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Hit your limit? The 5 Doable Steps to Setting Realistic Boundaries

Ep. 4

Feel like you just don’t have the capacity to get to “all the things”? You’re a hard worker - yet secretly you often feel like you’re falling short of what you know you are capable of?

It’s time to set some boundaries. But how do you know exactly when and how to speak up, without feeling guilty or unclear?

Boundaries don’t make you a jerk, and their purpose is not to push people away. Boundaries create a framework to lean into the things you really care about and live life on your own terms. 

In this episode, Karlee Fain talks about modern boundaries, what they look like, and how to make them doable. Karlee’s steps to create custom boundaries can be immediately implemented into your life, without feeling cumbersome or scary. These steps are very doable, and once a regular part of your interactions with others, they will empower you to live on your own terms. 

Tune in to learn how to become a pro at saying “no,” and open up your capacity to focus on what really matters.  

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How you know when it’s time to elevate your boundaries. (4:45)
  • What 3 foundation mindsets that women with healthy boundaries already know. (9:40)
  • The 5 steps to custom create the boundary that’s perfect for you. (13:30)
  • What phrase to repeat to empower yourself as you implement boundaries. (26:20)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

“How to Have Boundaries Like A Boss” FREE MASTER GUIDE: The 5 Steps to go from overscheduled to having time abundance (without feeling guilty about it)

Listen to Episode 2 about Popular Isolation

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

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Wanna Break Free? How workplace boundaries protect us from the need to please

Ep. 96
You’ve been working with seamless efficiency all day to make sure you’re out the office door no later than 5:15 today.You’re rockin’ it ‘cause you’ve got plans.A hot date. Your kid’s first piano recital. A full-body massage you’ve been looking forward to for weeks.But, just as you’re packing up to leave, your boss walks through the door with an urgent request. It’ll mean canceling your plans.It’s not like you’re surprised...she does it all the time.So, what do you do?You love your job but you’re really tired of making plans only to have your excitement pummeled at the last minute.“Help!!!!!” you think to yourself in desperation.Then, out of nowhere, your hero Boundary Babe swoops in to save the day! Time stops as your boss stands waiting at the door for an answer.“You called?” she says, outfitted in her shimmery lycra with a “B” emblazoned on the lapel of her cape.“I didn’t realize it, but yea...I need to set a boundary here!” you say, exasperated and relieved.Ahhhh, if only it were as simple as calling on a superhero...But, you wanna know a secret?Setting boundaries doesn’t require superpowers. And they’re easier than you might think.In this week’s episode, Karlee introduces a month of boundary breakthroughs that’ll help you rescue yourself from the need to be all things to all people- especially in the workplace. She’ll help you identify where boundaries might be missing in your work relationships, and give you a simple set of questions to ask yourself so that you can aptly identify the kind of boundary that’s being called for.Boundaries are the bridge between you and what it is that you value. If there’s something keeping those things apart, then it’s time to talk about bridging the gap.If you’re ready to shed the resentment, conquer the fatigue, do away with underappreciation, and stop over-committing yourself, then this boundary-setting episode is for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Are you an emotional octopus? (1:18)Two questions to ask yourself to frame your boundary before you create it (12:41)Signs of a psychologically safe workplace (15:38)What boundaries don’t do (20:39)A real-world example of setting a workplace boundary (21:02)People Mentioned in this Episode:Dana LeMaySarri GilmanResources Mentioned in this Episode:RSVP FOR THE BOUNDARY PANEL: September 20th, 7pm ESTEpisode 67: Boundaries Go Both Ways: How to Unearth Your Boundary Questions and Be an Ally to the WorldEpisode 66: Boundary Bravery: How Women are Giving Themselves Permission to Set Boundaries with Amy ZiegertEpisode 65: Feel Like Your Life Isn’t Your Own? How Women Are Building Bridges and Setting Boundaries Like a BossEpisode 32: Curing the Knee Jerk “Yes”: Doable Boundaries That Will Set You Free with Nancy LevinEpisode 30: Reclaiming Your Time: The 3 “B-words” That Give Women Back Their Time and EnergySend your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.

Still Never Enough? How Driven Women Cultivate Lasting Fulfillment

Ep. 95
You’ve read self-help book after self-help book, but you’re still not feeling like you’re truly enough. Those hollow investments look great on the bookshelves, but you’re seeking more meaningful change. You’re ripe for reinvention, but where do you even start?Well, maybe the problem isn’t actually you. Maybe it’s the messaging...If you are a human woman on planet earth, chances are you’ve been surrounded by messages telling you that you aren’t enough. It’s a smog that you unconsciously inhale each day; it influences your mind, body, and interactions with the world around you.In this throwback episode, Karlee and Anitza revisit a simple 3-part process that’ll help you discover what “good enough” looks like in your world. You’ll get clear on what you really value and unlock the energy you’ve been missing to get to all the things that are most important to you. This isn’t a one-time fix-all solution, but a framework that will guide you to realign your actions with your values and combat smog-messaging along the way.If you’re ready to get clear on your values, start enjoying the present moment, and recognize that you’re already enough, then this episode is for you.In This Episode, You Will Learn:When you have it all but it still doesn’t fell like enough (6:45)Smog messaging: why women constantly feel like they’re never enough (15:37)How your body communicates vital information about what’s true, what’s enough, and what works for you (19:42)3 Steps to Lasting Fulfillment (27:45)The secret sauce that allows women to thrive in their careers, life, and health (39:25)How you know it’s time to start getting clear on your values (43:29)Resources Mentioned In This Episode:Episode 91: Walking Our Talk: Cultivating A Productive Downtime HabitEpisode 28: Never Enough? How Driven Women Cultivate Lasting FulfillmentBook: The Grocery Store Adventure Guide by Karlee FainGet the FREE 3 Pillars of Lasting Feminine Fulfillment” Master Sheet HEREPeople Mentioned in This Episode:Kate NorthrupTerry Tempest WilliamsGlennon DoyleConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.

Take A Minute: How to make wisdom-based decisions at your own pace

Ep. 94
Why can't I keep up with everyone else?Why don't I have the energy or the answers yet?Am I missing out on an opportunity, or is it just going to put me even further behind?If any of these thoughts sound relatable, you could be comparing yourself to a single way of working and living. The one that’s become our cultural norm. The one that’s frankly just not working.If all of that grind and hustle got you a life that looks great on paper – but it’s leaving you feeling stuck, drained, and unsatisfied at the end of the day, then something is off. This is an indicator that the way society expects you to run your business and your life doesn’t fit. And that’s okay.It’s also okay not to have all the answers right now. You aren't exhausted because something is wrong with you. You’re exhausted because something is right with you.You see, we’ve been taught one way to operate in work and life: aggressively and immediately.But as more women occupy seats at the table, it’s become apparent that this way isn’t sustainable for anyone.The women who are truly thriving in our modern economy are the ones who are doing things a little differently.In this episode, Karlee breaks down the origins of “hustle culture” and "sperm wisdom", and explains why they’re biologically unsustainable in today’s world. She passes down the concept of “egg wisdom” and talks about what it means to operate on a different, less anxious timeline. You’ll hear doable strategies to help shift your mindset and expectations of yourself, your work, and your business.If you’re ready to start living in a way that truly works for YOU in our modern economy, then this episode is for you!In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why veering off track is often exactly what you need (2:50)When it’s ok to take your time before making a decision (10:12)The cyclical and selective nature of working and living in the world (14:31)Why it’s okay to not always know the answer (21:47)Red flags that say what was is not working for you (23:11)How daring to be “you” puts your train back in motion (30:35)Resources Mentioned In This Episode:Episode 25: Feeling Stuck or Exhausted? Great, There Is Something Right With YouBook: Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women by Kate NorthrupEpisode 3: Phases of GrowthConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.