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  • 4. The psychological & emotional symptoms.

    Thankfully there has been increased awareness about these symptoms in relation to the Menopause in recent years. They are incredibly common and can be some of the most debilitating symptoms that people will experience…but don’t forget, not everyone will experience these symptoms.It can be challenging for some people to identify the cause of these symptoms, as it’s not always related to hormones - there can be many contributory factors.We discuss the range of options which can help to manage these symptoms. Is it right to take antidepressants, should you take HRT, is a combination acceptable? We go through alternative options for you to consider, either on their own or in combination with the above, but remember taking an individualised approach is always important. We also continue the conversation about HRT.

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  • 3. Joint pains and bone health.

    We continue to take a holistic approach as we discuss the symptoms which are often surprising ones for many people when it comes to the menopause… those joints aches & pains, as well as thinking about your long term bone health.We chat about the importance of preventative measures to take alongside the options available to cope with these symptoms.Do we all need to take Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)… we start the conversation on this important topic and it’s only episode 3… to be continued!What exercise is best and what’s all the fuss about magnesium?There are a couple of bugbears along the way… there will definitely be more… and as always we ask that you share this information with your family, friends and colleagues of all ages. 
  • 2. Vasomotor symptoms - Hot Flushes & Night sweats.

    We’re talking hot flushes & night sweats, also known as those vasomotor symptoms - but maybe you’re one of the lucky individuals who never experiences any of these, or you might have cold chills instead. We discuss why you can experience them in the first place, what options are available for you to help manage these symptoms, including what you can do yourselves to gain a better quality of life. Alas, there is no magic cure for any of these symptoms but there are definitely ways you can help to reduce the intensity & frequency of them.There is our regular ‘Myth busting moment’ and…who would you call an expert?!
  • 1. Menopause Matters - Let's Talk

     Flipping Estrogen.In this introductory episode we chat through some of the basics about the menopause. Why there is such a range of symptoms & why we all have such differing experiences. We discuss diagnosis & blood tests and we touch on the variety of different symptoms associated with the menopause - which will be discussed in further episodes, alongside the many options available to cope with symptoms.