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Psychology in Schools: Talking to your children about the Ukraine War

As parents and families we are likely to have been shocked about the devastating situation in Ukraine. Our children will be having conversations with us and others and trying to make sense of what is happening.

So how do we talk to our children, who may be different ages and temperaments about this war; in a manner which helps them make sense of what is happening whilst not disproportionately increasing anxieties?

Dr Beth Mosley (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) both mother and mental health professional talks with Dr Kelsey Odgers (Clinical Psychologist) and Kelly (Mother of two) about these dilemmas and some of the mistakes they might have made as parents during this time.

In their discussion they cover: Firstly, they acknowledge it is good to talk. Secondly, they consider how we talk is important. Right place, right time, right pace. What does this actually look like? Thirdly, how do we manage the exposure and time spent on news stories? And, finally, how do we turn feelings into helpful actions.

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