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Episode 115 - The Astrology of Bitcoin w/ Adam Sommer

Ep. 115

In this episode I speak with astrologer, writer, and cryptocurrency expert... Adam Sommer. Adam and I talk about how he applies his deep astrological understandings into the world of Bitcoin and other cryptos, and what lies ahead for this new type of monetary exchange. We also talk about the history of Bitcoin, and how it's astrological chart syncs up perfectly with it's ongoing story.. Drop In!


Adam Sommer Bio:

Adam Sommer is a an astrologer, writer, podcaster, and crypto currency expert. He combines both his astrological understandings and his knowledge of cryptocurrencies to create a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency phenomena. He astrological certification is from Maurice Fernandez who is co-founder of OPA (Organization of Professional Astrologers), and he started his first podcast in 2009!...called Exploring Astrology.

He says his intention is ‘To be of the most assistance I can be to you and the rest of the astrological/mythical world by animating these stories, these skies, and these ways of understanding in a way that gets you more excited each time you read or listen to my work. I also pray, that through my work you find a couple of holes to travel down and that you find some heaven by doing so’.

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Episode 130 - Crystal Consciousness & The New Paradigm w/ Harmony Fronterhouse

Ep. 130
In this episode, I have another fantastic conversation with Harmony Fronterhouse about crystals and her book 'Birthing a New Paradigm'. We refresh people on the concepts laid out in her book, which we covered on her previous appearance, and then take a deep dive into understanding crystals. Harmony shares with us how crystals are alive, and how their magnetic fields can heal ailments. We also discuss several types of crystals and what they specifically do.. Drop In!https://www.youtube.com/@WildcraftWellnessHarmony Fronterhouse Bio:Harmony Fronterhouse is a visionary and wisdom keeper of the new age. Merging ancient knowledge with current downloads, she is a bridge builder who embraces both science and spirit. The creator of Wildcraft Wellness, Harmony believes that we are the ones we've been waiting for and the time is Now. A mother of three and teacher in the community, Harmony is also a Writer, Visionary Artist, and Musician. She is a Certified Caregiver for 15+ years, and a youth and adult Educator. She is also a passionate Gardener, Herbalist of the Wise Women's Traditions and Permaculture/ Urban Farmer, sharing her knowledge of plants and nutrition and the connection to balanced health in the garden classroom environment. Focused on creating wellness and sustainability, her passion for nature and empowering children have merged, while building community and individual connection through gardening and food. Connecting to the soil means connecting to each other, in turn we are able to interact with our world on an open authentic level, creating a new paradigm. We do not only inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. . . .

Episode 129 - Magnetic Fields of the Human Body w/ Manly P. Hall

Ep. 129
In this episode, Brynn Anderson and I listen to another knowledge packed lecture from the legendary...Manly P. Hall. In a lecture recorded in 1989, Manly discusses the various magnetic fields and how we both harm and nurture them. He also talks about the history of magnetic theory, and magnetic healing. Also, he shares his understanding of how the various energy fields give life to all things.. Drop In!www.prs.orgManly P. Hall Bio:Manly P. Hall (1901-1990) founded the Philosophical Research Society in 1934, a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of useful knowledge in the fields of philosophy, comparative religion and psychology. In his long career, spanning more than 70 years of dynamic public activity, Mr. Hall delivered over 8000 lectures in the United States and abroad, authored over 150 books and essays, and wrote countless magazine articles.Many of Mr. Hall's lectures have been transcribed and are available as pamphlets; others were taped live, and the audio recordings are available on CD's as well. He is perhaps best known for his 1928 classic, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages," an encyclopedia of the world's wisdom traditions and symbolic disciplines.Today, younger generations are re-discovering the works and words of Manly Hall, finding that the material he put forth so many years ago is still relevant and useful today. Mr. Hall's hope for humanity was to learn from the greatest minds of all times so that we may solve current problems - both in society and in the individual - today.Brynn Anderson Bio:Life long lover of all things nature, Brynn Anderson has been studying herbs for over 27 years...Her natural mindset has led her to a life of herbology, and a life of teaching. She operates the company 'Vital Force Herbs' an organic herbalism company based in Portland, OR.All the products Brynn creates are made with ingredients grown in her own organic garden.Brynn's service is rooted in providing an outlet for the plant spirit to assist all life on Earth.Combining both aspects of her life, herbalism and teaching, Brynn wishes to guide all humanity to a new understanding of the world around them, and the bountiful medicinal gifts of the Earth.www.vitalforceherbs.com

Episode 128 - Living Astrology & The Signs of the Zodiac w/ Tyler Penor

Ep. 128
In this episode, we have another fantastic discussion with the founder of the School of Living Astrology... Tyler Penor. Tyler returns to expand on the concepts he introduced way back in episode 014. This time Tyler walks us through the signs of the zodiac from the perspective of Living Astrology, which differs from traditional astrology. We also discuss this meaning of deep astrological concepts and more... Drop In!www.thechironium.com - The School of Living AstrologyTyler Penor, is the founder of the School of Living Astrology and a practicing astrologer whose mission is to restore the art back to its roots as a tool to understand ourselves and to live in balance and harmony with nature and the world we live in.His personal astrological journey began in the year 2000 at age 15 and he began sharing his services as an astrologer in 2010."Living Astrology" is the name he gave to his specific style and approach to astrology, as his focus is on the present moment and living in tune with nature and it's cycles. He is not a fortune-teller or magician. He is a humble astrologer who comes from the heart and is sincere in doing his best to help others to believe in themselves and reach their highest potential.His grand vision is to help restore the art of astrology back into our daily lives, in a way that is practical and comprehensible, in order to reignite our mystical connection to life once again and to join with other like-minded individuals and share these teachings with the world. It is the responsibility of the astrologers alive now to pass on the wisdom we have received and teach the proper use of this powerful healing art.