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  • 19. Final Sabbath Show Xclusive!!

    Can you believe it? One FINAL SABBATH SHOW at Aston Villa's football ground. As a Thank You to the fans. Obvs. That's what Jon Hottonthenews reckons anyway.

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  • 18. Journey, Bon Voicey & Little Jonnie Inpert

    Where's Arnel? Where's Richie? Who's that guy singing for Journey now? Who's that guy going wuppa-wuppa on the talkbox in Bon Jovi? And where's Jon's voice??? No, not MY Jon but Bon Jovi Jon. We need ANSWERS!
  • 17. Steve Albini

    Crazed brainiac producer of Pixies, Nirvana, Breeders and about a billion artists most people have never heard of, Jon was not a fan. I was half a fan but not for musical reasons especially. What do I mean? Only one way to find out brethren...
  • 16. Sharon Jon Bon Lemmy Hetfield

    All the hottest news that Jon was too slow to get ahold of without my expert help - again. Featuring: Lemmy, Shazza, Jon Bon, James Hetfield, and the ex-Mrs Bob the Builder! Plus MORE!!!
  • 15. Steve Sounds

    The 'equipment' seems to be a bit temperamental today. A bit quiet. Jon's fault, inevitably. He has been punished. Turn It UP!!
  • 15. Spinal Tap 2

    If the glove don't fit, it don't mean shit. Featuring Lars Ulrich, OJ Simpson, Elton John, Derek Smalls, Jon Hotten, Fred Willard, Paul McCartney, Garth Brooks, and Thomas Cobbly
  • 14. Special Readers Request Edition

    Little Jonnie Jewel and W Mick Wall delve nostrils first into the growing pile of Readers Requests DEMANDING we do something on the Lyrics of Fish When He Was In Marillion. But wait! It gets better when Bowie joins in too! And Jon. And, yes, me and YOU!