Mind Your Skin with Poppy Jamie


Skin and Hormones with Dr Terry Loong

Season 2

For many of us, puberty was probably the first time you noticed how fluctuating hormones affect your skin. Your body is constantly working with the hormones to keep a balance, but if even one hormone is off, you can start experiencing skin issues such as dryness, acne, wrinkles and rosacea. 

Today, I am speaking to Dr Terry Loong about how we can respect and balance our hormones so that we can develop healthier and happier skin. We discuss how happy hormones can improve our skin, why hormones affect men and women differently and why our skin changes during pregnancy.

Dr Terry’s inside-out approach to balancing our hormones is fascinating and teaches us the importance of being in tune with our mind and bodies. 

Find more information on Dr Terry Loong:

Website: https://drterryloong.com/

Instagram: @dr_terry_

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Hosted by Poppy Jamie

Produced by Georgie Rutherford

Edited by George Drake

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