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  • 2. The role of Participation in Recovery

     This week we've been joined by Andrea and Liv who talk about what's involved in participation, how Liv got involved in participation, how it helped build her confidence and the benefits she's experienced.  Liv shares her journey from service user to participation to a Peer Support Worker at NSFT as well as more information about participation. Quoted links are below: Participation webpage - People's Participation webpage - opportunities to get involved -

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  • 1. Managing Exam Stress

    To start the series we're joined by Beth and Linda from the Psychology and schools team as well as Courtney, Grace and James who have joined us to share their experiences of exam stress.The group talk about 'what is stress?', their experience of exam stress, the 'window of tolerance', how different styles of encouragement can work for different people, what young people have found helpful, working alongside parents and support systems and the importance of parents looking after themselves too. Watch a parent workshop on exam stress here: Managing Exam Stress - YouTube
  • 13. The Stepping Back Safely pilot

    Warning - this episode contains discussion on the topic of self-harm and suicide We're joined by Catherine and Jamie who discuss their new pilot, which is made to support parents and carers whose young people are at risk of suicide or self-harm. If you would like to support the team with the project, contact them on  Learn more about the CAIST team here Service details | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 12. Volunteering at NSFT

    Today we're joined by Sarah and Andrea who share a bit about some of the volunteering roles at NSFT, registering your interest for volunteering roles, the support available to our volunteers, why people volunteer a bit more about the volunteering process and more! Learn more about volunteering: Volunteers | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Contact Sarah by emailing:  
  • 11. Building Resilience: making the most of the holidays

    This episode considers what parents and carers can do to support the building of resilience in the holidays. Conversations with Linda Brindle (Senior Psychotherapist) and Dr Kelsey Odgers (Clinical Psychologist) cover the opportunities that come with trying new things, the benefits of peer connection and ways to support children and young people with uncertainty. Consideration is given to how young people can be prepared for change including supporting a child’s return to school after a break. Sign-up to future Psychology in Schools workshops here: Psychology in Schools Team - NSFT Events | EventbriteYou can their Building Resilience workshops here: Parent workshops | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (
  • 10. The Researching Together Network

    Donna and Kate discuss Kate's new role as a community engagement officer in Research, who our research team works with, how we can all bring research to the local community, future goals and a QandA session on the Researching Together Network. Contact the team by emailing: or visit to find out more.
  • 9. Leaving the Armed Forces and Mental Health

    *Trigger warning: This episode contains discussion on the subject of suicide* We’re joined by Wayne, Keith, Dave and Mick who discuss their experiences of transitioning into civilian society, the difficulties this has brought, the support the team provide and the group have accessed, the importance of the NSFT Veteran’s wellbeing group and more. Information on Op Courage can be viewed here: Service details | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS ( if you are experiencing a mental health crisis Help in a crisis | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS ( on the Veteran’s wellbeing support group:,Veteran%27s%20wellbeing%20support%20group,-Our%20Veteran%27s%20wellbeing