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Episode 138 - Proof of Spiritual Phenomena & The Journey of the Spiritual Scientist w/ Mona Sobhani

Ep. 138

In this episode I have a conversation with Neuroscientist, Researcher, and Author.. Mona Sobhani. Mona and I discuss her incredible new book, 'Proof of Spiritual Phenomena: A Neuroscientists Discovery of the Ineffable Mysteries of the Universe', which shares her personal journey from scientist to spiritual scientist.. We also talk about her thoughts about and experiences with psychedelics, aliens, angels, and so much more! Mona's beautiful story is the story of a human who wanted to know more and used her scientific mind to understand the mechanics of these very high frequency concepts.. Drop In!

Mona Sobhani:

Mona Sobhani, Ph.D., is a cognitive neuroscientist, author and entrepreneur. A former research scientist at the University of Southern California, she holds a doctorate in neuroscience from the University of Southern California and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University with the MacArthur Foundation Law and Neuroscience Project. She is the author of Proof of Spiritual Phenomena: A Neuroscientist’s Discovery of the Ineffable Mysteries of the Universe. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, VOX, and other media outlets. She currently lives in Los Angeles. 

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  • 194. Episode 194 - Ethereal Autism & Creating the New Earth w/ Alex Marcoux, Shauna Kalici, and Connie

    In this episode, I welcome back returning guest and author Alex Marcoux as we discuss her latest book 'Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift'.. Alex brings with her two incredible women who played a pivotal role in the creation of both her books; Shauna Kilici channer of the 16th Dimensional Collective named Cerian, and Connie the mother of the Ethereal Autist Daniel, both of whose messages are the foundation of this writing.. As we talk about the new book - which details the true role autistic people play in holding a higher frequency, helping bring in the Lemurian energies needed to form the New Earth - we dive into several different topics such as: Lemurian History, Autism Throughout Time, The Nature of the Divine, The Return of the Divine Feminine, The Power of Manifestation, Shaping the New Earth and beyond.. The talk continues with Connie sharing some recent messages for humanity from Daniel, Shauna shares messages from Cerian, and so much more!! Drop In!!www.alexmarcoux.comAlex Marcoux Bio:Alex Marcoux is a seeker of Truth and an international author of spiritual nonfiction and visionary fiction books. In her life, she has been welcomed into a world few people see: the sacred mysteries and magic of autism.When asked by three nonspeaking autistics to make known their truth, Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness and also The Unsuspected Heroes: A Visionary Fiction Novel emerged.The Unsuspected Heroes is a 2021 International Book Awards finalist in Visionary Fiction and 2021 American Book Fest Best Book Award Finalist in Visionary Fiction.
  • 193. Episode 193 - Spiritual Evolution & The Joy of Non-Judgment w/Mariya Shiyko

    In this episode I speak with teacher, mentor, and author...Mariya Shiyko. Mariya and I have a stream of consciousness discussion plugging our spiritual minds together to approach some of the highest frequency subjects.. We also talk her like growing up in Russia which she felt was stifling, until arriving in America where she was able to pursue her spiritual intuition and lean into the esoteric.. She then trained herself as a metaphysical, spiritual person to which she then began sharing her light and knowledge with others.. As we continue, we talk about humanities evolution and her thoughts and downloads related to our current world.. Drop in!www.mariyashiyko.loveMariya Shiyko Bio: Mariya Shiko is a former tenured university professor turned spiritual guide, intuitive life & business coach/mentor. She is the author of 2 books, 50+ publications, 100+ presentations, and an award-winning educator, with appearances on TV and podcasts. She teaches online, counsels, and so much more…
  • 192. Episode 192 - The Seven Gateways of Spiritual Experience & The Spiritual Journey w/ Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

    In this episode I speak with the author of the recent book; 'The Seven Gateways of the Spiritual Experience: Awakening to a Deeper Knowledge of Love, Life Balance, and God'...Dr.Jonathan Ellerby. Jonathan and I talk about how the spiritual experience tends to fall into specific categories throughout the human experience, and what those look like. We also take a deep dive into the nature of spirituality itself, deconstructing the human experience from it's highest to it's densest levels. Then we discuss how the human story contains both triumph and tragedy, but how all of that may have been necessary for our development as a species.. Jonathan then gives us strategies for integration, expansion, and more! An incredible episode packed with the deepest knowledge.. Drop in!!www.jonathanellerby.comDr. Jonathan Ellerby Bio:Jonathan H. Ellerby, Ph.D., has worked as a spiritual teacher, ceremonial leader, integrative wellness expert, and leadership consultant for more than 25 years. With a doctoral degree in comparative religion, training as a counselor and chaplain, ordination as an Interfaith Minister, and certification in a variety of intuitive and energy-based healing practices, Jonathan has dedicated his life to understanding transformative spiritual and the nature of consciousness.Author of several books, including Return to the Sacred, he lives on Vancouver Island, Canada
  • 191. Episode 191 - The Symbolism and Connections between Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah, and more! w/ John Sandbach

    In this episode I speak with the legendary author and Tarot expert.. John Sandbach. John and I talk about his most recent book, 'Soul Journey Through the Tarot' which defines and approaches the tarot system in a way that integrates Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, Space Language, Herbalism, and other modalities. An incredible book! We then take a very deep dive into the nature of symbolism, and touch on topics auch as: The Tree of life, Extraterrestrial Tarot, Tarot as a method of healing, animism within Kabbalah, and so much more! Drop In!www.johnsandbach.netJohn Sandbach Bio:John Sandbach s a highly respected astrology and Tarot researcher who has been working professionally in these fields for more than 50 years. He is the visionary behind the Chandra Symbols of the 360 degrees of the zodiac system, and he offers private astrology and Tarot readings online. The author of several books, including The Circular Temple and Astrology, Alchemy, and the Tarot, he lives in Kansas City, Missouri.
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    In this episode, we take another dive into current human culture and explore...the news!For the first time ever, I fly solo -but with you the audience - as I take a look at some of the strange, wild, and unreal stories that have popped up on Earth's news feed recently.This episode features: Huge quantum technology advances, more advancements in the world of psychedelics, 3-D printed organs, hybrid super goats, and so much more!As I share these stories with you, I discuss some of their finer points..Listen In!
  • 189. Episode 189 - The Conspiracy Theory Survival Guide & The Mandela Effect w/ John Kirwin

    In this episode, I speak with the author of the book 'The Conspiracy Theory Survival Guide' and Director of the 'Wake Up or Else' YouTube channel... John Kirwin. John talks about his personal journey which led him to create this amazing manual which is designed to help those awakening to the many hidden truths, live amongst those still in the matrix. As we continue our conversation, we touch on several topics including: the faked moon landing, flat earth, the 13 families ruling the world, and the true history of humanity. We then take a deep dive into 'The Mandela Effect' - a phenomena which seems to indicate the the fabric of reality is somehow changing all around us, with clues in the everyday things found in our lives. He also talks about the Biblical Mandela Effect, where there is evidence that Bible verses are being changed and manipulated in the same way as other Mandela Effect anomalies.. John and I then talk about what happens when you wake up, and how to manage existence with people who may not want to leave a false reality.. An absolutely riveting episode! Drop in!www.wakeuporelse.comJohn Kirwin Biography:John Kirwin has served in full and part-time ministry as a worship leader and pastor for over 30 years. He is the founder of Wakeuporelse PMA, a 508 (c) (1) online Christian fellowship for the Truther community. With over 5,000 subscribers and over 400,000 views, Wakeuporelse PMA has been providing insight into the Truther's journey since 2017.
  • 188. Episode 188 - Dendera & The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt w/ José Maria Berrera

    In this episode I speak with the author of the recent book - 'Dendera: Temple of Time - The Celestial Wisdom of Ancient Egypt',.. José Maria Barrera. José traveled to Egypt to capture thousands of highly detailed photographs of a temple in Dendera that is one of the most preserved temples in ancient Egypt. Opened to the public in 2010, this temple detailed many aspects of Egyptian life including astronomy, astrology, spiritual development and more. As we break down the symbolism and meaning of this temple, we also talk about the spiritual awareness and higher understandings found within the mysteries ancient Egyptian culture. We then take a deep dive into what the life might have been for a person living there, during that time -and how their human experience was radically different than where we are today.. An incredible episode.. Drop In!www.josemariabarrera.comJosé Maria Barrera Bio:José María Barrera is a software engineer and application architect, specializing in datarepresentation and languages, who has been fascinated by alchemy and Egyptian culture for more than 20years. An avid photographer, his work has been exhibited in galleries in Chicago and New York City andsold at Sotheby’s Auctions. Born in Colombia, he holds a master’s degree in computer science. He livesin New York City.
  • 187. Episode 187 - Tarot Explained w/ Julia Gordon-Bramer

    In this episode I speak with author and legendary Tarot reader... Julia Gordon-Bramer. Julia and I discuss her over 45 year history with Tarot, and her most recent book, "Tarot Life Lessons: Living Wisdom from the Major Arcana". This book takes a deep dive into every card featured in the Major Arcana, and all their various esoteric meanings. As we conduct our amazing discussion, Julia breaks down the history of Tarot; from it's origin in the mists of time, then its persecution, to it's standardization, and into the 21st Century. After, we talk about the fundamentals of both the Major and Minor Arcana, and the symbolism found in the cards themselves. We also talk about energetic shielding for Tarot readers, some of her most interesting readings, and so much more! Drop In!www.juliagordonbramer.comJulia Gordon-Bramer Bio:Julia Gordon-Bramer is a professional tarot card reader, award- winning writer and poet, Sylvia Plath scholar, former professor for the Graduate Writing Program at Lindenwood University and host of the radio show, videocast, and podcast Mystic Fix. She has appeared on MTV, Nickelodeon, and many television and radio shows to share her tarot talents and scholarship. Recognized as one of St. Louis’ Top Ten Psychics (Psychic St. Louis) and St. Louis’ Best Fortune-Teller (CBS Radio),she is also the author of several books, She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri. 
  • 186. Episode 186 - Understanding Empaths & Empath Evolution w/ Michelle Howe

    In this episode I talk with teacher, leader, and founder of 'Empath Evolution'...Michelle Howe. As we begin, Michelle and I talk about her story understanding and developing her gifts as an empath, and then take the deep dive into what an Empath really is. We then talk about how the Empath's awakening unfolds; first being able to identify that you are feeling someone else's feelings, and then how to control that gift. Michelle continues as we talk about how she took being an Empath even further by developing a curriculum to help other Empaths in the world, teaching them how to function and utilize their empathic understandings.. We also talk about shielding techniques, empathic star seeds, energy vampires, and more! A super fun, incredible conversation.. Drop In!www.empathevolution.comMichelle Howe Bio:Michelle J. Howe mentors and empowers "empathic" leaders. She is the founder of Empath Evolution and the curator of The Empath Evolution Community for individuals who are Highly Sensitive Feelers, Healers, and Empaths. Michelle is a powerful channel of high-vibrational healing energies who is on a mission to awaken your sense of inner connection and to deepen the trust you have in your own natural gifts and intuition. She's passionate about helping you navigate beyond the negativity, trauma, mood swings, and anxiety that often accompany a Spiritual awakening. As a highly attuned Empath, certified Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Soul Detective Practitioner and Metatronic Healer, Michelle's private practice, empowerment workshops, online programs, and specialized events guide you along an EXPANSION TO JOY - to achieve greater success at home, at work, and in relationships.