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  • Meet SNATCH & GAB

    New Podcast Alert!While this one is still on hiatus, we're doing something new and interesting with SNATCH & GAB: a pussy podcast. This is primarily a visual experience hosted on OnlyFans but you can tune into the audio weekly wherever you listen to your podcasts. This podcast is XXX rated so we are NOT hosting it here on our main feed. Just in case the feds come for us.What is a pussy podcast? Well, you kinda gotta subscribe to find out!Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @snatchandgabListen at

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  • P-Poppin' Talkin': Last Call for Alcohol

    It's the penultimate episode of our beloved P-Valley and it looks like Uncle Clifford might be losing the Pynk for good. We finally see the mysterious Montavious who finds Autumn/Hailey and all he wants to know is where his dollas at??? Andre's wife makes a surprise visit while he was tryna buss Autumn down in the VIP, thus ruining his plans to say goodbye properly. A lot of scorned lovers this episode but you know who didn't let us down? Our lil romantic Lil Murda. And we finally see some sparks between Diamond and Miss Miss! Whew! Give this episode a listen and tell us your thoughts @mmhmmgirl on Twitter or IG.We are going to miss this show so much. Starz execs, if you're reading or listening to this podcast please give our girls 12 episodes next season!
  • Why Aren't We Burning Dogs?

    Megan confirms that 5'3" Tory Lanez shot her, police shoot another unarmed Black men. Moral of the story is that we have GOT to start burning dogs around here if we want justice. We also discuss the Democratic National Convention, the internal struggle we have rallying behind the Biden/Harris ticket, and wonder who in the HELL asked Jaheim for his opinion on anything?????
  • P-Poppin' Talkin: Legacy

    We're discussing episode 6 of P-Valley which was directed by Tasha Smith! (This is the first time we've seen something she's directed and we loved it!) We can't believe there are only two episodes left. Let's all start the EMMY and Golden Globe nomination campaigns now because we MUST get a season two!Tell us your thoughts @mmhmmgirl.
  • P-Poppin' Talkin': The Trap x Belly

    Just because we didn't upload last week doesn't mean we skipping an episode! Listen in for our recap of Episode 4 "The Trap" and Episode 5 "Belly". Things are getting really interesting and for the first time in the series we've reached the most unbelievable part of the show yet, can you guess what that is?
  • Old Guys We'd Totally Bone, Ranked

    No one asked for this but here goes this totally unhinged episode anyway. Seasoned d*ck, ranked!Who is on y'all list? Tweet us @mmhmmgirl.
  • P-Poppin' Talkin': Higher Ground

    Y'all better sit y'all asses down, it's time for the MMHMM, GIRL P-Valley recap podcast!This week we discuss episode three "Higher Ground" which is directed by Millicent Shelton. In this episode we learn a lot more about Mercedes and Andre, Miss Autumn is still a mystery, and we've got some questions/theories on Uncle Clifford and Corbin's relationship. We absolute go UP for this show and can't wait for next week! Tweet us your thoughts @mmhmmgirl.