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Hunting the Good: Seeking + savoring what is good during change w/ Maria Sirois + our M+M Community

Ep. 132
If life has felt less like a cruise and more like a battleship lately, then rest assured that we are indeed all experiencing the same reality. And we are in a time where we need a lifeboat. On top of the general tumult, you’re also riding the waves of your personal circumstance. We’re navigating loss, employment, health, parenting, friendships, partnerships, and finances.  Minute by minute, we’re bravely navigating change.In this episode, Karlee shares the mic with Dr. Maria Sirois, pre-eminent positive psychologist, author and masterful storyteller. Maria, a bonafide captain on the ship of change, opens a conversation that will inspire you to pause- in the midst of it all-  just long enough to get wise. You’ll hear about the science behind neuroplasticity, the neuro chemistry that affects our behavior and ultimately shapes our capacity for resilience. When it comes to getting through the tougher moments that life brings to your door, you’ll find out how to stay grounded and tap into optimism. You’ll also learn how to build a twofold type of inner hope that helps you through the hard times while always reminding you that the wisdom gained is bringing you to a slightly better “next” moment. Looking for the positive is the lifeboat that’s going to keep us alive long enough to land in that next better place.If you’re ready to honor the balance and navigate change with better resilience and more bravery, then this is the episode for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Inspiration to find positivity in the toughest of circumstances (12:27)The lesser known history of how positive psychology and resilience came together (16:58)A more realistic definition of “hope” (20:35)What pain does for us (32:09)Why honoring the balance of life helps us lean into the positive (44:04)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Get the FREE Navigating Change Guide BookJoin us @ Kripalu Center, June 26-29th: Navigating Change: Steering Toward Your True NorthPeople Mentioned in this Episode:Kristen NeffPrentis Hemphill Dan TomasuloConnect with Maria Sirois:WebsiteBooks by Maria SiroisConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Why We Need More Human Leadership with Emily Pritchard

Ep. 131
Get the FREE Navigating Change Guidebook that accompanies this season:’s workplace is in a state of evolution. It’s being infused with the thinking of a new generation, and a post-covid one, to boot. That means change is happening around us in real-time. And we have to think and do differently. The burden of all that shifting is a lot for any leader, and it can lead to burnout. But burnout….it serves a purpose. It’s an invitation to reinvent. What if we ditched the hierarchical workplace structure in favor of something more collaborative? What if instead of the “boss” and “employee” dynamic, everyone was seen as a co-creator? What if we treated one another like thinking, feeling humans, all navigating a changing world together? In this episode, Karlee sits down for a chat with industry innovator, creative visionary, and legacy builder, Emily Pritchard. Over the past decade, she’s disrupted preconceived notions of the social media industry and transformed it into a viable way to drive business. And perhaps most importantly, she’s inspiring a new way of embracing our shared humanity in today’s workforce.You’ll hear her unique perspective on how allowing for a greater element of humanity in the workplace opens the doors to better relationships and more collaborative productivity. She shares how this shift in the traditional paradigm actually helps us become better at communicating what we need and more effective when exchanging feedback. You’ll learn how inspiring action as a leader rather than forcing it helps shape a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders.If you’re ready to discover a more sustainable, more human path to navigating your business and your life, then this episode is for you. What You’ll Learn in This Episode:The difference between being a boss, a coach, and an advocate when it comes to leadership (5:53)Why sharing as a leader is an important vulnerability (15:25)What an entrepreneurial ecosystem looks like in practice (23:45)How to create sustainability before hitting the burnout stage (29:54)Why stepping away is important for evolution (46:30)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Episode 57: Trying To Do It All Yourself? How smart leaders stop being the hero and start building emotional integrity with Tom Steding Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect with Emily: The Social LightsConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.

Your Chic Is Showing: The Generosity of Self Care During Change with Erika Cartledge

Ep. 130
Get the FREE Navigating Change Guidebook that accompanies this season: live in a world that puts a lot of value on selfless acts. But what we don’t do for ourselves comes at a cost. If you’re not getting enough sleep or not taking the time to sit down for 20 minutes of nourishment at lunchtime, those deprivations of needs start to add up. Maybe you’re unable to focus at work and that overflow means you have to work late. So, you cancel dinner plans with a friend and weeks go by without you remembering to reschedule, which results in hurt feelings.  Sacrificing yourself can actually be burdensome to other people.Making time for self-care is an act of generosity towards yourself and to the most important people in your life. Bolstering our self-image is perhaps one of the most fun and creative segues into the realm of self-care. It’s a way to instantly transform the way we see ourselves, helping us to project a greater sense of worthiness upon our greatest asset: ourselves.  In this episode, Karlee welcomes Erika Cartledge, the founder/owner of Your Chic is Showing. Through her highly-personalized approach to styling, she helps clients elevate their self-image and build their confidence. As an image architect, she helps people visualize the changes going on inside to reflect the holistic process of designing something new, fresh, and confident on the outside. You’ll hear about the emotional importance of our individual approach to self-care, and how those things hanging in our closets offer deeper revelations about the space we think we deserve to occupy in the world. She explains the real reasons we hold on to things that no longer serve us, and how we can honor the person that we were while still making room to move forward. Ericka believes that our wardrobe is the one place where we don't give ourselves grace, and why it’s important to allow change to happen in there, too. Navigating the depths of your closet is one way to create the space you need to pause, get purposeful, and be in partnership with yourself and your work. If you’re ready to extend to yourself, and to those around you, the generosity of self-care, then this episode is for you. What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Knowing when to stop pushing and start making changes (8:45)How our external shifts coincide with our internal shifts (14:00)Common beliefs about the way we present ourselves to the world (16:14)A candid unpacking of emotions behind an unworn jacket (29:56)Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramConnect with ErikaWebsiteInstagram

Need a Minute? How pause allows us to find the opportunities in change. | with Jack Mason-Goodall

Ep. 129
*RSVP to be on the show on May 11th with Karlee Fain & Maria Sirois!Get the FREE Navigating Change Guidebook that accompanies this season: are you in relationship to change?Do your hands start sweating? Does your blood pressure start to rise? Does panic set in?When change enters the conversation, we experience a physical reaction. Whether you’re the leader or the parent, we’ve all been conditioned to feel the pressure of coming up with an answer or making the right decision “ now”. What if you could tame that feeling of urgency and recapture a little bit of control in that moment? Tapping into the roots of your immediate emotional response allows you time…time to make decisions that actually solidify your integrity.In this episode, Karlee welcomes Jack Mason- Goodall back to the show. In 2020, he founded Autism Optimism International, an organization that supports and trains families, professionals, and employers of neurodiverse people around the world. He strives to facilitate relationships based on understanding, acceptance, and compassion for autistic people to lead their best lives.You’ll hear why taking time to pause is the key to better, more aligned decision-making. Jack shares tools from his experience that will help you let go of the idea that change always needs to be comfortable. He poses a simple question to ask yourself when you’re faced with a big decision, and how you can accept the discomfort of change in order to make decisions that feel authentic and in alignment with who you are, and the kind of leader you want to be.If you’re ready to take a minute to be certain that your decisions are in sync with your values, then this episode is for you. What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Giving yourself the space to pause when change seems urgent (4:52)The opportunity change offers us to strengthen our integrity (15:26)How embracing differences supports change (21:31)One question to ask yourself when you encounter change (26:57)Letting go of the pressure to be comfortable (39:42)Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Jack: Autism Optimism International  InstagramConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.

“You Got This” | Engaging The Power of Your Words During Change with Gayle Danley

Ep. 128
*RSVP to be on the show on May 11th with Karlee Fain & Maria Sirois*Get the FREE Navigating Change Guidebook that accompanies this season: matter. Whether they’re the words other people say to us, the words we say to ourselves, or the words we impress upon the world around us. They can give us encouragement, break us down, and lift us out of our darkest depths. Words are medicine. And, giving ourselves the space to find the ones we want to say is a precious gift that can heal our wounds and help us honor who we truly are. In this episode, Karlee welcomes Gayle Danley: CEO, Poetry ProsFormer National and International Poetry Slam Champion and Maryland Library Association Poet of the Year. Gayle goes into America's classrooms teaching thousands of children how to access their emotions through the force of words. She shares three decades of poetic process in her online course "Lessons in Poetry," helping writers build emotional stamina for their work.You’ll hear how Gayle learned from an early age that her words provided a sense of self-worth that the world around her wasn’t offering. By creating a process for her poetry that allowed her to express her truth, she shaped an identity that continues to inspire writers and poets around the world. She shares how poetry has helped her challenge perceptions, navigate change, and process loss. If you’re ready to find the right words to help you navigate changes in your life, then this episode is for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:What it means to be “good” (7:17)How a girlfriend goddess comes into being (11:45)Why poetry has the power to challenge the world around you (18:03)How words can help us navigate change (19:46)Adapting and mooring when changes happen to us (31:57)People Mentioned in this Episode: Suzi Banks BaumSend your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect with Gayle:LinkedInLessons in PoetryConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.

4 Pillars of Sturdy Change | How leaders move forward when we don't have all the answers yet

Ep. 127
*RSVP to be on the show on May 11th with Karlee Fain & Maria Sirois*We are being asked to do more or do differently, especially over the last two years. All the while, it’s happening at a time when we have less space to pause and catch our collective breath as we make decisions and navigate our way through. In this episode, Karlee launches a season dedicated to helping you navigate change in a way that allows you to do it with boundless courage and more grace. She shares why change needs to be modeled around the whole microbiome of who we are, rather than simply by addressing individual parts. You’ll learn how to summon up courage from the heart, and how to tap into your truth to find clarity in the moment. You’ll learn about the head so you can understand the psychology behind graceful transitions. You’ll uncover the body’s physical signs, leading you to a better understanding of how you really feel. And, you’ll discover a vision for moving forward and how to know what makes sense next. The changes we’re navigating are new territory for all of us. We don’t have to fight-or-flight our way through it. There’s a better way. If you’re ready to leap boldly into change, even if other people disagree, but you know it’s what you need, then this episode is for you. What You’ll Learn in This Episode:What to expect from our new format and why we’re doing it (8:40)How you can be a part of the show (10:44)The 4 pillars of navigating change (12:15)One question that will help you understand your relationship to change (21:10)People Mentioned in this Episode: Dr. Maria SoroisResources Mentioned in this Episode:Get the FREE Navigating Change Guidebook that accompanies this season: Grant, A. (2021, December 3). Feeling Blah During the Pandemic? It’s Called Languishing. The New York Times. Pruitt, J. (2021, January 5). 5 TED Talks That Prove Change Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Inc.Com. Leaders Don’t Have to Choose Between Compassion and Performance. (2022, February 16). Harvard Business Review. With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedIn

Navigating Change

Ep. 126
Imagine you’re walking along your favorite path in the park near your house. The sun is shining, you’ve got a really rich episode of Messy & Magnificent playing in your ears. You’re in your zone.  Until… a fallen branch trips you up while your eyes are focused somewhere else. Now, you’ve got a few scrapes on your elbow and a hole in the knee of your favorite pants. That’s kinda what it feels like when change besieges us. It can be sudden or it can be something we’ve seen heading toward us for a long time. But with so much of it coming at us these days, just like those elbow scrapes, it doesn’t always end up pretty. There is a way to navigate change with grace, clarity, and allyship.In this trailer episode, Karlee introduces the 11th season of Messy and Magnificent: Navigating Change. You’ll learn how to approach change in a way that gives you the time and space you need to navigate it more effectively. You’ll hear how our experience of change relates to community self-care and collaborative ecosystems. You’ll learn how to take time to pause in the face of change and how to love and soothe yourself through it all.If you’re ready to equip yourself with the tools to navigate change with grace, clarity, and allyship, then this is the season for you. Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.

Stuck in Machine-Mode? | How embracing the seasons and leaping bravely into change can help you find more joy

Ep. 125
As much as we humans feel productive and adept when we run efficiently, we are not machines. We are nature. And nature has evolved to work most efficiently in cycles. These seasons are synonymous with alternating periods of bloom, of letting go, of rest, and renewal.When we allow ourselves to embrace our seasonal nature, we’re working in allyship with our bodies, allowing us to sustain our personal growth and professional success. This week, Karlee starts off by introducing a new, more cyclical rhythm to the show that’s going to allow Messy & Magnificent to live into what we know to be true about our nature as humans. And through the process of this shift, in real-time, you’ll hear how Karlee is personally navigating this big change, along with the risks and potential rewards it carries with it.  In this episode, you’ll learn why being brave enough to say yes when something feels right, even through the uncertainty, is worth the risk regardless of whether you fail or succeed. You’ll hear why piloting our bodies in machine-mode leaves so little space for discovery, the very thing that helps us launch new and fresh ideas. Finally, you’ll hear examples of how our bodies provide cues, and why going with that flow rather than staying in auto-pilot tends to lead to better, and sometimes surprising, outcomes. If you’re ready to embrace the cyclical nature of change and allow the seasons to do their thing then this is the episode for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:How prolonged periods in machine mode can rob us of space for joy (1:03)An example of how listening to your body can save you (10:53)Embracing our cyclical nature (14:40)The big change we’re tapping into on Messy & Magnificent (19:06)Accepting the risk that change brings with it (22:42)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Book: Stirring the Mud: On Swamps, Bogs, and Human Imagination by Barbara Hurd Episode 122: Ready to Make Great Decisions?Episode 123: When Tradition Lays a TrapEpisode 124: Exhausted? Achy? Out of Steam?People Mentioned in this Episode: Glennon DoyleMary OliverMaria SiroisConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagram

Exhausted? Achy? Out of Steam? | How to learn your body language and listen when it speaks.

Ep. 124
Headaches. Muscle stiffness. The yearning for a good, long massage but feeling like you don’t have the time to get one. These are all messages our bodies send us. They are cries for attention. “Heeey…something’s not aligned in here.”But, we don’t always know the language of our bodies. And while it is our responsibility to learn better ways to interact with our physical selves, it really isn’t our fault that we’re caught in a cycle of self-neglect. Most cultures just don't include well-being in the conversation. Our bodies are seen as inconveniences that need to be controlled or constructed or modified or ignored.But, the manifestation of our dreams requires that we're physically able to be there. Including our bodies in the conversation makes all the difference. This week, Karlee offers up a lesson in the most important language of them all: body language. Because if women and leaders placed more value on becoming allies to our bodies, everything else we're trying to do becomes that much more possible.In this episode, you’ll learn why our inability to understand the language of our bodies leads to aches, pains, and feelings of inauthenticity. You’ll hear interesting research on why women in particular suffer from physical pain and discomfort, and how you can avoid making the rookie coaching mistake Karlee made for years that ultimately taught her the magic of making things more doable.When we leverage the information our bodies are giving us, it becomes our most vital and prolific resource when it comes to our careers, our health, and our relationships.If you’re ready to know for certain that you're giving yourself the best resources to thrive without feeling like you need to do more or push harder, then this episode is for you. Save the Date: Monday, March 21st: International Bring Your Body to Work Day  #bodytoworkWhat You’ll Learn in This Episode:How our bodies signal the need for change (2:23)Why people who include their bodies in their work - work better  (11:08)Why women are more prone to physical strain (13:35)How we can cultivate more connection with our bodies (18:56)How to respond when someone (including yourself) asks for a break (22:22)The magic of making things more doable (25:21)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:The Spirit House ProjectPeople Mentioned in this Episode: Sonya Renee Taylor: The Body is Not an ApologyTara BrachConnect With Karlee: WebsiteLinkedInInstagram