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Is Doubt Messing With You? How to Cultivate a Partnership with Doubt So It Helps, Not Hinders, You.

As a high-achieving woman, you have new and great ideas all the time. Inspiration visits you, excitement builds up and you start laying out every detail in your plan of action and what barriers you’ll have to work through. Well, all except one: doubt.Though doubt, on the surface, looks like a barrier, it’s actually the sign of a good idea. It’s a sign that you are stepping out of a smaller version of yourself and into a new opportunity.In this short and yet power-packed episode, Karlee shares all about how to deal with doubt. Instead of keeping doubt at bay or choosing to ignore it, Karlee encourages you to cultivate a relationship with your doubt and understand why it shows up for you. Additionally, you'll learn how to discern between what is your own doubt, what thoughts or feelings you’ve absorbed from those around you, and what role cultural conditioning plays in fueling doubt.Tune in to learn how you can begin a conversation with your sense of doubt, stop spending your energy on shoving it down, and start reclaiming your time.In This Episode You Will Learn:How doubt shows up alongside every new good idea. (5:44)How to keep self-doubt in check. (7:58)3 things that happen when you invite doubt to the table. (11:03)How cultural conditioning results in doubting that it’s okay to receive help. (13:14)What your doubt is here to teach you. (18:35)How Karlee addressed with the doubt and impostor syndrome she experienced around starting a podcast. (19:30)What questions to ask yourself when doubt shows up. (23:33)Get in touch with Karlee.Messy & Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.

Masterful Storytelling: How to Share Your Stories to Transform and Engage with Others with Dr. Maria Sirois

Ep. 49
You are a living breathing archive of hard-won wisdom and experience. On purpose or not, you've been collecting valuable lessons in your personal and professional life, and some people would be in awe to learn from you.But how do you share your story in a way that captivates and motivates those listening, and how do you know which stories to share in the first place?Human beings are hard-wired to engage deeply with story. Storytelling is more than entertainment; when done well, it opens the door to the best of what is possible for us next. If you are game to inspire, connect with, and motivate others in transformative ways, masterful storytelling is an essential business tool; the impacts are endless.In this episode, Karlee has the pleasure of welcoming back Dr. Maria Sirois to the podcast. She is a master teacher, facilitator, author, speaker, and positive psychologist focused on the resilience of the human spirit. Throughout their conversation, Maria shares the research behind why Storytelling is such an impactful mode of communication, what elements make up a Story that lands well with the audience, and some of the most common mistakes accidentally cause an audience to zone out so you can be sure your stories landed well.If you, a human and professional woman in this world, are looking to amplify your voice and share your experiences in a way that opens the doors of possibility for you and all those you connect with, this is the episode for you.Some Questions Karlee Asks:Why does Story matter? (8:15)What's an example of Storytelling being used particularly well in a professional capacity? (10:09)Why is Storytelling such a compelling way of gathering people around an idea or concept, versus the facts and data? (16:56)What's a question for someone to ask themselves to begin sharing Story?What Storytelling practices don't work? (25:28)How do you practice sharing a Story? (27:52)Who gets a seat on the life raft in your life? (36:36)In This Episode You'll Learn:How Stories expand the realm of possibilities in life. (8:18)What makes Story work? (12:48)The 3 layers that make Storytelling the most impactful way of communication. (17:39)How to know which Stories you should share. (19:40)The 2 most common mistakes people make around Storytelling. (27:11)About Maria's next project:What to Remember. (32:42)What elements Maria consciously leaves off her life raft. (43:18)Connect with Maria Sirois:Maria Sirois' WebsiteContact Maria SiroisResources Mentioned In This Episode:What to Remember: FREE Video Series by Dr. Maria SiroisNavigating a Peaceful Transition with Dr. Maria Sirois & Karlee Fain

Rising Together: Hear Revolutionary Career-Driven Women Share Their Wits & Wisdom Inside Our Podcast Pajama Party

Ep. 48
In less than a year, the Messy & Magnificent podcast has reached 10,000 listeners all over the world, it's time for celebration! While it sure feels like magic, there is method that Karlee employes to get these kinds of results. Hint: it's not about working super hard or being some type of genius. So to mark this milestone, and share what's working, Karlee sent out an invitation to everyone who listens to the podcast around the world to join her (and previous podcast guests!) for a cozy hour to gather. Within just a few minutes, the women who joined in began sharing immensely powerful experiences, opening up to offer some insights they’ve gained over the last six months, share their successes and the challenges they’re still up against.In your PJs or not, this episode will give you a cozy sense of what happens when professional women gather to nourish themselves and each other. And you'll learn what specific practices Karlee attributes to the success of this podcast and her coaching practice. Some Questions Karlee Asks At the Party:If you had a warning label, what would it say? (13:09)What’s something from the podcast that’s stuck with you? (14:56)What does it physically feel like in your body when something’s right? (21:48)What are you letting go of that’s not working for you? (37:40)What’s one thing you know to be true? (55:56)In This Episode You Will Learn:The myths that restrict the professional growth of driven women. (3:10)How life can shift when you start taking time for yourself. (15:26)How upgrading your language to say “and” rather than “but” can be a game-changer. (18:15)How to tap into your "Holy Knowing". (22:58)How your epigenetics may influence how you interact with the world around you. (28:00)Karlee’s Culmination Practice: How we dare to pause and gleam the best wisdom about what just happened. (32:25)Why it’s not necessary to “stay busy.” (41:20)The greatest gift that this podcast has given Karlee. (52:52)People Mentioned:Dr. Maria SiroisGinni SaraswatiLakshmi VoelkerShavawn BoyerSuzi Banks BaumDr. Valerie ReinResources:Get the Culmination Mastersheet Karlee Mentions In This Episode For Free BelowEpisode 6: Feeling The Holiday Stress? Here’s a framework for more ease during full times with Maria SiroisEpisode 15: Building the Habit of Courage: How to Stop Enduring What Drains You with Dana LemayEpisode 21: Creating the Career & Life You Want: Even if Others Disagree or Don’t Get It with Ginni SaraswatiEpisode 22: Patriarchy Stress Disorder: Removing invisible barriers to your joy and fulfillment with Dr. Valerie ReinEpisode 24: Hearing the Answers Within You: How Lakshmi Voelker Re-invented Her Business and Our WorldEpisode 26: Self-Sacrifice is Not the Future of Business or Medicine with Shavawn Boyer, RNEpisode 35: Trust Your Knowing: How Women Rise from Doubt to Leading Themselves Forward with Suzi Banks BaumPatriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein

Single Mom Strong: How Our Body Leads Us Into Courageous Activism for Ourselves and Others with Lanna Brown

Ep. 47
Authenticity is the buzzword on social media in the business world right now. But there is a difference between authenticity and "polished vulnerability" or just plain oversharing.A few months ago, Karlee noticed Lanna Brown shift the way she shows up on social media, and the immediate outpouring of support and engaged she created - connecting with people in meaningful ways and bolstering her community. She has rucked up the courage to demonstrate what sharing your can look like, and the ways it's been therapeutic to set herself from the confines of "having to say things just right".In this episode, Karlee interviews Lanna Brown, a personal fitness trainer and coach in the Berkshires. Lanna shares about the personal revelations that have made her "Single Mom Strong" and how taking a chance to speak up gave her power, clarity, and passion to move forward.Tune in to be inspired by Lanna’s journey and learn how to start including your voice in the global conversation happening online in a way that true and unique for you.Some Questions Karlee Asks Lanna:What made you decide to turn up the volume on your social media posts? (6:07)How is physical well-being and activism connected in your world? (12:54)How can somebody begin to reconnect to their body? (16:30)What are you noticing about speaking up more? (20:56)What’s one thing that surprised you about the experience of sharing more of how you think and feel in the world? (24:58)Tell us a little bit more about what you’re working on. (35:59)In This Episode You’ll Learn:What it means to be “single mom strong.” (11:16)How Lanna practically prioritizes her physical health in her day to day life. (13:04)How speaking out is liberating Lanna. (21:05)How share our voice leads to more authentic connections. (25:30)Why Lanna chose to start speaking up now. (28:31)How Lanna moved away from living to meet someone else’s expectations. (34:42)People Mentioned:Terry Tempest WilliamsSuzi Banks BaumBrené BrownConnect with Lanna:Coaching with LannaInstagramFacebookFacebook Fitness Community

Feeling Scattered? Replenish Your Clarity With This Grab-n-Go "Focus Sandwich"

Ep. 46
You’ve got a full plate for the week: meetings, emails, little fires to put extinguish at work, a family and a life to tend to. Maybe you’ve gotten caught up in the movement of life, and although you do plenty throughout each day, you still feel like there’s still so much more to do.If this resonates with you, ask yourself this question: what’s one thing that you can do this week that would make everything else a little bit easier?In this episode, Karlee shares with you a foundational awareness that has made a tremendous difference in reducing both her professional worries and stress, and helped her let go of the unattainable concept of “doing things perfectly.” This foundational awareness is all about how to prioritize your time and fan the flames of your focus onto the one or two things that actually need to be addressed. Karlee wraps up this awareness with a grab-n-go "focus sandwich" that will give you a quick scoop of clairty about where to focus on the spot.Tune in to learn strategies around how to prioritize your time, center your focus on what truly matters, and make it possible to genuinely live into your life, career, and relationships.In This Episode You Will Learn: What Karin Witzig Rozell taught me about the importance of focus in our current economy. (8:46)What’s squashing our mental faculties to create and come up with productive solutions in life and work. (11:39)What is soft focus? (12:23)How focusing on one small, simple solution can make everything else easier. (17:18)How to make it possible to live into the one small solution you will focus on this week. (20:31)People I Mention: Karin Witzig RozellResources I Mention:You Are Invited: RSVP For Our Podcast Pajama Gathering Of WomenEpisode 7: How to Set Your Best Goals & Finally Follow Through on Things

The Matrix of Receiving: How Women Elevate From Grind to Spaciousness with Marla Mattenson

Ep. 45
You’re working as hard as you can, trying to get everything possible done before someone or something else calls for your attention. When you first started your career, it felt essential to answer all those calls, to stretch yourself, and appear superhuman to your coworkers, clients, and boss.Here’s the truth: Hustling can only get you so far. What worked then may not work for you now. In fact, it may hinder your ability to be productive, connect with others, and ultimately take care of yourself along the way. In this episode, Karlee interviews Marla Mattenson, who is an internationally recognized expert that works with thought leaders and partners on all topics surrounding love and business. She effectively utilizes her background in neuroscience and mathematics to guide individuals to unlock their passion, financial success, and joy.Throughout our conversation, you’re going to hear Marla’s take on the five types of intimacy and practical tools to help you succeed in life, love, and at work. She breaks down why “hustle culture” is unsustainable, five steps to learning to receive, and how to create space in your schedule.Tune in to learn Marla Mattenson’s practical tips to staying focused, and getting focused, grounded, and present.Some Questions Karlee Asks: How does working in neurology and mathematics give you a different perspective on intimacy and relationships? (8:03)How do driven women learn to surrender and relax without things falling apart? (12:27)What ways are you seeing the collective consciousness present within women right now in your practice? (20:10)What does it look like to increase your capacity to receive? (39:51)How can you ease the transition between who you were and who you’re growing into, when the people around you don't understand that you are changing? (47:02)In This Episode You'll Learn: Why holding the duality of your heart and mind is essential to intimacy, life, and business. (8:14)What it means to truly and powerfully surrender. (12:56)Why it’s essential to schedule space and creative time to stay grounded and present. (16:42)How hustling is both initially effective and extremely limiting. (25:29)What it means to be open to receiving. (26:39)The Five Steps of Receiving. (35:29)Marla’s technique for increasing your capacity to receive. (41:09)Resources Mentioned: Episode 41: Is Your Work Mojo Down? Here’s 4 Types of Nourishment for the Soul of Your CareerConnect with Marla:MarlaMattenson.comInstagram: @theintimacyexpertsPeople Mentioned: Paul Selig

How to Quit What Drains You: 6 Unofficial Roles Women Are Resigning From

Ep. 44
Tell me if this sounds familiar:As you go about your workday, your phone is ringing and pinging constantly, someone in your household continuously interrupts your flow, or maybe you’re the go-to person for many people in your life. Your attention gets split in multiple directions, and by the end of the day, you’re left with the leftover crumbs of energy that you need to apply to the work that’s important to you.So, how can you shift the ways you spend your energy to take care of the things that are important to you?In this episode, Karlee shares the 6 accidental roles that women take on that are not within your job description and ultimately zap your time and energy. She shares research to reorient the ways you see your role within your family, friend circle, and your work environment, shedding light on how to step away from these unofficial jobs and step into your fullest self.Remember: You are not a business in personal liquidation - you are not obligated to sacrifice yourself for others.Tune in to learn the rule to help you promote yourself and resign with grace from the unofficial roles you may have taken on.In This Episode You Will Learn:The foundational mindset that allows women to resign from the unofficial jobs that drain them. (7:18)What 6 unofficial roles women do in addition to their actual jobs. (11:57)What it means to be the zookeeper of everyone else’s emotions. (12:14)How boundaries can help you prevent interruptions while you’re getting work done. (13:46)Why being someone’s first-responder may not actually be in their best interest. (18:23)How being “the fixer” may be of disservice to yourself and others. (20:09)How to let go of the expectations that other people place on you. (23:18)How the perceived need for perfectionism may show up in your life. (25:05)How to become the CEO of "Saving My Own Ass Technologies". (28:14)People I Mention:Dr. Valerie ReinNancy LevinRachel RodgersKris CarrResources I Mention:Episode 22: Patriarchy Stress Disorder: Removing invisible barriers to your joy and fulfillment with Dr. Valerie ReinEpisode 33: Got Information Overload? How to get clear and sturdy so you can keep rising right nowSetting Boundaries Will Set You Free by Nancy LevinHello Seven Podcast with Rachel RodgersStudy: “The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress”Mark, G., Gudith, D., & Klocke, U. (2008). The cost of interrupted work. Proceeding of the Twenty-sixth Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems – CHI 08. Doi: 10.1145/1357054.1357072Study: “Putting a stereotype to the test: The case of gender differences in multitasking costs in task-switching and dual-task situations”Hirsch, P., Koch, I., & Karbach, J. (2019). Putting a stereotype to the test: the case of gender differences in multitasking costs in task-switching and dual-task situations. Plos One, 14(8). Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0220150The Reclaiming Time Studio: Karlee's Private Group for Women That Run Their Own Business Who Are Done With Burnout

Are You Sabotaging Your Career By Over-Working? 6 Ways to Get Better Results In Less Time.

Ep. 43
You're working hard, putting in your time and energy and resources, day in and day out. Why aren't you experiencing the same results you'd like to be getting then?There's a myth in our society that good work is the same as hard work, but the truth is that this isn't always the case. At some point, the "I will do all the things" mentality that once helped spur some growth will become the same thing that roadblocks you from getting to the next level. Eventually, your metaphorical blade will dull, and you'll need to take some time to sharpen it again.In this episode, Karlee breaks down The Law of Diminishing Returns, demonstrating how spending all your energy and resources is not always the best strategy to keep moving forward; instead, you may be accidentally sabotaging your best work. She also provides simple and doable strategies for "sharpening your blade" to be clear, focused, and operating at your best in small moments throughout your day.Tune in to learn how you can strategically get more work done in less time, without spending all your energy in one place.In This Episode You Will Learn:What is the Law of Diminishing Returns? (6:28)How to prevent accidentally sabotaging your best results by overworking and over thinking . (12:49)What Karlee’s personal Daily Thrive Practice looks like. (14:18)The 6 Pillars of Working Hours. (16:01)How to incorporate the different types of working hours into your weekly routine to hone your focus and joy. (25:24)Resources:The Reclaiming Time Studio: Karlee's Private Group for Women That Run Their Own Business Who Are Done With BurnoutEpisode 36: Reopening Gently: A Simple Practice to Process What Just Happened and Move Forward with Wisdom and Grace

Before you Make Another To-Do List: A Work-Nourishing Ceremony to Honor What You're Already Doing Well with Georgia Wall

Ep. 42
I bet you can think of at least 10 more things you'd like to get to this week, right?! And no matter how much you do, there is more left that still feels undone, or not where you'd like it to be.High-achievers are great at being aware of the tasks or goals we want to accomplish next. But pro's learn that when we only focus on what isn't done yet, we sabotage ourselves, our energy levels and our best work.In this episode, Karlee interviews Georgia Wall, the NYC-based ceremonialist, with a heart for creating spaces to honor transitional moments. Whether it's a wedding or funeral, breakup, creative breakthrough, or a work project or transition, or anything that feels significant in your life that needs space to be held and acknowledged.Georgia shares how there is a thread of interest that runs through many of us since our childhood, and how if we pull gently on the ends of those threads, we can draw significant meaning and unique skills into our work.Georgia also talks candidly about how she woke up one night suddenly aware that it was time to become a ceremonialist, what her transition into this career looked like, and why simple ceremonies are essential to creating a thriving career and personal life.Expect to discover the importance of honoring the labor or your work and what you can do to drop back into moments of presence in the midst of overwhelm.Tune in to learn more about creating ceremonies for your life's transitions, how to acknowledge the powerful connection you have to your work, and how these practices will help you tap into your own unique strengths.Some Questions Karlee Asks:What inspired you to go into such a unique career? (7:38)How does the process of ceremony honor transitions? (15:46)What are some examples ritual or routin that you might already be doing? (21:36)What could it look like for someone to build a small, intentional ritual? (27:53)In This Episode You Will Learn:How Georgia found direction for becoming a ceremonialist. (9:44)How ceremonies show the interconnection between yourself and your community. (16:01)Examples of everyday rituals. (21:55)How to create a personal ceremony to acknowledge the labor you do each day. (28:07)How to see the value in each mistake you make and how it plays into the creation of the grand masterpiece you are making. (35:10)People Mentioned In This Episode:Kate NorthrupDr. FrantoniaResources Mentioned In This Episode:Get the FREE Harvest Time Ceremony: A Guide To Nourish Your Best Work Mentioned On This Episode Next to Episode 42 HEREEpisode 3: 4 Phases of Growth and Sustaining SuccessNavigating a Graceful Transition: Your New Best Life with Karlee Fain and Maria SiroisConnect with Georgia Wall:Website: www.TheCeremonialist.EarthInstagram: