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Episode 069 - Beyond Success w/ Ram Dass

Ep. 69

In this episode, Brynn Anderson and I listen to a lecture from the the legendary speaker, author, and so much more... Ram Dass. Recorded in 1987, Ram Dass talks about what true success is and shares his perspective on spiritual goal setting. He also breaks down how to achieve a form of conscious capitalism when doing business.. Drop In!

Ram Dass:

Ram Dass also known as Baba Ram Dass, was an American spiritual teacher, guru of modern yoga, psychologist, and author. His best-selling 1971 book, Be Here Now, which has been described by multiple reviewers as "seminal", has sold two million copies and helped popularize Eastern spirituality and yoga with the baby boomer generation in the West. He authored or co-authored twelve more books on spirituality over the next four decades, including Grist for the Mill (1977), How Can I Help? (1985), and Polishing the Mirror (2013).

Dass was personally and professionally associated with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early 1960s.

In 1967, Alpert traveled to India and became a disciple of Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba who gave him the name Ram Dass, meaning "Servant of Ram". In the coming years, he founded the charitable organizations Seva Foundation and Hanuman Foundation. He traveled extensively giving talks and retreats and holding fundraisers for charitable causes in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. In 1997, he had a stroke which left him with paralysis and expressive aphasia. He eventually grew to interpret this event as an act of grace, learning to speak again and continuing to teach and author books. After becoming seriously ill during a trip to India in 2004, he gave up traveling and moved to Maui, Hawaii, where he hosted annual retreats with other spiritual teachers until his death.

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Episode 076 - The Nature of Channeling & Divination Techniques w/ Janice Carey

Ep. 76
In this episode I record live at the haunted White Eagle Saloon in Portland, Or with renowned channeler and intuitive... Janice Carey. Janice and I discuss what led her to discover her amazing gifts, while sharing with us some of the knowledge and information these channeled beings have communicated to her. She also teaches us how to make and use a pendulum, then shares some info about a recent murder case. Drop In!Janice Carey Bio:Janice Carey is a world class channeler, healer, and metaphysician. For almost 20 years she has worked with hundreds of clients in connecting to the spiritual world, and healing in a spiritual way..From Janice..Illnesses humble us and have a way of putting things in perspective. Workaholism, compulsive behaviors, zealotry and hoarding (whether it's things or money) put us back in our evolution and make it difficult to enjoy life. My intention for my life is to enjoy life and love others. Missed opportunities ruin so many people's good intentions for their life. Very nearly all of my time is spent casting my line for rocks, making moves toward creating a better planet; rocks, growing up, preaching the gospel of Buddha and Jesus; rocks, giving lost souls a shoulder; rocks, extricating themselves from ignorant people who create misery for others; rocks, who GET broken people and know what it feels like to hurt so bad you want to die. Greetings fellow rocks. Talcum (soapstone - used for thousands of years for carving) Gypsy (Egyptian soul)TJanice's Energy Work: This warming energy combines reiki, aromatherapy and reflexology; works on an auric level, penetrates the skin and reaches every organ in the body via reflexology points. My interests include empowering Women and People of color - It's important to remember our limitations are often imposed on us by others and do not reflect reality. We can manifest our desires, heal ourselves and create the life of our dreams.

Episode 075 - Archetypes & The World Within w/ Carl Jung

Ep. 75
In this episode, Brynn Anderson and I listen to some very rare recordings from one of the most influential humans of the modern age...Carl Jung. Considered to be the father of modern psychology, Dr. Jung brought many of the most popular concepts related to psychology into the collective consciousness. He gave us a new awareness that strengthened the understanding of ourselves, and so much more.. A true legend, these recordings will give you a glimpse into one of the greatest thinking minds of all time.. Drop In!Carl Jung Bio:Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) was an early 20th century psychotherapist and psychiatrist who created the field of analytical psychology. He is widely considered one of the most important figures in the history of psychology.Carl Gustav Jung was born in Switzerland in 1875 to Emilie Preiswerk and Paul Jung, a pastor. Because of his father’s faith, Jung developed a keen interest in religious history, but he settled on the study of medicine at the University of Basel. After he completed his medical degree, Jung joined the staff at Burghoelzli Clinic in Zurich, Switzerland as an intern to Eugen Bleuler, where he explored the unconscious mind and its related complexes. He also traveled to Paris to study under Pierre Janet in 1902. In 1905, Jung was appointed to the faculty at the University of Zurich where he worked until 1913.Jung married Emma Rauschenbach in 1903. The couple had five children and remained married until Emma's death in 1955, although Jung's extramarital affairs were extensive. Jungdied in Switzerland in 1961.Jung sent a copy of his bookStudies in Word AssociationtoSigmund Freudin 1906, and Freud reciprocated by inviting Jung to visit Vienna. Their friendship lasted until 1913, at which time they parted ways due to a difference in academic opinion. Jung agreed with Freud’s theory of the unconscious, but Jung also believedin the existence of a deeper collective unconscious and representative archetypes. Freud openly criticized Jung's theories, and this fundamental difference caused their friendship and psychological views to diverge.Jung traveled throughout the world to teach and influence others with his psychoanalytical theories. He published many books relating to psychology, and others that seemed outside the realm science, includingFlying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, which examined and dissected the psychological significance of UFO sightings. Jung’s work embodied his belief that each person has a life purpose that is based in a spiritual self. Through his eastern, western, and mythological studies, Jung developed a theory of transformationcalled individuation that he explored inPsychology and Alchemy, a book in which he detailed the relationship of alchemies in the psychoanalytical process.

Episode 074 - 2022 Predictions w/ Psychic and Medium, Natalie Lucia Anderson

Ep. 74
In this episode I speak with Psychic, Medium, and Animal Communicator... Natalie Lucia Anderson. Natalie and I talk about her previous appearance on this show and analyze the predictions she made for 2021. We then take a dive into predictions for 2022! Natalie shares with us her predictions for 2022, and all that may be in store for our planet.. Listen In!www.natalieluciamedium.comNatalie Lucia Anderson Bio:Natalie Lucia is a Certified and Advanced Psychic Medium, residing in Suffern, NY. She is certified through the "Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development."Natalie enjoys her time with her family, including her lovable dogs and cats. Yes, you cannot leave her home without some type of animal hair as a parting gift!​Natalie loves to laugh and smile as much as possible as she believes that laughter truly is the best medicine.​When spending time with Natalie you will see how she truly finds spirituality and mediumship an honor and vocation. Her goal is to help those experiencing grief and loss, to find happiness and laughter again.Why did Natalie choose mediumship?While she believes that anyone can tune into the spiritworld, she says that through life experiences, loss, tragedy, and miracles, she could no longer deny what she was experiencing. At apoint in Natalie's life, she was so riddled withgrief that she justcouldn't make sense of anything. Over time, she realized that she was seeing things, hearing things, and justknowingthings. With this, she took her first mediumship course. After, her teacher told her she has so much faith in her and in her ability so she put it out there that now she needed a mentor.Not only did she find her first mentor, not her last, but she found her extendedfamily.With that said, her soul purpose is to give you the gift of knowing there is so more to life than just living.