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Ep. 38

Tune in to hear from our guest Rob Roseman and hear some tips how to live the dad life and show up with intention. Rob is a stay-at-home Dad in Atlanta married with 3 kids, ages 6, 4, and 1. Rob is continuously reinvesting himself now as a stay home dad exploring parenthood.

Rob started a company with his sister, Lauren, called where they produce 2-minute videos that help teach kids how to read. We like to say it's, Screen time parents can feel GOOD about. 

Rob is also a host of his podcast Dad the Best I Can Show, where he enjoys talking to other Dads, like Jesse Itzler, business leaders, and even his father-in-law, about their Dad Life. Moms recommend to the men in your life!

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  • 52. Teaching children + teens Financial Freedom

    Chris Farrell, Co-Founder of FUNancial Freedom joins us as we discuss teaching children and teens to become financially smart. An absolute must for all children. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or even a big brother or big sister, we want to help your child or teen gain mastery over a subject matter that terrifies most adults. It's the confidence that children receive from mastering how to manage their finances that is the most rewarding.Learn the power of compounding in this episode. Albert Einstein believed compounding was the 8th wonder of the world. Join today for a special offer trial to start!
  • 51. Women Empowerment

    Join us with special guest Radhi Nunez. Radhi has a Masters Degree in Educational Studies with a concentration in Counseling and aBachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Business concentration. She has been working in Clinical Mental Health for the past 7 years working within the inner cities of Lowell and Lawrence. Join us to learn how she is building a Multiple Level Marketing platform in the travel industry and running a Woman’s Empowerment Workshop.Join us on How To Talk To Your Kids About Racism 4 week Workshop beginning 7/2!
  • 50. Raising conscious girl leaders

    Join us with special guest Melody Pourmoradi. She is a life coach, author and the creator of the GiRLiFE Certification Program: a digital curriculum that trains female leaders to create income generating girls empowerment workshops locally. Her greatest goal is for every young girl and women to find her own voice and live a life that lights her up from the inside-out. Learn more here: Mindfulness Method is here. Enroll today parents birth- 8 years old. Special pricing until 5/11
  • 49. Elephant Learning-Online Math program

    Please join us with special guest Dr. Nagarath. His PhD studies focused on math education and computer science. After he graduated, he spent some time as a software engineer with the educational services giant Pearson, before starting Elephant Learning, a math learning platform that promises to teach children a year of math in just three months. Aditya started this platform specifically to remedy concerning trends in math proficiency statistics, the platform has seen great success. Now is a great time to join the online academy while you may be home with your children and want to ensure your children are getting the best education!Receive Experiential Learning Through Gamification- Elephant Learning uses the latest scientific research in Mathematics Education to provide students with experiential learning. It is a gamification of a proven curriculum. The result feels like a puzzle game, think "Angry Birds" but for mathematics.
  • 48. Fostering and Adoption with Crazy Pieces

    Tune in with special guest Crystal, Founder of Crazy Pieces You Tube channel. We discuss the high and lows of raising a huge family and simple parenting tips navigating the social media world that will save you lots of headaches and most of all setting your children up for success! They live by the phrase, “Life goes by so fast... don’t blink, just film” which kicked off their family vlogging adventures.Parents Aaron and Crystal have 3 biological children and have opened their home to 7 more children through adoption, making them a 12-person family unit. Catch them here:
  • 47. Boston based Family- Focused Lifestyle Co: Fulley

    Join me with special guest Kylie Kremas, Founder of Fulley. Fulley is a Family-Focused Lifestyle Company located in the Boston area. Their focus is supporting parents to build happy, healthy homes where children will thrive. "85% of mothers say that they do not feel society supports them."-Fulley and tired of all the whining and sleepless nights? I can help! Book a consultation to be empowered.
  • 46. Take ACTION with Family Coach- Veenu Inspires

    Tune in with special guest Veenu Keller, Founder of Veenu Inspires and the In Home TurnAround Program. Veenu is a Family Dynamic Coach. Through her years of experience working with families and having 6 of her own kids, she developed an amazing program where she moves into your home for 4 days. Veenu has been coaching individuals from kids to adults for 10 years. She helps individuals create the identity that will move them forward. for transformation? Located in the Boston area?
  • 45. Communication can be fun!

    Special guest episode with Jennifer Zumbiel, Founder of Togather Moments. Jennifer is on a mission to make your family's communication more easy, meaningful, and fun. She does this through cool games that can help you get past the surface and dig deeper in the small moments that you already have.Use Code- MOMENTS to receive 15% off until 11/10! you struggling with your family's communication with either your partner/child or both? Reach out today to work together!
  • 44. Pretzel Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Benefits

    Join us to learn the benefits of mindfulness and yoga for kids. It's a movement and you want to be involved! Robyn Parets is the Founder of Pretzel Kids Yoga, a former Journalist, and Business Coach to female entrepreneurs.Visit for more information to register your child or teach! Offered all over the country: your private in home or school with Founder of Parenting With a Punch, Amanda Houle today! You will be so excited you signed up for Pretzel Kids Yoga.