise our assets gains us the independence to be exactly who we want to be.
  • 14. Sophie Apollonia

    In this illuminating conversation with choreographer Sophie Apollonia, we talk about her journey from Brixton to the Royal Ballet School and dancing her way to becoming a highly sought after choreographer and performer in theatre, film and fashion. She shares her experience in being mixed race in a predominantly causation insistution and how she learned to use her individuality to elevate her artistry. A not-to-be missed conversation with a woman who is in it to win it with her heart and soul!
  • 13. Tove Lo

    Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Tove Lo shares the mic with me in this episode about the highs and the lows of her journey to becoming a Swedish Pop sensation as she opens up about the struggle to always stay true to herself and the euphoria of achieving one's dreams.