Misinfo Weekly


Web archives and the Wayback Machine: a key tool for understanding and even propagating misinformation

Season 2, Ep. 2

Content on the internet is always changing in quiet and subtle ways. Without the ability to track how the internet has changed, it's difficult to get a read on trends in misinformation. In this episode, we interview Dr. Jessica Ogden about the web archiving, and we get her take on important methods and uses for web archives. We discuss how web archives are created by both memory institutions such as libraries as well as hacker collectives like ArchiveTeam. We also discuss the race to archive platforms such as Parler and NSFW Tumblr as they shut down. Dr. Ogden is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol, an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, and a Fellow at the Bristol Digital Futures Institute.

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